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    Lucid Dreaming School - Meet the Principal

    by , 02-26-2015 at 07:43 PM (805 Views)
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    Dream Lesson 3: Overcome sexual distraction

    Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid, Waking life notes


    I am on a street in town, going around having sex and/or kissing women I see.
    I realize I am dreaming and try to remember my goal. It takes me a moment to remember my goal of attending lucid dreaming school. I am at the entrance of what I assume to be a school, possibly a college.
    I meet a tall man in a suit. He is the principal, I think. I ask him about taking a class/lesson. I tell him I still have a problem with sexual distractions, but I'm working on it. As we walk through the building, he begins telling me things about lessons or maybe techniques, but he keeps using made up words so I don't understand what he's saying.
    He mentions a teacher with the name "A." I ask to see her.
    I see another lady and I kiss her, and I suddenly wake up.

    I don't move, but I don't realize that I have already continued dreaming. I have a piece of paper next to me in bed, I am attempting to write a note about the dream I just had without moving very much. I am using an orange color pencil, or maybe a crayon, and my hand writing is very sloppy.

    The same man as before appears and guides me out of bed and to a school chair/desk. I am saying to him that I was conflicted between continuing the lucid dream and writing down the first part so I wouldn't forget.
    Once again, I see a lady and lean in to kiss her, which causes me to wake up again.

    The dream continues but I am no longer lucid. I am back in art school, in a sequential art class. The teacher is angry and bitter and talking about how students like fun teachers but won't learn as much. He is being fired because too many students put frowns on his evaluations.
    I wonder if he recognizes me, even though it has been many years since I was last in one of his classes.
    I still feel very tired, and I am trying or I want to to return to a lucid dream. The class is over and I move to another seat. A new class is starting with the same teacher. A lady with a clipboard is seated next to him. She seems to think this is not the right class for the schedule.
    I am not sure if I want to contine in this class, or to fall asleep and go into another dream.

    That's the end of this dream. It didn't feel like a lesson on lucid dreaming, although maybe there is one hidden in there. I certainly see how I kept getting distracted by wanting to kiss people, which seemed to be what caused me to wake up.

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