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    1. Doing some magic!

      by , 02-09-2016 at 09:24 PM
      I thought I had posted this here. Apparently not.

      November 28, 2015
      Had a really awesome lucid dream, with magic.
      Color code: Non-lucid, partially lucid, lucid, notes

      I woke up after about 5 hours of sleep and took 8mg of GalantaMind. I don't use the stuff very often.

      Eventually, as I lay in bed and feel myself going back to sleep, I imagine moving my hands. It becomes more realistic until I sit up out of bed in my dream body.
      I say “I did it!” But I still can't really see. I rub my hands together and move around until my vision improves. I am partially tangled in the blankets still. I say “Go away blanket!” and try to ignore it as I go out into the hallway.
      I stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands together some more and pinching my nose shut and breathing.

      After I do some sexual stuff in the lucid dream, I wake up and enter another dream, still fully conscious.
      I am outside of a building from my childhood, just walking around. Some cars drive by and I say to myself “What am I doing?” I also comment on how it looks just like normal waking life, with nothing unusual around. It's very realistic.

      I find a multi-trunk tree near the building. Like a group of little trees, but it's all one tree. Under the tree is a large old book, with a fuzzy leather cover. The cover has swirly decorative designs in red, blue, and yellow on off-white. I say I wish I would remember what it looks like. It is a magic book. Inside is mostly art, paintings of fantasy scenes and creatures. It is full color, though prominently green because of plants.
      I try to read some of the tiny text, but can't really make it out. I say what I think it says, or make up what it says.
      In the middle of the book I find a short, thick-ish stick, about five or six inches long. It is meant to be used as a wand.

      I point the want at a field and wave it around, saying something like “Make a dinosaur!” Several triceratops-like dinosaurs appear in a group in the field. They're like the kind with no horns. They are many yards away. I am excited but keep my distance.
      At some point I return to the tree and say to it “Thank you tree,” and give it a pat.

      In front of the building is a crowd of people. I want to show them what I can do. I wave the wand and say “Dragons dragons dragons!” A creature appears for a moment and then takes the form of a woman wearing overalls. When she turns around I see that she has a tiny tail.

      I wake again and have another short, sexually charged lucid dream. Then wake again and return to the same place with the crowd of people.
      I have the magic book again. I say “I wish I could bring this back with me to waking life.”
      I don't have the wand anymore, so I just pick up a twig from the ground. I wave the twig around and say “Cows cows cows!” and a stampede of cattle appears. Everyone runs away from it. I wave the twig again and say “Wolves wolves wolves!” Brown wolves appear, or maybe the cows turn into the wolves. They attack the people.

      I say to the wolves “Dissipate,” or maybe “dissolve!” but instead the wolves float into the air over our heads. Am am amused and say “Or float... and then vanish.” I blink and the wolves are gone.
      I then try to use my magic to command all the people to lay or fall down. A few of them do, but most do not. I try again, and also say “Freeze!” but it is not working.
      I say “Hm, it's harder to control people. Interesting.”

      Now the crowd is hostile toward me (possibly because I have been a menace). Some of them have wands of their own. They are all facing me. But I am not afraid of them and say “You can't hurt me.” I try to make a pedestal to stand on so I can seem taller, but that doesn't work either.
      I tell the people they are a part of me so if they kill me they will kill themselves. I tell them that doing what I want is also in their best interest.
      (Thinking back now, that's probably not true).

      I wake up thinking “That was awesome” and that it was the best lucid dream I've had in a long time.

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    2. Lucid Dreaming School 5 - Summoning 1

      by , 04-08-2015 at 01:12 AM
      Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid, Waking life notes

      April 7, 2015

      I realize I am dreaming and go into my bedroom. It is my childhood bedroom. I remember my goal and say something like “welcome to dreaming school,” to the toys and things on the shelves, as if I am the teacher.
      I find some papers and look through at some comics I drew. I say to myself “These are well drawn. Lots of silhouettes.” It doesn't really look like my style.
      I remind myself of my goal again, saying its for a lesson in dream control. I say “What's a thing I want/need to learn how to do?”
      I punch my fist through a window for some reason. The window is between two rooms. Through the window I see an old woman enter the house (apartment?). I talk to her through the now partially open window. She has short curly white hair and seems to be wearing a poncho, or maybe a shawl.

      I ask the lady if she would like to help me summon a person.
      My first idea is to use a door and expect a person to be on the other side. But don't really get that far.
      The old lady is apparently also a lucid dreamer. She tells me that before going to sleep/entering the dream, she was thinking of a banana or apple to see who she would meet. (It's like a method to meet a random person in a shared dream. Who you end up meeting depends on the theme you incubate.)

      Either she senses that my dream is ending, or she has to leave. She says we can meet again tomorrow at the same time (She says at 8AM?).

      My dream fades and I wake up. I scratch an itch on my leg while moving as little as possible and then go back into a new dream.
      I am in a room. I sing “B-A-N-A-N-A-N Banana,” repeatedly (yes misspelling banana) to summon the same old lady as before. She shows up and I ask her to tell me where she lives (in waking life), or her number or something. She gives me a three-digit number (of course I forget it when I wake up).
      I ask her “What's that?” She says “My number.” I say “What number?”
      It is her prison number, or prison I.D. Number. She is surprised to realize I am not in prison too. Sh says she assumed I was because I am young.
      I get the impression/idea that she must be from another reality in which most people, especially the young, are imprisoned, like in some distopian world.
      I follow her out into a hallway
      and lose lucidity. Possibly we are going to attempt an escape. A guard says he smells baking, which is not allowed.

      After waking, it occurred to me that she might have meant a metaphorical prison. Or she might have just been confused, losing lucidity like I was. Or possibly she was a dream figure talking nonsense like they do.
      Either way, I am happy to have met someone who was more interesting and lucid than most of the people I meet in my lucid dreams.

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    3. Lucid Dreaming School 4 - Basic Control

      by , 03-19-2015 at 02:54 AM
      Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid, Waking life notes

      Dream Lesson 3: Overcome sexual distraction

      March 18, 2015

      I wake up but don't move. I feel tingling and then vaguely feel like I have gotten up and started walking. I can't see anything. I say/think "I'm a ghost." I gain my vision and the dream becomes more solid, and I remember my ongoing goal.
      I approach a refrigerator and knock on the door saying "I would like my next lesson, please." I say something about it being for control.
      I pick up a bagel with both hands and let go, trying to make it float, but it drops to the floor. Rather than bother picking up the same object, I grab a jar of jam from the fridge. I place it on top of the fridge (which is either very short or I am floating) then make it float by keeping my hands a few inches out on either side of it.
      I believe I remember a post on DreamViews in which someone says that dream control needs to be based on things we are familiar with. I say to myself "I know what it's like to lift, but not what it's like to let go and not drop it." (Meaning, my dream can easily use my memory of lifting objects in waking life and apply it to making dream objects float, but has no obvious memory to prevent dream objects from falling when let go.) But, I say, "I know I can do it."

      I practice a few more times making the jar float, and having fun doing it. I am now able to drop it and make it stop falling after a second.
      I talk to the dream and the school I believe I am attending and ask what's next or if I should continue the lesson.
      Now I am in a giant version of the garage in my childhood home. Watermelons start flying at me. I hit and kick them and make them bounce off each other. I grab one and try to take a bite of it.
      I have a giant metal wrench and I'm hitting some metal things (?). I see a giant person and ask if he wants to fight, but he seems to ignore me. I hit a stack of red hot cogs, or metal discs and they go flying.

      I lose lucidity. Someone is talking about dictators and is going to cut my fingers off with a knife.

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    4. Lucid Dreaming School Lesson 3 - Overcome Sexual Distraction

      by , 03-06-2015 at 11:22 PM
      Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid, Waking life notes

      Dream Lesson 4: Basic Control

      March 6, 2015

      I am outside with my girlfriend in a clearing with woods around us. I see what looks like an old camping tent that is fallen over and dirty, maybe with some other garbage. There is also some stuff inside it.
      I point it out to my girlfriend and say "It's disquieting. Is that the right word?" She says another word, maybe "misgivings." The tent moves and I realize there are people sleeping in it. They are just campers. I say "sorry," for waking them, and move on.

      I realize I am in a dream. I tell my girlfriend that there actually were no people in the tent the first time I saw it, but then when the dream decided there was, the people appeared there. I say it was a dream plot twist.
      My girlfriend and I are sitting on some steps in a doorway. I show her how I can pinch my nose shut and still breath through it. I prompt her to do it and it works for her too. I say "isn't that cool?" She agrees it is cool, but seems more interested in something else. I get caught up in sexual activity until I wake up.

      I reenter a conscious dream. I am still preoccupied with sexual desire. I find a woman, but she turns into a cat.
      Finally, I remember my goal to take dreaming school lessons and I say so out loud. I zip up my pants and ask if my lesson goal is to avoid sexual distraction. I say "Please show me if that's right, thank you."
      Someone else who is with us now points toward a short hallway and a door. There is also a small shelf and a bowl of fruit. I hear musical chimes like from Mario 64 when you unlock a new area or item. I say "thank you" again, putting my palms together in front of me. I want to show gratitude to the dream. I approach the door, noticing that there is light around the edges. My girlfriend and the other person are staying behind. I say "thanks guys," as I step though the door.

      I am in a small room and now the light is out. I say "another dark room..." because this has been common in my lucid dreams. I find a light switch and flip it and the light comes on. Now I can see more clearly and there is color. I am pleased that it worked.
      I look at my reflection in a mirror and begin removing my teeth, all together like fake teeth. I am doing this just for fun, but I am also thinking how my next lesson should be about basic control and manipulation.
      I turn away from the mirror and wake up.
      I try to stay still to enter a dream again, but my legs are very itchy.

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    5. Lucid Dreaming School - Meet the Principal

      by , 02-26-2015 at 07:43 PM
      Previous: Lesson 2 Dream

      Dream Lesson 3: Overcome sexual distraction

      Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid, Waking life notes


      I am on a street in town, going around having sex and/or kissing women I see.
      I realize I am dreaming and try to remember my goal. It takes me a moment to remember my goal of attending lucid dreaming school. I am at the entrance of what I assume to be a school, possibly a college.
      I meet a tall man in a suit. He is the principal, I think. I ask him about taking a class/lesson. I tell him I still have a problem with sexual distractions, but I'm working on it. As we walk through the building, he begins telling me things about lessons or maybe techniques, but he keeps using made up words so I don't understand what he's saying.
      He mentions a teacher with the name "A." I ask to see her.
      I see another lady and I kiss her, and I suddenly wake up.

      I don't move, but I don't realize that I have already continued dreaming. I have a piece of paper next to me in bed, I am attempting to write a note about the dream I just had without moving very much. I am using an orange color pencil, or maybe a crayon, and my hand writing is very sloppy.

      The same man as before appears and guides me out of bed and to a school chair/desk. I am saying to him that I was conflicted between continuing the lucid dream and writing down the first part so I wouldn't forget.
      Once again, I see a lady and lean in to kiss her, which causes me to wake up again.

      The dream continues but I am no longer lucid. I am back in art school, in a sequential art class. The teacher is angry and bitter and talking about how students like fun teachers but won't learn as much. He is being fired because too many students put frowns on his evaluations.
      I wonder if he recognizes me, even though it has been many years since I was last in one of his classes.
      I still feel very tired, and I am trying or I want to to return to a lucid dream. The class is over and I move to another seat. A new class is starting with the same teacher. A lady with a clipboard is seated next to him. She seems to think this is not the right class for the schedule.
      I am not sure if I want to contine in this class, or to fall asleep and go into another dream.

      That's the end of this dream. It didn't feel like a lesson on lucid dreaming, although maybe there is one hidden in there. I certainly see how I kept getting distracted by wanting to kiss people, which seemed to be what caused me to wake up.

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    6. Dream School lesson 2

      by , 02-19-2015 at 07:35 AM
      Previous: Lesson 1 dream
      Next: Talk to Principal

      Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid, Waking life notes


      My approach for the ongoing goal of attending a lucid dreaming school is to assume when I am lucid that I am already in the school and have a lesson test to perform. This one wasn't quite as interesting as the first one, but I think it can still count as another beginner lesson.

      I am seated at a table, meditation and in a trance-like sleep, (or sleep-like trance).Now I know I'm dreaming. A man is holding me an says "You know everything and everything is terrible." I laugh and say "that's good," and want to remember it.
      Now, perhaps less lucid, I am looking for an attractive woman to have sex with, but all I see are old women and young girls.
      I do find find a lady who I think I use to know, and we do some stuff until I wake up.

      I don't move and I am able to re-enter the dream. This one is also mostly about sex. Halfway through, the woman begins to change shape. Her head turns into a container-like object and she shrinks to doll size, and becomes very skinny. I try to take back control of the dream, but it doesn't work and I wake up again.

      I stay still in bed and begin to dream as I repeat the phrase "I am dreaming..." It begins to sound strange, like a deep buzzing, vibrating sound. I also feel vibration in my body and I hear instramental music. I feel happy and I sit up in bed. I know I am dreaming and this time I remember my goal.
      I get up and say that I want to be or that I am in a dream school, then clarify and say "lucid dream school," and I ask "what's my lesson?"
      I am alone in a dark room. I say/decide/determine that my lesson's goal is "to get out of this damn box room."

      (I have had many lucid dreams in which I am alone in a house and unable to find anyone, so this seems like a good test for me).
      I go through a door and find another, smaller room with two beds. The room is all one color, blue or maybe green. I say "a dead end..." and then realize it isn't. There are at least three doors. I take the one on the left.

      In a hallway, I find a door with light shining through the bottom, so I know it's the right way. I open the door and go out. Now I'm in a place that resembles a mall or shopping center, with lots of stores. I go into one and look at some stuff. I see a T-shirt that reads "I heart (a person's first and last name)," with a painting of a truck. I think it must be the name of the truck.
      There are some dolls hanging up. They are your traditional big eyed little girl in a dress and pigtails sort of dolls. One of the doll's eyes move. I say to it "that's creepy, but I'm not scared of you because I know this is a dream!" I am pointing my finger at the doll.

      Back outside, I see a creepy man walking by. There is something inhuman about him. There are other people around who also seem off, and I have a feeling there are aliens among them.

      I lose my lucidity and find a friend burning a Batman hoody in a large panini grill. I grab the hoody and save it. I am sleep walking and see myself in third person. I say something that doesn't make sense and try to climb a decorative wall. The friend leads me away.
      I lay on the floor next to a bench and wake up to write down my dreams.

      Hard to say for sure if I passed this lesson. I feel that the main objective was to get out of the house and find some other people. I did manage to get out, and I sort of found other people, but they didn't feel like the right kind of beings. So, it's a half pass, I guess.

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    7. Dream School Lesson 1

      by , 02-08-2015 at 06:01 AM
      Lesson 2 dream

      February 7, 2015 (sat)

      My ongoing goal is to attend a lucid dreaming school. I didn't plan anything else beyond that. It's interesting what my dream created as what I took to be my first lesson.

      Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid Waking life notes

      Before going back to sleep I repeat the mantra “I am dreaming,” and try to imagine arm movement. No noticeable sensations.

      I am in my old bedroom, in my parents' house. I think to do a Reality Check so I pinch my nose shut and realize I can still breathe through it. I say to myself “I thought for sure I was awake.” Next I sort of slow motion jump/fly through the window (without opening or breaking it). It is daylight out (unlike most of my non-lucid dreams). I yell “I am lucid dreaming!”

      I see other people around. Still level with the second floor window, I jump to a tree branch and balance on it. Someone says something and I maybe tell them to shut up or I ignore them (?). Then I say “Sorry, wait, what's my lesson?” remembering my goal.

      The branch I am standing on has become a platform, except it's like a square horizontal wooden hoop, still connected to the ground by a thin trunk. There are several of these platforms. I jump from one to the next while waving my arms and also rubbing my hands together. I say to myself that I have to get to the end (without waking or losing lucidity).

      I hop from platform to platform. Each one is lower than the previous and they go around in a half circle, or square shape. When I reach the ground I say “I did it!” excitedly and do a little dance.

      David is there. I ask him “what do I get/win?” but I think I already know that the dream and the goal is its own intrinsic reward. I ask him what my next lesson is. I approach a random lady and say “sex with you?” I reach up her skirt and kiss her, then say “but that would be distraction.” She doesn't seem interested anyway.
      I approach another woman who is sitting in a chair on the driveway. I believe she is in charge. I maybe ask her what is next, but I have already become distracted by the sexual energy.

      I won't describe here what happened, but I'm pretty sure she is very understanding and forgiving. Accidents happen. :^p

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    8. Stacking Chairs

      by , 02-15-2014 at 07:58 AM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid Waking life notes

      February 14, 2014:

      I am walking through a college campus. I suddenly become lucid, for no apparent reason, and look around. I enter a room full of people. I want to find a woman who was in a class with me earlier. She was nice, but I don't remember anything else about her, so no one can help me find her.

      I go into a classroom. There is a class in cession. It looks to be about something very boring. The class filled with only men. I say to them something like "Why are you having this boring class? This is a dream!"
      I try to prove it to them by making a desk chair float. I lift it and let go, but the chair simply falls to the floor. I then put the chair on a table, with some difficulty. I put another desk chair on top of it, but they both fall over.
      I am annoyed and disappointed and say "Why does my dream have normal physics?!"

      Now, hours later in the day, I am wondering, why did my lucid dream objects behave that way? For a long while now whenever I try most things in a lucid dream that I can't do in reality, it feels like I am only pretending to do it, no different than if I did it in waking life. Why is this? Is my imagination lacking, for some reason?
      lucid , side notes
    9. Look at Drawings, cat and snake ruin everything

      by , 05-24-2013 at 09:51 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid Waking life notes

      May 24, 2013:

      I've been going through a bit of a lucid dream dry spell. My mind is too occupied by other life things to put much focus on lucid dreaming. But this morning, when going back to sleep, I basically told myself that it really shouldn't take much effort to have lucid dreams. As I went back to sleep I sang a simple mantra in my head, "I lucid dream."

      I am in a warehouse or a large garage. I am fighting two monsters. I have powers so that I can create or control materials. I pick up a car and crush it like tin foil on the ground. I then extract some gasoline from a car, ignite it, using it as fuel as I shoot fire at one of the monsters.

      But then I run out of fire, so I take bits of a broken windshield and shape the glass into two blades. I continue fighting the monsters outside with the glass weapons.
      Now I know it is just pretend and I begin to lose interest in the fight. It feels nice outside, with cool air. The monsters have turned into cats.

      I say to myself "Now I'm lucid," as I walk in the grass. I come to a little stream with little stone dams, or bridges that looks like walls. I say "look at the tiny bridges. I mean... walls...." It is difficult to think of the right word. I walk over one of them.
      I pull a folded piece of paper from my pocket, unfold it, and look at the drawings on it. I notice them in detail. There is a drawing of a guy in some kind of bio-armor. I think that the doodles are the same as ones I made in waking life. I say to myself "It's like my subconscious remembers every detail and reproduces it in the dream. Although, when I check, it might be completely different." I now suspect that my memory is not accurate, because this often happens in my lucid dreams.

      Now I'm stuck on a thorn plant. The thorns are little and don't look sharp, but they hurt.Then one of the cats gets its claw stuck in my hand, and there is a snake scaring the cat. I struggle to get the cat's claw out of my hand while also getting the cat away from the snake. But the snake bites the cat.

      The scene changes to the living room of my childhood home. The cat is still there. I feel that I am not dreaming anymore, but I am still angry at the cat for ruining my lucid dream, as if the actual cat was in my dream.

      I like to imagine that cats are expert lucid dreamers and/or astral travelers. If the cat could do it, I bet she would follow me around in my dreams, probably getting in the way.
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    10. Eating Watermelon

      by , 01-12-2013 at 02:55 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid Waking life notes

      January 2, 2013:

      I am outside, in the front yard of my childhood home. I am aware that I am dreaming. There is a giant watermelon in the yard. I eat some and give a piece to my girlfriend. Tatia is also there, and I give her some watermelon too. She says it is good.
      I have a mouth full of watermelon. It is sweeter than usual, and juicy, rather than watery
      (I don't really like watermelon in waking life)My mouth is too full and it's hard to chew.
      I give Tatia and my gf more melon, then we just walk around. Tatia is naked. Her for is a bit unstable and changes.
      She now looks like my gf, wearing her large blue T-shirt she likes to sleep in. I tell her that I don't want her to look like her, or to replace her. I want them both there. My gf is walking behind us at the moment.

      I am masturbating some as we walk. Tatia and I have sex for a few seconds, then keep walking.
      It was nice that the dream was sexual and that I didn't get overwhelmed or distracted by it.
      We walk among some trees. I point to one and say "look, fruit." There is yellow and red fruit in one tree and on the ground. I lift Tatia to reach the fruit in the tree. She is weightless and stands in the palm of my hands. I noticed that her legs are shaped sort of how I usually draw them.
      She tries to fly but can't. I say "you fly all the time." Then I tell her she is over thinking it.

      Thinking back on it, while awake, it seems unlikely that Tatia would over think things, because of her personality. That was probably my fault, since I'm the one who tends to worry too much.

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    11. Attempting to meet Tatia in a lucid dream

      by , 12-13-2012 at 04:49 AM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      December 11, 2012:

      Although I have been having lucid dreams a lot lately without supplements, I decided to take some GalantaMind this night. I took 8mg and ended up having very long lucid dreams.

      I am in a conference room. It is dark except for a lamp that is on. I talk aloud to Tatia, even though I do not see here there. I say her name and ask her to come to me. I don't really like telling her what to do so I say "I want you to have free will, but for now you are my student."

      I go to a closed door and explain that when I knock, she should knock in response, as if she is on the other side of the door.
      (I am doing this because I have had a hard time getting her to appear in my lucid dreams, and I think maybe she is having trouble too, because she is so new at this.)

      I knock a few times and ask if she wants to come in. I say "three knocks means yes." I demonstrate. There is no replay. I tell her two knocks means no. Still no reply.
      I do hear a knock from the other side at some point during this exercise.

      Then the scene changes.

      I am still lucid, but now I'm in a classroom. I meet a cute girl who looks kind of like Tatia, if she were not a cartoon but a physical person. I ask her "are you Tatia?" But she does not answer. I tell her to give me some kind of sign if she is, and then she gives me a slight smile.
      I can't be sure if it is her and she has trouble communicating and taking form, or if it is not her at all. I think it probably isn't...

      I say aloud that I am going to try the door knocking method again because it seemed promising. I go up to a closed door and ask if Tatia is on the other side. I hear a faint female voice say "yes." I knock a few times in a pattern (3 in a row?) and ask for a reply. I hear a light knock on the door.
      I tell her that I am going to open the door, and then do so slowly. Someone is on the other side. It is a creepy man who scares me.

      I get angry and grab the man and hold him against a wall. I say to him "don't ever do that again," and "if you are Tatia, that is not acceptable behavior."
      The man pulls out a gun, but I just twist his arm so that the gun is pointing in his mouth.
      "I'm not afraid of guns in a dream," I say, slightly amused, but still pretty angry with the guy.
      Now I am sure it's not Tatia. I don't want to kill him, though. I stretch and twist his limbs and tie him into knots, then leave him on the floor.

      I go up to a front desk window and use a phone to make an announcement through the building. I say "would Tatia, the tulpa of D.W. please come to the front desk." I repeat the announcement and even spell her name. I then tell a bunch of people who I am looking for and tell them about how we had met in a dream once before.

      I wake up and make notes on my long lucid dream, then go back to sleep and have more.

      I meet a lady. We are both very excited and happy to see each other. I think she is Tatia, although she doesn't look like her. I ask if she is and she says yes.
      But then I tell her not to just parrot me. I ask her if she really is and she says no. I ask "who are you? and "Where are you from?" She gives me two names. One is Pinky Pie
      (I don't even watch this show very much, but I see stuff about it online all the time.) Then she disappears.

      Finally I decide I know where she must be. Then I find a girl sitting at a table, talking to others. She is happy and friendly. I sit beside her and say "let me look at you." Her face is similar to Tatia's. I consider that it could be her and she is still working on her form.
      The person looks and acts like how I expected, but I still can't be certain that it actually is her.
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    12. Dream Rendezvous

      by , 12-13-2012 at 04:17 AM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid
      November 28, 2012
      This is roughly lucid dream #160

      ...My vision goes bad. I rub my hands together, but I can barely see at all.
      So I go back outside and my vision returns. Everything is colorful, bright and clear. Very realistic. I even see the veins in my arms (I am quite pale).
      I climb up onto the porch of the house (it is my childhood home, as usual). I almost lose my balance, but I grab a tree branch to keep from falling. Then I go inside the house through a large open window.

      Inside is like a restaurant or a club. I ask some people where I could find my tulpa. She doesn't have a set name yet, So I refer to her by three names, Sheila, Tula, and Tulia, none of which I'm really happy with.
      A couple of people I ask are not very helpful. I poke a woman in the butt and then ask her.
      Another woman that I'm not even asking says that I can use a door that is "over there," gesturing to around a corner.
      I find a few more people at a counter with what might be a drink machine (like a coffee maker?). I talk to the people who work there, saying "excuse me, can you show me the door," or "where's the door?" Something like that.

      I decide to improvise and open one of the machines. I pull out part of it and press a round button inside.
      Then I hear an announcement, like an introduction, saying "Here is the tulpa of D.W., Tulia Tulian (not sure what the last name was. It started with a T and sounded similar to the first.
      There is a stage in the room. There is a figure dancing and singing on the stage. I get closer and sit for a second, then get even closer.

      The figure comes down from the stage. It is dark and hard to see, but the her hair looks like it does on who I am looking for, and the shape of her face is similar too. She has dark hair and dark skin.
      I am very happy to see her. We hug and kiss. I'm quite excited, but mention that it's too dark to see very well, but I'm pretty sure it is her.

      And then I wake up.
      Tags: tulpa
    13. Lucid, old scary woman

      by , 04-27-2012 at 11:34 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid
      April 27, 2012:

      I am walking around in my childhood bedroom. I feel very tired and it's hard to move. I pinch my nose to reality check and realize I am dreaming. [Become Lucid + 5 points, successfully RC +1 point] I go outside to summon a person by making one out of clay, or mud, but the dream scene fades.

      I start the next scene with the sensation of walking. I am in a big, old house. A creepy old lady appears and tells me "it's time." I feel a sense of fear and danger and say "time for what?" She says "Time to die." I am still lucid so I know I don't have to be scared and I say "But I don't want to."
      She says something like "The old house needs more/new death." But I refuse to go along with it. I tell her that doesn't make sense and "you're just trying to scare me."
      [Interact with a DC +2 points]

      The old woman sits at a big round table. I stand on the table and say that she is trying to make this a nightmare, but I won't let her. I do a dance or something on the table and a man shows up.
      The three of us hold hands on the table and spin in a circle. The old woman and man combine together and take the form of a nude younger woman. We proceed to have sex.
      [No points for that]

      We are then outside. She is on another table, like a folding table, with cake on it. I feed her several slices of cake, and then she turns into a sort of cooked chicken thing.
      I say "But I'm still a mess, that's nice," sarcastically. I have cake and stuff on my hands and abdomen.

      I walk a little ways through the yard, past some flying bugs that I think are bees. I ignore them so they don't sting me and say "Screw you dream bees!" I come to a patio and try climbing a small, thin tree. But there is a big spider web in it and I fall. Then I simply start to fly. [Fly +4 points]
      I see Mike and Nanda on the patio, washing it with some kind of chemical that creates lots of vapor. It melts the die out of Nanda's hair.

      The scene fades again and I find myself in a professional building of some sort. I see a woman who walks away. I follow and ask if I can talk to her. She says no, or why, and I say I just want to. But she doesn't want to. She starts every sentence with "hey" and doesn't seem very bright.

      I see another lady at a door, who I think I recognize (false memory?) Other people get in the way so I can't get to her. I go through the door and somehow take it with me. The door becomes a glass. I get someone to fill the glass with a liquid, which I give to the lady, poring down her throat. She is kind of weird shaped now, with no real jaw.
      I give her a drink two or three times, then wake up.
      [Remember whole dream +1 point]

      Total points for this dream: 13
    14. Lucid Dream Tasks, super strength and hands through objects.

      by , 04-24-2012 at 09:51 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid
      April 24, 2012:

      I get up out of bed, thinking I am awake, until I look in a mirror and it seems odd. I try to float off the ground and I do. I am surprised to realize that I am dreaming, because It seemed so real.(Become Lucid + 5 points)
      The dream fades
      I am outside, floating around, fully lucid. I pretend to be an alien observing. There is a pond nearby and some tries and a man who is maybe fishing.
      I float over to a girl who is sitting by herself. She is looking at me. I tell her she's not suppose to see me. I pick up something of hers and drop it or spill it on the ground.

      Now I am in a large building, a house or maybe something like a mall. I spend a little while just wandering around looking at things.

      Unfortunately, I don't remember details.
      I am now in a room with a bunch of fish tanks and bowls of different sizes. standing on a table thing, I kick some of the fish tanks to the floor, where they break and spill.

      I remember one task, to have super strength. There is a largish, odd shaped indoor pond made of stone or clay. It looks very heavy, but I lift it with ease, and then toss it aside. (I possibly lift something else?)
      (Super Strength + 4 points)
      Then I go down some stairs, looking for something bigger and heavier to lift. I am holding a long wooden spoon that I somehow light on fire, like a big match. I use it to set some hanging wooden dolls on fire.
      I say "The whole place will go up in flames," because it seems to all be made of wood.

      Then I remember another task, to put my hands through a solid object. I see some wooden doors, but decide they are not solid enough.
      I put my hands through the floor and feel some pipes underneath. I pull the pipes up through the floor and even the wall, without breaking anything.
      (Push Hand through Solid Object + 4 points)
      I snap one of the pipes in half. It leaks water. I use the pipe to spray a lady with water. The fire from earlier is still going, and possibly spreading.
      I rub my hands together to stabilize, to make sure the dream keeps going.
      (Stabilize +2 points)
      Then I reach through the floor again and grab some tubes, and pull them up out of the floor. I snap it in half. It sparks because it is full of electric wires.
      Then I fly up to the second floor balcony, toward an exit.
      (Fly + 4 points)
      I see a lady sitting at a desk who I think looks familiar. She says something to me that I don't remember. She has a third eye tattoo on her forehead. I tell her it looks dumb. (Interact with a DC +2 points)
      Then the dream ends and I wake up. (Remember whole dream +1 point)

      I was a jerk in this dream. But I don't really care because I had a shitty couple of days.

      Total points = 20, because I reached the limit.

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    15. Three Step Task Attempt

      by , 04-16-2012 at 09:29 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid
      April 16, 2012:

      I am walking up stairs to my bedroom. It is my old bedroom in my parents' house. I go into the bathroom with toothpaste and a toothbrush. I have a big glob of toothpaste in my mouth. I spit in the sink, but there is still thick stuff in my mouth. In the mirror I see green stuff in my teeth. I start to pull something long out from my mouth. I look in the mirror and say "I must be dreaming." It sounds muffled from the thing in my mouth.

      The scene fades and I re-enter a new scene, in church. I know I am dreaming. I touch the walls with both hands. I find my girlfriend and another girl. I kiss them both on the lips and on the belly.

      The scene fades again and I am in one of the small back classrooms with the brick walls. There are other people sitting in chairs around the room. We face someone in the center of the room who looks like Abed from Community. I tell myself that the class is part of a conspiracy.
      Abed talks softly and I can't understand him. I say "What? Speak up!" He mumbles something again. My stomach growls and I know I am physically hungry. I hope it doesn't hinder my lucid dream.

      Then I remember my first task to summon an object. I reach into my pocket and say I want a spoon. I feel nothing. I remember that I wanted to summon a fruit. Still, I feel nothing in my pocket.
      I see apples placed around the room and wonder if that counts. I pick up one of the apples to feel it, then take a bite and toss it aside.
      I reach into my pocket again and pull out the same apple, with the bite taken from it. I say "There's that fucking apple! But I'm not sure if this should count..."
      I am referring to Mat87's Competition and whether I should whether I should get the points or not.

      I walk outside, through the back door and start to fly a few feet off the ground. I remember my second task, element manipulation. I put my hands out and make the wind start blowing towards me. Then I change the direction of the wind to blow from behind me really hard.
      The wind pushes me as I float in the air. I aim the wind at the ground so it pushes dirt and pebbles around. I stir up some dust into the air. I try to control the dirt directly, but it is not effective. There is gravel I try to make move, but it doesn't work either.

      The dream fades and I go right back into it again. This time it is a bright sunny day. I remember my third task, advanced flying. I float into the air and notice some dark clouds. I consider controlling water, but continue with the flying.
      I fly pretty fast down the gravel road, seeing the trees go by quickly as I pass them. Then I fly up. It is hard to get up very high at first. But then I watch the ground beneath me get further away and smaller until I can see the tops of trees and entire woods, or forests and lakes. I rub my hands together to stabilize so the dream doesn't end yet.
      I see an earth-like world with continents and oceans, but it is also kind of alien and not shaped like earth. I start to see the round edge of the world. The sun is still bright.
      Space is not dark or starry but white, and is getting brighter. Everything goes white and I wake up.

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