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    Worst Bank Robbers Ever/Completed 1 TOTM

    by , 03-20-2014 at 03:19 AM (430 Views)
    Had another lucid! That's two for March, which is getting my hopes up for the future since I've been absolutely unsuccessful at lucid dreaming since my return in June. So hopefully I can keep the consistency alive!

    The dream starts with myself and my friend Robert. We are in the process of robbing a bank together. I don't recall the actual hold up very well, but after we take the money the authorities show up to thwart our devious plans. However Rob and I take extreme actions and I believe we kill one of two cops in an attempt to escape the bank.

    We successfully escape the bank and rush out into the parking lot. The cops are showering Rob and I with bullets, but luckily their aim sucks. I tell Rob that we'll never get to the getaway car at this rate. So, we take another extreme act of insurgency and get into a police car that is unguarded and drive off. The cops continue firing at us as we drive off, but their terrible aim allows us to get away unscathed.

    I toss the money into the back as Rob drives the cop car away. As we're driving off I soon take notice that Rob is doing the speed limit of what I think was 35. I look at Rob cock-eyed and wonder what the hell he's doing.
    "Rob, what the hell are you doing?" I say.
    "Gotta go the speed limit dude." Rob replies.
    "We just robbed a fucking bank!" I exclaim. "We're already going to jail if we get pulled over! Just go over the speed limit!"
    "But they don't have the make on this car yet." Rob argues.
    "What the fuck are you talking about?!" I snap. "We stole a fucking police car! They'll know who we are in a single glance!"
    "Whatever man," Rob says. "Still gotta do the speed limit."
    I facepalm as Rob turns onto the freeway now and takes the on-ramp. We pick up the pace ever so slightly as the speed limit goes up to 55(just an FYI for anyone outside the US or UK, we use miles per hour, not kilometers, so 55 is actually considerably fast).

    We now exit the freeway just as the speed goes up to 65. I wished Rob had been driving that fast from the start, and now we'll probably end up on some dumb 25 road. Sure enough, we end up on a residential street(which are all usually 25 in America). And before we know it, the cops catch up to us and cut us off.

    Rob and I get out of the car with our hands up. The cops pull out their guns and aim at us, they're going to shoot! I begin to cower in fear as the officers prepare to fire, and I think about how I can let it end this way. That's when I become lucid by pure luck. I jump up high into the air and come back down, testing my power out a little bit. I go up to a police officer, thinking of the February task of the month, to pull your own heart out. I get the idea to try and pull his heart out, but I can't do it. I grab on and end pull it forward, but it won't come out. The officers all freak out from my clearly superhuman power and leave the scene quickly.

    Rob and I travel inside where I look around and think about the TOTM. I recall the middle name task and turn to random DC.
    "What's your middle name?" I ask.
    "Krejelt," (I think that's what she said, I recalled it this morning but I've forgotten now). "That's K-R-E-J-E-L-T."
    "Thanks." I say, and then I leave.

    Time to do two tasks in one dream! I remember I need to pinch someone who isn't wearing green. I begin searching around, only to discover that everyone is wearing green. What the fuck?! This isn't fair! I continue searching desperately for someone in green, and then I come across my friend Hannah who is sitting on a couch with what I think was a cast on her right leg. She isn't wearing any green, she's the perfect victim. Someone from behind says something before I can, and I turn to see who it is. It's my friend' solder brother Nick, and as I acknowledge him, I
    awake. NO!
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      Ah, also trolled by green-wearing DCs, welcome to the club! Nice LD!
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    2. woblybil's Avatar
      Congrats, All that waiting paid off
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