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    Lucid Dream Tasks, super strength and hands through objects.

    by , 04-24-2012 at 09:51 PM (713 Views)
    Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid
    April 24, 2012:

    I get up out of bed, thinking I am awake, until I look in a mirror and it seems odd. I try to float off the ground and I do. I am surprised to realize that I am dreaming, because It seemed so real.(Become Lucid + 5 points)
    The dream fades
    I am outside, floating around, fully lucid. I pretend to be an alien observing. There is a pond nearby and some tries and a man who is maybe fishing.
    I float over to a girl who is sitting by herself. She is looking at me. I tell her she's not suppose to see me. I pick up something of hers and drop it or spill it on the ground.

    Now I am in a large building, a house or maybe something like a mall. I spend a little while just wandering around looking at things.

    Unfortunately, I don't remember details.
    I am now in a room with a bunch of fish tanks and bowls of different sizes. standing on a table thing, I kick some of the fish tanks to the floor, where they break and spill.

    I remember one task, to have super strength. There is a largish, odd shaped indoor pond made of stone or clay. It looks very heavy, but I lift it with ease, and then toss it aside. (I possibly lift something else?)
    (Super Strength + 4 points)
    Then I go down some stairs, looking for something bigger and heavier to lift. I am holding a long wooden spoon that I somehow light on fire, like a big match. I use it to set some hanging wooden dolls on fire.
    I say "The whole place will go up in flames," because it seems to all be made of wood.

    Then I remember another task, to put my hands through a solid object. I see some wooden doors, but decide they are not solid enough.
    I put my hands through the floor and feel some pipes underneath. I pull the pipes up through the floor and even the wall, without breaking anything.
    (Push Hand through Solid Object + 4 points)
    I snap one of the pipes in half. It leaks water. I use the pipe to spray a lady with water. The fire from earlier is still going, and possibly spreading.
    I rub my hands together to stabilize, to make sure the dream keeps going.
    (Stabilize +2 points)
    Then I reach through the floor again and grab some tubes, and pull them up out of the floor. I snap it in half. It sparks because it is full of electric wires.
    Then I fly up to the second floor balcony, toward an exit.
    (Fly + 4 points)
    I see a lady sitting at a desk who I think looks familiar. She says something to me that I don't remember. She has a third eye tattoo on her forehead. I tell her it looks dumb. (Interact with a DC +2 points)
    Then the dream ends and I wake up. (Remember whole dream +1 point)

    I was a jerk in this dream. But I don't really care because I had a shitty couple of days.

    Total points = 20, because I reached the limit.

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