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    1. Eating, portal gun, and Amazon woman.

      by , 09-12-2011 at 05:01 AM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      Sept. 11, 2011 (Sunday): I enter the dream consciously by imagining moving my arms and touching things as I fell asleep.
      Then I begin to eat lots of things from the fridge and leave a pile of wrappers and empty containers on the floor.

      Then I am at my grandparents' house (Dad's side), outside. I jump and fly over the hill.

      I lose lucidity and see my dad grab a fish from a small pond and throw it to the ground.
      There is also a small fish hanging from a tree branch that is in its mouth.
      Then I find a bird's nest in a chain hanging from a tall tree. Lots of people are around it and taking pictures. I also try taking a picture of it.

      There is a man with a portal gun (as in the game Portal). Part of it looks nest-like. He fires it and the device breaks in half and multiplies the nest part that broke off.
      The man says that portal guns are dangerous and people should have to give personal information when buying one.
      I say that you could put a portal under a person and make him fall and break his legs.

      I become lucid again. I approach a tall, large woman. She looks like an Amazon warrior-type woman.
      I ask her what's up. She says she is leaving her ex (she says a name that I don't remember).
      I go to hug her and fell her breasts. She says we can't hug right now, implying that because her ex is near and gets jealous.
    2. ride on a car

      by , 09-12-2011 at 04:47 AM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      Sept. 5, 2011 (Monday): I am dozing outside in some tall grass. When I stand up I am lucid, but it is dark and foggy. I yell out for light and wave my hands to get rid of the fog.

      I see a road and two cars drive toward me. There is no one driving them. I jump onto the second car's roof and ride it, telling it to go faster.
      It is a curvy road. I pass some water and a lion (it's either female or a mountain lion, because it has no mane) on a log. The lion chases the car, but it's fun and not scary.
    3. Seed Portal Ribbon

      by , 09-02-2011 at 10:25 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      Aug. 31, '11:: I know I am dreaming. I am in a house and looking for a girl, any girl, but no one is around. I go outside and clap my hands, saying it is to make women show up.

      I fly over a field or pond, near a fence. The place looks like a farm.
      I remember my task and reach into my pocket for a seed to use as a portal to the Dream Academy castle. I pull out a small object and hold it in my hands, stating my intent.
      A ribbon slithers out from my hands, going down to the ground (I am still floating) and up into the sky. I start to climb the ribbon, hoping to enter the castle, but the dream fades.
    4. Secret Door

      by , 09-02-2011 at 10:21 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      August 27, 2011: I know I am dreaming as I enter the living room of my old childhood home. I approach the stone wall where the fireplace is and I say that there is a secret door and that one of the stones opens it.
      I press a small square stone in the wall. It slide in and a door slides open in the wall. There is a narrow, dusty hallway. It's more like a crawlspace. There are cobwebs and spiders in it. I start crawling through it, awkwardly. The walls do not seem solid or supported.
      I say aloud to myself that I wouldn't want to do this in waking life.
    5. Finding the Dreamworld Academy castle

      by , 08-05-2011 at 08:48 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      After a month-long dry spell, I finally had another lucid dream and attempted to visit the Dream World Academy. But I didn't get much further than last time.

      August 5, 2011: I am walking down a hallway, looking for something. I open a door and it slides open rather than swinging open. I think this is odd and I realize I am dreaming.

      I remember my task and I say aloud that I am going to the Dreamworld Academy castle. I step outside and see a huge black cloud in the sky. I go back inside and try again. This time there is a giant castle that reaches up to the sky, like a single tower. I look straight up but I cannot see the top of the castle.
      Then I remember that I had meant to go directly to the entrance hall. I see a fountain nearby that I am going to use as a button to transport me inside the castle.

      But instead i just call out my intent, putting my hands up over my head. I begin to fly, then lose lucidity.

      I have dropped a notebook. It is floating in water below me. I am floating in the air with an inflatable tube. I let some of the air out to go down closer to the ground. The notepad washes up on a beach.

      The castle looked something like this (quickly drawn in MS Paint):

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    6. Portal to Academy

      by , 07-04-2011 at 12:17 AM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      July 3, 2011: I am in my old bedroom. I see a door that I hadn't noticed before, beside my bed. It is a walk in closet, with a bathroom and a window. I am amazed that these rooms are here.
      I then pinch my nose
      and realize I'm dreaming.

      I stabilize and remember my task.
      There is a TV in my room. I put my hand on the screen and say "Take me to the Dream Views Academy." There is a bright flash of light, but I am still in the same room.
      I go to the kitchen and find a tall man. I say to him "You were going to tell me how to work the portal."
      The man reads from a small booklet "Deposit pennies into the sea." It's like a password.

      There is another TV in the kitchen. It is coin operated, so I put a coin in and I say to it "I want to go to the Dream Views Academy please, to deposit pennies into the sea."
      The man smiles and seems encouraging.
      I have some trouble saying it all correctly, but I say it and then the scene disappears and I feel a pleasant sensation.

      It is dark. I try not to wake up. I stabilize the dream y rubbing my hands together, licking my hand, rubbing my body, and moving my limbs.
      My vision returns. I am on a flat platform area, near the edge. I look over the edge and see small buildings, like they are very far below, but also like they are just models made of paper.

      I think it is possibly a town near the academy. I want to find a castle, so I say "When I flip this switch it will make the castle appear."
      There is something like a bed post. I twist the end of it, using it as the switch.
      Then I see something like a castle that is built on the side of a mountain in the distance. I start to go to it but then lose lucidity and the scene changes.

      Notes: Next time I try teleporting to the castle, I will have a specific part of the castle in mind. Maybe the front door, or just inside the entrance hall.

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    7. Giant rhino people form a star, and lucid stuff

      by , 06-27-2011 at 08:59 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      June 17, 2011: There are giant rhino people, each maybe 10-15 feet tall, running fast through things. They destroy everything in their path, without slowing down. I hurry to get out of their way.
      They sort of replicate and radiate outward from their original path. I comment on how they are big, noisy, and scary.

      They spread out, then meet again at a single point, where they crash together and form a star, just a few feet off the ground. The star gets bigger as more rhino men jump into it.
      Lots of people are walking away from the star. I ask a woman how she feels about the end of the world. She seems OK, or doesn't care.

      I suddenly become lucid. I am floating along with a lady who has a toy-looking cell phone. I ask her where she lives (thinking she might be a person from the waking world who is also dreaming). It sounds like she says L.A. and something about lemonade.
      I tell her where I live. She doesn't understand and thinks I said something else. I tell her again but she still doesn't understand. I laugh and say "You need to work on your lucidity." Then I take her phone and leave.

      I fly to a tree that has electrical things on it and power lines. I am less lucid, and afraid of being electrocuted.
      ]The scene fades and I think I have woken up. I pinch my nose to reality check anyway and
      I am surprised to realize that I am still dreaming.

      There are several men around me. One guy says he can check if I'm dreaming by stabbing me with a pocket knife. I tell him that is not a good idea. The guys keep bothering me and I am starting to get scared. I make it stop by doing a dance. The men then go away.

      Then I make out with Zoe, a nurse from the show Nurse Jackie.
      I see a lady I recognize from waking life that I haven't seen in a long time. She is at a desk in the middle of my grandparents' (father's side) living room.
      I say to her "Why are you working at a desk/doing paperwork in a dream?" meaning, she could be doing something more interesting. I start to read a piece of paper. It makes no sense and I decide it's a waste of time. Then I toss the papers in the air.
      I point out that a train is driving through the house, straight towards us. It is moving very slowly.

      I walk around the house (now my old house), and remember my task to attempt telepathic communication.
      I say aloud that I will find my girlfriend, the real one, and not a dream representation. I walk into the living room and find only cats. I try to make her appear behind me, but she doesn't.
      I yell out her name. I yell that I wish to "sense what she senses," or "see what she sees." I say that I want real information.

      I yell out "I know you're not at work. What are you doing?" (or something like that). I listen for a response, but the TV is on, so I turn it off. I think I hear beeping and wonder if my phone is ringing in waking life. I make myself wake up.

      I am in bed, but I reality check and I am still dreaming. Then I really wake up.

      Notes: I wish I had thought to use the TV in the dream to communicate, or to make her appear.
      I must have been in a deep sleep, since I had two false awakenings, and had a hard time waking on purpose.

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    8. Summoning Objects practice - Motorcycle

      by , 06-20-2011 at 10:05 PM
      This is a repost because the original was lost in the site crash.

      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      This is roughly lucid dream #104. I'm only counting the good ones.

      June 13, 2011: I become more lucid and go outside. I try to remember my task.
      "Something with the sky?" I say, "Make the sky fall?" That doesn't seem right.
      Suddenly I remember, "Summon an object!"
      But I hadn't decided on an object before going to sleep. I think for a moment and decide to summon a hammer. There is a barrel of tools nearby. First I reach for my pocket, but I am not wearing pants (because of stuff I was doing earlier). I try faking a pocket with my other hand. Then I try my shirt pocket. I find nothing.

      So I go to the barrel of tools and reach inside and tell myself that I will find a hammer. I pull out a hammer with a very long handle and a small metal head. It is almost as long as I am tall.
      I swing it and possibly hit the concrete ground with it. Then I wake up.


      I am in a nice hotel room. I know I am dreaming. There is a window door that I go through without opening it.
      Guys on motorcycles drive by on a road. I think of taking one, then decide to summon a motorcycle instead. I walk into a parking lot and say that there will be a motorcycle in the garage.

      I go into the garage and see something like a Vespa scooter. Then, the my left, I find a dirt bike. I pull it out and then ride it down the road.
      The road is on a hill that I am driving down. I try not to be afraid, reminding myself that I can't get hurt. But my mind still thinks of ways I could crash or fall off.
      Then I diced it is a hover bike and that I can't fall off because I'm strapped in. I fly through a field. The hover bike now has a laser that I shoot at the ground.

      I want to fly through town or a neighborhood. The hover bike suddenly flips and I fall to the ground. It doesn't hurt. It's more annoying than anything.

      I wake up before I can get back on.
    9. Fly to the moon

      by , 06-18-2011 at 08:26 PM
      This is a repost because the original was lost in the site crash.

      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      June 10, 2011: I am in a large store. partially lucid, I start running around. There is a guy with a baseball bat. I grab the bat and throw it, then pretend to shoot fire from my hands.
      Then I start sliding around on the floor, in a sitting position. I rub my hands together to go faster. The faster I rub my hands, the faster I move.

      I go out the door. The front of the building has a large covered area. There is also a giant fountain.
      I jump onto a circular stone, with a smaller circle in the middle. I stand in the center and use it as a launch pad.

      I jump into the air, and fly upwards. My goal is to fly into space and possibly to the moon. I fly faster and see stars around me. As I go higher, I see the moon. It is like a big, round, bumpy rock floating in space. I try to go to it, but then start to fall and I wake up.
      Tags: moon
    10. Make Stars and Move the Moon

      by , 06-17-2011 at 01:39 AM
      This is a repost because the original was lost in the site crash.

      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      June 9, '11: I am outside, and lucid. It is night. There are some stars and the moon in the sky. I remember my task and attempt to make more stars appear in the sky, using Active Control and hand movements.
      This doesn't work. There is a tree nearby with little white flowers. I shake the tree and catch the falling petals in my hand. Then I throw the white petals into the air and they become faint stars in the sky. I do it again and make more stars. Then I try active control again, but it is not as effective.

      I attempt to move the moon with my hand held close to my face and one eye closed, so my hand looks bigger than the moon.
      I "push" the moon and it slowly begins to move. It is quite large now, and rolls across the horizon, to the right. It rolls in front of a gas station.

      I slowly make the moon stop and roll the other way. It's like the moon is very heavy, so it doesn't stop or move right away. It rolls across the landscape to the left.

      Note: Placing stars in the sky or moving the moon was one of KingYoshi's suggested tasks for his class on dream control.

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    11. Pizza

      by , 06-16-2011 at 07:56 PM
      This is a repost because the original was lost in the site crash.

      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      June 6, 2011: I am partially lucid. I see Jacqui and I tell her to go do something. As she walks away she says "Here I go, against my will."

      Then I am inside a shopping place, where there are long tables with lots of pizza. As I eat pizza I try to remember the tasks I wanted to do. Nothing comes to me.
      I see someone and say to her that I had something to ask her. But then I just continue eating pizza. I eat until I am full.

      I step outside, in an alley, and remember my task involving stars and the moon. But it is raining and all I see is clouds. I feel like I really have to poop. A goat person (like Pan) comes at me and I possibly kick him.

      Back inside, I am looking for a bathroom. Then I wake up.

      Lucid, and partially remembering my task, I try to put a moon in the sky by lifting a car light into the sky. Then I see the moon in the sky, so I think it sort of worked.
      Then I am inside the house, looking out a window. I want to make stars in the sky, but it is bright and sunny outside.

      I attempt making the sky darker. I am straining, as if it is difficult to do. I realize I am making it harder to do than it needs to be, and I try a more relaxed approach, like it is easy for me to change day into night. But it doesn't seem to work.

      I lose some lucidity and I am naked except for a towel. My brother and his friend show up. I pinch my nose and realize I am still dreaming.
      I tell my brother and his friend that this is a dream. I want them to be lucid too. I try to prove it by pinching my nose and breathing through it at the same time, while explaining how the reality check technique workds. I very clearly close my nostrils tight with both hands, and still breath easily through my nose.

      They don't seem to understand at first. Then my brother tries it. It doesn't seem to work for them. He ends up blowing snot on himself, then he gets angry, thinking it was a trick, and he chases me.
    12. Predicting the future

      by , 06-14-2011 at 02:10 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      June 2, 2011: I am in my grandparents' house (mother's side). I see a TV and punch the screen. I do a reality check (nose pinch) and realize I'm dreaming.
      I say to myself "That explains why I punched the TV." I recognized it as an unusual reaction for me to have.

      I am still in the creepy house and I want to leave. I say "Why am I here?" I hear a scary voice that says "To see me."
      I ask who, then say I don't want to. I float up through the ceiling and end up in a nicer looking building, with a high ceiling, better lighting, and maybe a chandelier.

      I walk into another large room with no furniture or anything in it. There are kids running around and playing. I see a woman and talk to her. I tell her that we had talked earlier about a dream school or magic school, and that she was going to tell me where it is.
      She points and says it is around that way. I pick her up, or some other woman, and shove her under some stairs.

      Then I go outside and see a girl I recognize from college. I throw a hamburger at someone's car. Then I wonder if I shouldn't be a jerk in dreams.
      I walk to the door of a fast food restaurant. I remember one of my tasks, and I ask the dream what the first thing Jacqui will say to me when I next see her. I go inside the restaurant and a man who works there says something like "Brown pants," or maybe "Green shirt, brown pants."
      I say that sounds probable.

      I go outside again and see another girl I recognize. I tell her that we had previously talked about predicting the future. I tried to get her excited about it. She did not seem to be very interested. Then I see Allison and I ask her about predicting the future in dreams. She does not respond. I get annoyed and ask why no one will talk to me.

      As I am talking about predicting the future, some police officers overhear and tell me to put my hands up.
      I say "This is my dream, I don't have to."
      But the cops are demanding and forceful, so I put my hands up. The cops put a hat on my head and clamp a glowing plastic thing to a finger on my right hand. I also have a thing on my toe. Then the police leave.

      Then I try asking people about a sweater vest, which is the first thing I thought of. I realize it is ridiculous.

      Note: When I saw Jacqui in waking life, later that day, she did not say anything like from the dream. Another friend of mine that I saw that day sort of did, though.

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    13. Doors and fruit - control practice

      by , 05-31-2011 at 09:47 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      May 30, 2011: I am flying. There are lots of trees and plants around me. I am now lucid and I say "Nature is my muse." I see that the scene is beautiful, but there is also something creepy about it. I bite a branch and try to eat it.

      I see a tree house and remember one of my tasks. I make the door of the house open with my mind and hand gestures. There is another inner door. I make that one open too.
      Now I am inside a building. I open several doors and window with my mind and hand gestures. I am quite happy with myself. The windows bend like the talking window in Peewee's Playhouse.

      I point at another door and make it open by swinging up from the top, rather than the side like a normal door.
      I go outside. It is a busy city scene. I find a woman and approach her. Remembering the other task, I tell her about this tree from another country. I make up a name and tell her it has delicious fruit.
      I see a small tree in a pot, on a table on the sidewalk. It has a single orange-like fruit on it. I taste it. It is juicy and tastes OK. I give most of it to the woman, who seems to love it.
      She turns into a cat, as usual.

      I point at other trees and say they also have good fruit. There is one with purple fruit and another with red or orange fruit.
      For fun I make people float off the ground and others fly backwards. I grab a bicycle, spin, and throw it. I also try to make someone say something.

      Notes: This is the task that KingYoshi suggested:
      "Walk up to a random tree and say out loud, "This [insert random tree name] tree, produces the most delicious fruit. Then search the leaves for the fruit and eat it."
      I didn't quite do the second task correctly. But there was a tree and fruit and I tasted it, so I guess it's a pass.

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    14. Ask People for a Book

      by , 05-26-2011 at 08:34 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      May 26, '11: I successfully WILD, but at first the dreams are not very vivid and I wake up a lot, but don't move and re-enter the dream.

      I am in the church where I use to go as a kid with my family. The people are standing around, talking like they do after the services.
      I see my girlfriend in the lobby. I say to her "Be lucid with me," and I try to get her to realize she is dreaming
      (I think she is asleep in bed with me, but in waking reality she has gone to work).
      She seems to become lucid and I introduce her to some people. My grandmother gets right up in her face and gets a bit intimate. I say that my grandmother isn't usually so gropey.
      I say "I don't remember who most of these people are."

      The dream fades and then I am in the church lobby again. I am still lucid and I remember the task I wanted to do.

      I approach the first person I see. I possibly call him "Joel" and I ask him to hand me the book I asked him to bring. He looks kind of grumpy and doesn't respond. So I go to another person who looks more friendly.
      I say "Hi Neal. Would you hand me that book I asked you to bring for me?" He grabs one of the little religious booklets on the wall beside him and hands it to me. I tell him thanks and we shake hands.

      The book seems to be about women. I don't bother flipping through it. Instead I approach "Sara" and ask her to give me the book I had asked for. She also gives me a booklet, from her pocket. Then several people start handing me booklets. This is unexpected and I laugh. I note that all the books seem to be about gender. One is titled "Men It." I say "these are fantastic."
      Then, for fun, I ask a lady (Sara again?) if she has the key for me. She searches her pockets and says "I have it," but she doesn't find it.

      The task was one of KingYoshi's homework suggestions, for his dream control class. http://www.dreamviews.com/f139/optio...-weeks-115901/
    15. Fight

      by , 05-26-2011 at 08:23 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      May 24, '11: I am in a hotel or dorm. There is a girl who is a housekeeper. some people call her to their room. They trick her and burn her face with a hot paper towel roll on a stick.
      I get very angry and yell at the guys. I get a long stick and attack one of them with it. I say I am unstable and might kick his ass too much. I flip the guy onto the floor.

      Then I am fighting one man. He knows karate and dodges the stick. I lose my stick and try throwing knives at him. He throws a bunch of knives at me. I makes the knives, so he can't run out.
      I block and defend myself.
      Then I throw other things at him. I throw two bowls that don't reach him. I say they are not aerodynamic.

      Then I pretend to have a large gun. I make the sounds and the guy acts like he is hit. He cannot be killed, but it makes him unable to attack me.
      I say "Why didn't I think of this earlier?" I shoot him several times and say "I could do this all day. But so could he. Imagine doing this forever. Doesn't that sound fun?" I am being sarcastic.
      Everyone there gets tired and give up.
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