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    Dream School Lesson 1

    by , 02-08-2015 at 06:01 AM (1289 Views)
    Lesson 2 dream

    February 7, 2015 (sat)

    My ongoing goal is to attend a lucid dreaming school. I didn't plan anything else beyond that. It's interesting what my dream created as what I took to be my first lesson.

    Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid Waking life notes

    Before going back to sleep I repeat the mantra “I am dreaming,” and try to imagine arm movement. No noticeable sensations.

    I am in my old bedroom, in my parents' house. I think to do a Reality Check so I pinch my nose shut and realize I can still breathe through it. I say to myself “I thought for sure I was awake.” Next I sort of slow motion jump/fly through the window (without opening or breaking it). It is daylight out (unlike most of my non-lucid dreams). I yell “I am lucid dreaming!”

    I see other people around. Still level with the second floor window, I jump to a tree branch and balance on it. Someone says something and I maybe tell them to shut up or I ignore them (?). Then I say “Sorry, wait, what's my lesson?” remembering my goal.

    The branch I am standing on has become a platform, except it's like a square horizontal wooden hoop, still connected to the ground by a thin trunk. There are several of these platforms. I jump from one to the next while waving my arms and also rubbing my hands together. I say to myself that I have to get to the end (without waking or losing lucidity).

    I hop from platform to platform. Each one is lower than the previous and they go around in a half circle, or square shape. When I reach the ground I say “I did it!” excitedly and do a little dance.

    David is there. I ask him “what do I get/win?” but I think I already know that the dream and the goal is its own intrinsic reward. I ask him what my next lesson is. I approach a random lady and say “sex with you?” I reach up her skirt and kiss her, then say “but that would be distraction.” She doesn't seem interested anyway.
    I approach another woman who is sitting in a chair on the driveway. I believe she is in charge. I maybe ask her what is next, but I have already become distracted by the sexual energy.

    I won't describe here what happened, but I'm pretty sure she is very understanding and forgiving. Accidents happen. :^p
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