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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Dream School Lesson 1

      by , 02-08-2015 at 06:01 AM
      Lesson 2 dream

      February 7, 2015 (sat)

      My ongoing goal is to attend a lucid dreaming school. I didn't plan anything else beyond that. It's interesting what my dream created as what I took to be my first lesson.

      Color Code: Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid Waking life notes

      Before going back to sleep I repeat the mantra “I am dreaming,” and try to imagine arm movement. No noticeable sensations.

      I am in my old bedroom, in my parents' house. I think to do a Reality Check so I pinch my nose shut and realize I can still breathe through it. I say to myself “I thought for sure I was awake.” Next I sort of slow motion jump/fly through the window (without opening or breaking it). It is daylight out (unlike most of my non-lucid dreams). I yell “I am lucid dreaming!”

      I see other people around. Still level with the second floor window, I jump to a tree branch and balance on it. Someone says something and I maybe tell them to shut up or I ignore them (?). Then I say “Sorry, wait, what's my lesson?” remembering my goal.

      The branch I am standing on has become a platform, except it's like a square horizontal wooden hoop, still connected to the ground by a thin trunk. There are several of these platforms. I jump from one to the next while waving my arms and also rubbing my hands together. I say to myself that I have to get to the end (without waking or losing lucidity).

      I hop from platform to platform. Each one is lower than the previous and they go around in a half circle, or square shape. When I reach the ground I say “I did it!” excitedly and do a little dance.

      David is there. I ask him “what do I get/win?” but I think I already know that the dream and the goal is its own intrinsic reward. I ask him what my next lesson is. I approach a random lady and say “sex with you?” I reach up her skirt and kiss her, then say “but that would be distraction.” She doesn't seem interested anyway.
      I approach another woman who is sitting in a chair on the driveway. I believe she is in charge. I maybe ask her what is next, but I have already become distracted by the sexual energy.

      I won't describe here what happened, but I'm pretty sure she is very understanding and forgiving. Accidents happen. :^p

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    2. Killed my Predator

      by , 05-23-2011 at 11:52 PM
      Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

      May 22, '11: I am in the side yard/woods of my parents' house. I see two or three large crane-like birds that are blue. I call them "harper birds." All but one flies away.
      I sneak through the woods, back to the house. I have to be careful because I know there is a large dangerous animal that wants to catch me.

      There is a very big lion/tiger statue made of scrap metal. It comes to life and runs after me.

      I am ready for it, and I shoot it with imaginary arrows, in the face and many times in the body until it falls and stays down.
      I believe the animal had been hunting me in a previous dream.
      It changes so that its head looks like a cardboard skull of a large wild cat. I hit it and ask it a question like "What is the enemy of my enemy?" It doesn't answer so I ask it again more sternly.

      It answers by saying "Will you learn to trust (follow?) the wind?"
      The animal thing turns into a dying person (genderless?) I am somewhat lucid. I kneel down, holding the person in my arms. I say "I have to go home (wake up)."
      It says "I'm going home too," and it implies that we are going to the same place, or will eventually.
      I say "Will we meet again?"
      It says no, but seems uncertain.
      I say "goodbye" as I wake up.
    3. Visiting friends in another dimension

      by , 02-21-2011 at 10:10 PM
      Dream Lucid Partially lucid False Awakening.

      Note: I'm not sure how to categorize this dream. I felt fully conscious, but I didn't think of it as a dream. I thought of it as another reality. So I'll just categorize it as partially lucid.

      Feb. 21, '11: I had been dropped off at home by somebody. (there had been more to the dream before this part) The house was my old childhood home. I went outside to look for my neighbor's house, and see what he was doing, but his house wasn't there.
      My house was attached to a school. There was a picnic table out front, with lots of people around.

      I realized that I was not in my regular reality (partially lucid). I walked along a sidewalk with other students. There was some kind of object I picked up (?).
      I met a girl, we walked together. She was kind of short, maybe wore glasses and a head covering. She had darkish skin. We were friends, possibly more.
      I told her she could have sent me a message (to my world) to let me know she was going to bring me here, so I would expect it.
      She said she did. I laughed, remembering a person who had said something to me that didn't make sense.
      I said the message had been too subtle, or vague.
      She seemed surprised by this.
      I explained that people in my world are not taught how to recognize signs and messages from other worlds, or dimensions.
      We were in a place kind of like India. I asked her where we were. She said "San," spelled either SAN or SAHN. Then we kissed and parted ways.

      Then I met my cat, Wilton. In that dimension he was intelligent and could talk. He use to live with me, in my world, but had moved to the other dimension and had been living there for a while. I was visiting him.
      He had his own business. He rented a room inside a larger building. There was a sign over the door with a stylized painting of a cat on it, and it said he was something like a private investigator, exterminator. Mostly he caught mice.
      His business was on the first floor. there was no furniture, only a carpet. Wilton lived on the second floor, in a small apartment above the business. There was a narrow staircase to his apartment.
      He had a huge bed, the size of two large beds put together, but no other furniture that I saw. I found a stack of papers, some with doodles on them, by me. there were little cartoon doodles of the girl I saw earlier
      (maybe to help me remember her?)
      I woke up, aware of my body in bed. Without getting up, started writing the word "San," and "Sahn," and one other variant. Then I pinched my nose and breathed and I realized I was still dreaming.
      I stood up from bed in Wilton's apartment. I asked if it was morning there. I felt like the moment I was awake in my world when I was sleeping in the other dimension.
      Wilton and I went into his bathroom. He had a small plastic toilet. I emptied it and washed it in the sink. I saw that he drank water from a small plastic trashcan. I told him he needed a bowl and I would get him one.

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    4. Pretty awesome lucid dream

      by , 02-06-2011 at 09:13 PM
      Dream Lucid Partially lucid

      February 6, '11: Had another successful WILD. It took a long while, and I moved a couple of times. But eventually I imagined that I was moving, and I felt my dream body move.

      I got up. It was dark. I rubbed my hands together and on my body, and looked at my hands until my vision got better. I was in my old bedroom. I opened the window and stuck my head out. I shouted out to the sky "Hey dream!"
      I heard my own voice return from the distance, it said "Hey!"
      I shouted "What force is keeping me from doing what I want?" (thinking mostly of past lucid dreams, but also waking life.) It was a little difficult saying it right.
      There was pause and the voice just said "Hm."

      I almost woke up. I tried again and asked the same question. The voice answered and said "fear cells."
      I asked what that meant. It had something to do with internal fear.
      I asked "How can I overcome it?" but I don't know what the answer was, or if there was one. As I was asking these questions, the window opening kept getting smaller and I was somehow stuck.

      I looked at my hands throughout the dream to stabilize.

      Then I went outside, crossed the pond on some kind of tarp that was over it, and I climbed up onto the bridge (all of this is in front of my parents' house). I was barefoot and I felt the wood of the bridge with my feet. There were some guys walking around wearing what looked like hotel uniforms. The pond was now purple and boiling, with lots of waves and steam coming from it. I asked one of the guys what it meant. Either he responded or I concluded that it represented my "inner turmoil."

      But I said, "It's not always that bad. See, it's calmed down." It had calmed quite a bit, but was still very wavy.
      I asked how I can make it better. The guy said "grouse."
      I said "what's grouse?"
      Turns out it was a meat that a lady was handing out to people. I asked the lady if I could have a piece. She wasn't very outgoing or friendly, but she gave me a stick and a piece of the meat to put on the stick.

      Several people were going down to the water to fry the meat on their sticks. I kissed a girl in passing. I didn't want to get too distracted by sex.

      There I saw Julie. I said hi and told her that she was dreaming. She just said "OK." She was happy and friendly, but didn't seem to care about that. We went down into this little room area with a wooden floor, where the frying stuff was suppose to be. But it was all gone. Someone commented that the floor wasn't even warm.
      I shouted out for heat. I didn't feel any, but the other people said it worked.

      I sat between Julie and another girl, and talked. I noticed that the patterns in the wood floor looked like letters. But they didn't make any sense. Suddenly Julie kissed me and I got very aroused. She said that it was my dream making her do that.
      Gradually I was losing my lucidity. I told her that in waking life I like her but I don't want to have sex with her. And soon after that I woke up.

      This is a significant lucid dream for me because usually dream characters in my lucid dreams are not very responsive. But these were definitely responsive and conscious dream figures. Also because it's the first time I've addressed the dream with a question.

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    5. Ghost scares cats, chosen to write new Bible.

      by , 01-05-2011 at 03:26 AM
      I had my first lucid dream of the year on the first day of the year. It wasn't a great one, but any lucid dream is better than none.

      January 1, 2011: First, I was in a non-lucid dream, waiting in a long line to use a pay phone. Some guy in line picked up a piece of broken glass and tried to stab me with it. I grabbed his arm and we struggled.
      Then I woke up, but I didn't move. I felt vibrations and eventually entered a new dream. But I couldn't see. I sat up and moved around in the dark and tried to open my eyes, but it just made me return to my physical body (wake slightly).
      I entered another conscious dream. I tried to fly, but gravity felt real. I put my hands on a table and sort of pushed with my hands and jumped at the same time. I pinched my nose to see if I was actually dreaming. I could still breath. Then I floated off the ground with no effort.
      The scene changed. I was walking through a house, pushing doors open to walk through them, even though I was pretending to be a ghost. I went into a bedroom where I scared several cats. It sort of scared myself too and I woke up.

      A later non-lucid dream on the same night was very interesting, I thought.
      I was in a church building (I stopped going to church in waking life years ago), people there were arguing about whether or not to write another part to the Bible (a New New Testament?).
      There was a large plug hanging from the wall. Part of it started glowing red, indicating that it was time to write the new holy book. The guy who was going to do it had left. The plug was glowing even more when I picked it up.
      Suddenly I lost control of my arms. I lifted the plug over my head and put it into the back of my head.
      I felt a strong rush of energy go through me and I woke up, thinking it was like going into another plain of existence.

      I thought I should return to the dream to write about it, but I couldn't.

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