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    Three Step Task Attempt

    by , 04-16-2012 at 09:29 PM (663 Views)
    Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid
    April 16, 2012:

    I am walking up stairs to my bedroom. It is my old bedroom in my parents' house. I go into the bathroom with toothpaste and a toothbrush. I have a big glob of toothpaste in my mouth. I spit in the sink, but there is still thick stuff in my mouth. In the mirror I see green stuff in my teeth. I start to pull something long out from my mouth. I look in the mirror and say "I must be dreaming." It sounds muffled from the thing in my mouth.

    The scene fades and I re-enter a new scene, in church. I know I am dreaming. I touch the walls with both hands. I find my girlfriend and another girl. I kiss them both on the lips and on the belly.

    The scene fades again and I am in one of the small back classrooms with the brick walls. There are other people sitting in chairs around the room. We face someone in the center of the room who looks like Abed from Community. I tell myself that the class is part of a conspiracy.
    Abed talks softly and I can't understand him. I say "What? Speak up!" He mumbles something again. My stomach growls and I know I am physically hungry. I hope it doesn't hinder my lucid dream.

    Then I remember my first task to summon an object. I reach into my pocket and say I want a spoon. I feel nothing. I remember that I wanted to summon a fruit. Still, I feel nothing in my pocket.
    I see apples placed around the room and wonder if that counts. I pick up one of the apples to feel it, then take a bite and toss it aside.
    I reach into my pocket again and pull out the same apple, with the bite taken from it. I say "There's that fucking apple! But I'm not sure if this should count..."
    I am referring to Mat87's Competition and whether I should whether I should get the points or not.

    I walk outside, through the back door and start to fly a few feet off the ground. I remember my second task, element manipulation. I put my hands out and make the wind start blowing towards me. Then I change the direction of the wind to blow from behind me really hard.
    The wind pushes me as I float in the air. I aim the wind at the ground so it pushes dirt and pebbles around. I stir up some dust into the air. I try to control the dirt directly, but it is not effective. There is gravel I try to make move, but it doesn't work either.

    The dream fades and I go right back into it again. This time it is a bright sunny day. I remember my third task, advanced flying. I float into the air and notice some dark clouds. I consider controlling water, but continue with the flying.
    I fly pretty fast down the gravel road, seeing the trees go by quickly as I pass them. Then I fly up. It is hard to get up very high at first. But then I watch the ground beneath me get further away and smaller until I can see the tops of trees and entire woods, or forests and lakes. I rub my hands together to stabilize so the dream doesn't end yet.
    I see an earth-like world with continents and oceans, but it is also kind of alien and not shaped like earth. I start to see the round edge of the world. The sun is still bright.
    Space is not dark or starry but white, and is getting brighter. Everything goes white and I wake up.

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