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    Weird Lucid...9/10/11(Early Morning)

    by , 09-11-2011 at 05:51 AM (341 Views)
    NOTE: Please regard my guessed date for my last entry. It was somewhere more around 9/5 not 9/2. Also, I have almost no clue what the chronological order of this dream was. I woke up, and kept falling back to sleep after it, so my recalled on it is a little jacked. I'm also going to start doing what Puffin(I think it's Puffin) does. I'll use a scale to show how lucid, and how vivid my dream was. This will give you, my good readers, a better feel of what the dream was like. Here's the scale:

    0-Was not a lucid dream period.
    1-Very weak lucidity. Almost no control.
    2-Having too many lucid downsides. Can't control well.
    3-Moderate control. Too lost though.
    4-Good control. Able to clearly think, and do.
    5-Perfect control. Remember all tasks, no fails, etc.

    0-I can remember every detail of the dream.
    1-I can recall all the important things, and some details.
    2-I remember few details, but all the important things.
    3-Can't recall very well, some important factors though.
    4-Major events and details are too vivid, can't recall.
    5-Can't recall anything but tiny unimportant details.


    I was being head-locked by a tall African-American man, after I tried to defend my Dad. He'd taken pictures at a crime scene, so we could report it to the Police. The man saw my Dad, and got ready to lash out and hit him. I stopped his fist, and the man put me in a head lock. My Dad couldn't do anything for me now. This guy was far too strong for him. So, I now unleash a small wave of ki, and break away from the guy. He gets to come and hit me. I get in a fighting stance.
    "Taekwondo!" I say(Kinda pointless). I now start to beat the living hell out of the thug and my Dad comes in for the finish. I jump up onto a building by us. People are trying to break into the building, but can't seem to take down the wall. So, I use the Kamehameha on the wall, and it goes down.
    That's all I remember.

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