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    Zombie Movie...8/20/11

    by , 09-28-2011 at 11:53 PM (396 Views)
    Lucidity: 0
    Vividness: 2

    I am currently at the library. Obviously it looks nothing like it should. The lights are also dimmed for some odd reason. I'm scanning through their collection on manga. I now run across a manga called "No Bra"(This manga does exist! It's really fucked up, but it's hilarious and the story line ain't half bad). I pick it up, and I begin to skim through it. Soon, a smokin' hot brunette asks me to come to her house. I don't refuse and I go. This girl is actually lesbian. She has a blonde girlfriend. The brunette says that she wants help filming a zombie movie with her girlfriend. I decide, ah what the hell? Sure! So, we submerge the house in about 2 1/2 feet of water now. We set up animatronic zombies. We begin to film. I'm holding the camera. The blonde almost instantly gets taken underwater by the zombies and gets "eaten." The brunette is scared to death by the zombies. So, she runs into her dark closet and I follow(dur, I'm cameraman). She closes the door(which should be impossible with all the water). Now she turns on a small flashlight, only to reveal that more zombies are here in the closet. The zombies now approach her as she screams in horror. But then I awake.

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