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    1. Battlestar Veronica :voyage: (the most epic dream I've ever had)

      by , 04-29-2013 at 12:15 PM
      ok before I start off with this DJ, I'm going to tell you that I'm taking an anti-depressant called Remeron, but apparently it's more of an anti-histamine than an anti depressant but one thing I realized while on it (and I'm not the only one) is that my dreams seem much more vivid and they are not like regular dreams where it's full of incoherent images, no these dreams are like full on movies at times. anyways

      in this dream I'm partly watching a movie and I'm partly taking part in what's happening. ok basically while the dream is going on, my dream self is believed to be watching battle star galactica (no episode of BSG was this intense I must say) apparently in this dream, the backround story was that 33 years ago aliens from a far away galaxy invading earth for some reason, humans won the fight and now are on a voyage to collect information on the aliens to help prevent and get prepared for any future conflicts with the aliens. Now the humans are using the aliens technology who were far more advanced than the humans at the time of the first war and are now fighting smaller units of aliens along the way collecting as much information they can find about the origin of the aliens and the technology they possess. the battle has now taken place far away from earth. ok to be honest I'm not exactly sure how relatable it is with the details I'm about to explain but I remember making that detail in my head during the dream well anyways

      A fleet of galactic ships have surrounded this (I forgot the name that was used in the dream so I'm just going to call it) artificial power cell star that is absorbing energy from a near by wormhole that we are apparently going to go through. We landed on the base of the star and one of the character explained that whatever energy the star held was energy that could not be contained artificially, so they had to use natural means of containing it then he exclaimed the power cell they contained charged right away as soon as it got there. The collection of ships we were on looked like giant versions of the ship in the video game called descent, only their were 4 giant rings at the top end of the ship which I suppose were jump engines. many of the characters in this dream reminded me of the characters from A secret life of an American teenager but I'm not exactly sure.

      anyways A black hole had appeared on the out skirts of where the fleet were, and one of the guys were telling us to move to the extraction point. People soldiers and civilians alike were panicking and trying to get off the ship. the female who I think were the Christian mother and daughter from a secret life of an American teenager were trying to get to where the rest of the guys were but they were blocked from all the civilians trying to get onto this one pod. They had some object I think they needed in order to jump or go through the wormhole, (not exactly sure what was going on since I only remember a portion of it). at first the woman tried telling them what they needed to do to get out but they wouldn't listen and just kept panicking trying to get on this one pod. the woman said alright and then pointed a gun at the civilians so she could get through, I'm not exactly sure if this happened or not because my recollection of this dream is a bit foggy, but I think she shot the gun at the ceiling in order to scare away the people covering the passage way. anyways time was cutting close and one of the ships found itself lost in the black hole and then our ship was next. after the woman cleared the path to the pod which the civilians were covering and trying to get in, her and another girl got in and transported to another part of the ship. when they got their more civilians were trying to get on the exit pod but the soldiers already on only allowed the woman and the girl on for some reason I forgot. after that they transported off the ship before it drifted in the black hole.

      Now the woman and the girl reunite with the other characters and they are about to take their ship through a wormhole. at this part I think this is where they enter the artificial power cell star where the one guy mentions how whatever energy the star was holding was unable to be contained through artificial means or whatever technology they had at the time, I don't know but anyways the action pretty much ends around here, I don't remember everything but after that I remember rewinding the part where the 2 woman were cutting g things close trying to get of the spaceship before drifting in the black whole. I remember thinking this is the most epic episode of battlestar galactica ever and I just reminded this part over and over. anything that happening after my constant rewinding is lost tho.
    2. I'm a serial killer who wants to murder the pornstar pinkyxxx

      by , 03-01-2013 at 10:36 AM
      The dream starts off in third person where I see pinkyxxx the pornstar jump off a very tall ledge high above ground. there were people around her and apparently they were doing some dare or something and people around pinky are laughing saying omg when pinky jumps off the ledge. my point of view which ill just say is the camera follows pinky all the way down to where she lands. it's a loing fall and several bodies of water I thought she was going to land in just bypass all of them for this little pool of water. when she lands she lands directly beside the pool of water and plops right on the sand. I start laughing making fun of her, then the camera pans to my point of view and I kinch her in the neck. Her friends come down and they talk about how crazy it was and one of them mentions me kicking her in the head. they don't sound to worried about it but one of them tells pinky as she gets up seemingly unharmed by the fall. pinky makes some kind of gesture to me and then some short black pudgy guy comes at me like he's going to fight. the dream fads and changes. Now I'm in some house and I have something in my mouth which effects my speech. I look in the mirror and I prepare to tell pinkyxxx that I'm a serial killer and that I going to murder every pornstar and stripper in the world. I practice this for a bit and when I say it, I like the way it sounds with the stuff thats in my mouth. makes me sound kinda scary and I prepare to hunt pinkyxx and all the other pornstars for a nationwide murder spree of erotic blood.
    3. in school planning on ditching in favore of a music career, but I have to wait until lunch because I

      by , 02-27-2013 at 09:37 AM
      in this dream I find myself in school again which looks sort of like my elementary school and I don't remember much but I have to do some school work. I try doing it but I struggle with it a bit, I get pissed and just put it off because I'm planning on ditching school to start a music career. But I'm hungry and I want the cafeterias hot pockets so I am forced to wait untill lunch period starts. the unfortunate thing is that I'm a senior and seniors get lunch last so I am forced to sit through the torture of lectures and pretending to do homework all the way until the last lunch period which pisses me off since I just want to get my food so I can drop out of school and start a music career. I have a false awakening and my mom comes in asking what I dreamed about And I told her that I had another dream about school where I revisit the time I decided to drop out of school.

      (Note: this is like the seventh or eight dream where I'm in school and I'm on the verge of ditching class and dropping out to persue a music career LOL, the funny thing about it is that everytime I plan on ditching school, somethings always stopping me from doing it right away. I've never once had a dream where I actually do drop out and walk out of the school, no theres always something keeping me there a while longer)
    4. My neighbourhood was inside a giant version of my house/ tried to kill a woman

      by , 02-27-2013 at 09:16 AM
      This started off as a dild. I'm climbing my tree in the front of my yard. I don't think it looked like my yard at first but later as I descovered it was a dream, I think the scenery shifted to my front yard but anyways I'm going from branch to branch. I started swinging on one then as it almost broke I swang to a different one. Then suddenly it dond on me that these branches were not this low and that I couldsn't climb my real tree. also what sparked my descovery was that I kinda cloated a few times, I remember floating a bit around the side of my house. I think the floating dond on me first before the tree branches.

      Anyways I perform a reality check and it's positive, so I spread my arms and fly down my hill. I see two white shih tzus down on the porch of my neighbors house down the road. I assume they are snickers and snuggles who are my next door neighbors dogs. I fly towards them then I look aweay and back again and suddenly they turen and look like small white wolves. I ignor them and then contenue to fly down my road and at this point I'm flying almost as fast as superman. I fly satraight down the road just little above the ground and then I soar higher above the houses. The scenery changes from a familiar neighborhood to a completely different looking city. then suddenly as I'm flying high above the houses, the scenery starts bluring out, I rub my hands and then the scenery brightens up again but suddenly I find myself in an enviroment that looks like my house. I'm in a giant version of my house with all the houses on the ground looking like a toy size version of themselves. it doesn't strike me as strange, just slightly odd. I shrugg it off and fly down now I'm in a city full of sky scrappers.

      A bunch of people appear walking around. I look for women to kiss, I find several but everytime I tried kissing them it didn't feel right. Most of the time it was like I couldn't feel their lips, just an entity close to my face. other times it was like kissing a wet wall of cloth. Only one time did it feel semi like I was kissing a real womans lips. I tried kissing another woman and she got angry and started screaming, I grabbed her arm, I don't remember exactly what happen after that, but later I grab a womans neck and fly high in the sky and threw her to the ground. I imaged blood squirting out but nothinbg happend, it was like a doll hit the ground. I went down to her and picked up her neck again, I said something, I think I said "I knew that wasn't going to hurt you, now get up" something to that effect. I don't remember what I did with her after that but next thing I remember is I'm flying high above ground and other parts of the city start appearing out of the woodwork. all these bueatiful city lights start flashing in a bright yellow color. sadly I could feel the dream ending here and as I expected, it does and then I wake up.
      memorable , lucid
    5. Very strange things in this lucid dream

      by , 02-25-2013 at 01:44 PM
      Well I started out spinning around in some strange area, I don't remember exactly where but this triggered my lucidity as I started questioning whether this was a dream. I performed a reality check a few times and it came up positive so I took a few steps to this support beam and I think I was in some arena type area, I don't remember exactly but after walking to this support beam, this animated drawing of a cartoon woman with blonde hair and a blue blouse appeared on the wall. I took a few minutes to look at it and it's mouth moved like it was alive. then after that I touched it and the whole frame of the picture started moving forward. the drawing stayed on the wall, but the wall which covered the whole of the drawing came out in a rectangular shape. I looked away and then it changes and some butten looking thing appeared, I'm not sure how to explained but I remember it turning from light blue to red after looking away each time.

      after that I saw some people and I was looking for some women to kiss and I went to one women who happend to be an old lady with terriblely animated lips which looked like something a cartoon character would have then after looking at the people she was standing with, I saw one old man who was also badly animated, but it was his wierd shaped eyes. First of all his eyes were super small, very beady looking which poked out like bug eyes and they were completely black, like he was wearing black contacts or something. I think I tried to do something but I don't remember but I remember staring at him wondering why people looked so weird in my dreams then the dream suddenly turned into a short nightmare when he suddenly roared at me like he was pissed by my presence. Ity was a scary raor almost unreal and his face looked very monsterish but it happend in a flash cause I woke up shortly after.

      when I wokme up I went to record what I remembered in my dream journal. I went to the computer and looked for this site, then for some reason was looking through a notebook and I don't remember if anything happend after that but later on I woke up for real and was surprised that it turned out to be a false awakening.
    6. some random girl took notice of my

      by , 02-13-2013 at 01:07 AM
      I think I was walking away from church and this girl took notice of me. I don't really remember much of how it beganed or even a mental image of being at church and then leaving with her but the part I do specificaly remember was when she asked me which way I walked home, she told me she was going left up the hill and I said I go right and then turn left up the hill a little down the road (I point out the direction I would be going).

      After that I don't remember what happend inbetween but I end up at my houses front porch and the girl asked if she could come in and I say ok and so now shes in my house. Next thing I remember two girls are sitting on the right side of me, one of them is the girl I just met and another I think was a light skin woman. two guys and my cousin come in and then go upstairs. one of the guys was someone I met at another cousins friends house.
    7. family vacation to some strange place/Lots of different fragments

      by , 02-09-2013 at 08:49 PM
      [fragment 1]I only remember fragments, don't remember much in cronological order. Anyways I remember telling my mom that I forgot to take my meds. Someone farted, some girl in front of me didn't know who it was and then I pointed out it was some fat kid sitting on the bed. the fat kid just smiled and another girl said she didn't think it was him because he didn't react right or something.

      [fragment 2]Next thing I remember I am in some room doing whatever it is I do, I remember my cousin joking with some other boy about something, I couldn't really make out exactly what it was they said

      [fragment 3] a little later, after toying around in some room by myself, I see a strange order of blankets in the corner. the blanket looked like something was under it, I pulled it over and saw my cousin hiding under it trying to spy on me.

      This made me think this was what he was joking about with the other boy. This made me feel slightly embaressed because previously I would play with penciles by my self, clean my nose and some other crap. But surprisingly I easily handled it and didn't even seem as if I cared. He said something but I don't remember and then I replied, What? you mean the fact I play with penciles".

      [Fragment 4]Next thing I remember I am in some place, It was either some other persons room or living room, but I am under the impression that we had traveled to this place and was staying there for a few days for some family vacation or something. I looked around and was dissapointed that there wasn't any games for me to play. I was thinking back to some past memory which I believe was another dream about being in a similar room and there being a nintendo with mario kart and some other games.

      [fragment 5] I remember coming out of some area naked infront of a group of people and one of the guys said, dude your naked, and I replied, SHE'S naked pointing at some brown skinned gir sitting on the floor. Before this I remember nakedness being quite common and normal before this part but I don't remember much, I just remember the one girl sitting on the floor walking around naked for awhile. I only have a feeling of us changing a lot infront of eachother.

      [fragment 6] we're on some strange planet with a smaller version of the planet sitting right on top of it. You could a bunch of crackes underneath it on the parent planet as if the smaller moon sized planet crashed into it. the parent planet almost looked like those bouncy balls you would find in the store that kinda looked like a planet, not earth but a planet. I was flying around a bit looking at the place, I got low to the ground and put my hands up against the light orangish surface. after that I find myself on the smaller moonsized planet where some treehouse type cabin was on it I think and I with the rest of the family. I look oput the window and a tornado is forming, I told everyone and we all got scared and then the wind got louder and more ferocious. Dont remember much after that, I think the dream scenery changed here.

      [fragment 7] where outside some mall area I think and for some reason we are changing infront of everyone and even walking around naked like nothing, I don't remember much though.

      [fragment 8] we both are using a kart and where on the road for some reason, I pointed out that the druck which has two fuel tanks is driving sideways on both lanes of the road and I asked one of the girls who I think was my cousin something about it which I dont remember exactly. The truck was driving on the main right lane but the part it was pulling was sideways covering the entire lengh of the street. the bars were red and the two fuel tanks were grey but cargo bars were high enough for someone to drive under. after that I'm trying to line up the karts directly underneath the passage area between the 4 wheels but we screwed up and got caught between the truck and this cargo infront of us carrying metal bars. we crashed inbetween it and was riding on the edge of the bridge which had no side beams to stop a car from driving off of it. the whole ride became frantic and chaotic as we try not to fall off the edge and metal bars are falling on us. after that I remember someone telling me that the experience really effected my cousin.
    8. Had a job

      by , 02-09-2013 at 08:06 PM
      I was at some place like sams club and I was enployed. After standing around a bit, the manager came to me and asked if I could move the kart in one of the rows. I did that but I also twisted the belt thing for some reason, I guess I thought there should have been more to do than just putting it in it's place but there wasn't. After that I stood next to some guy who reminded me of someone from my last dream, then the manager said, something about working and then taking a break, but I'm not sure.
      dream fragment
    9. had another dream about nicki minaj performing infront of a bunch of white people

      by , 01-26-2013 at 04:43 PM
      I don't know why I keep having this dream but I had another dream where nicki minaj perfromed infront of a bun ch of white people. I didn't get to see there faces on this one like I did the first one. this was just a fragment tho, nothing else from what I can remember happend. I had a few dreams last night that I can remember, this is just one of the images I remember.
    10. School shooting

      by , 01-26-2013 at 04:26 PM
      it was awhile sense I had this dream so I might have forgotten a lot of details but in this dream there was a supposed shooting at my community college. One thing I want to note is the fact that my college in my dream looked nothing like the real community college I attended but anyways I was sitting somewhere, I'm not exactly shore but all of a sudden we heard rapid gun fire. I was the first to get allerted but then everyone else seemed to get the idea and started to move out of the building. I went through a couple halls then came out side. I remember thinking wow this is actually happing where I'm at. I'm suddenly outside and I see a guy who was wearing what looked to be a tan, pink and orange colored camo outfit telling people to move. Later some guy goes to this corner and says he found where the gunfire was coming from. Apparently it was just making noise and no real gun shooting occured. I go over there and I see some black object but I can't make out what it is. I'm not sure if I even remember it correctly but a little later, I'm not exactly sure what happend next but I remember becoming lucid at this point. I'm talking to a few dream characters and then suddenly I say, "wait, a minute this is a dream right". the dream characters just look at me but they also seemed to have loss their facial detail a bit. I'm standing next to some ledge where the grass is and then I fly out in the open. I looked at something, I'm not sure what it is but then I see some clock for mation on my hands. little words circles around along the outside lines and I kapt looking away and back to see them change. I fly for a bit and then nia, a girl from my old church appeared out of nowhere, I don't remember exactly where she came in at but I remember her appearing in the dream and I try to kiss her before the dream ended but I couldn't do it for some reason. apparently dream lag was the culprit like it is all the other times I tried to kiss a dream character.
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. I dreamt about working and home depo

      by , 01-20-2013 at 05:39 AM
      this is just a fragment but I had a new job working at home depo and I remember thinking that it wasn't too bad. woke up pretty dispointed knowing how unmotivated I am about finding a job.
    12. School Field Trip

      by , 01-20-2013 at 05:36 AM
      I'm back in school again and we are going on a field trip to see some movie. I'm not sure if it was peterpan or rtobinhood but in was some movie where the guy wheres green. anyways while in it I remember talking with one of the students names anthony who was one of my peers back in highschool. I dont quite remember what was said but it was something in a mocking fashion. I think he was making fun of this box I had. I not sure what I needed the big crate for but apparently it had stuff I needed. As we were going into the show, I tried carrying the crate inside and to my surprise it wasn't that heavy. I had to slant a little to get through the first two doors then once inside I saw my dad and so I asked him if he could take me home because I saw the movie we were going to see already. He said yeah and then said something that made me think he came to get me anyways. I don't remember what hjappend to the box I was carrying but after that I had went outside but my shoes were gone.this was during winter and the ground was wet but I had ran outside trying to step on all the dry areas of the ground. All the dry spots were gone and only wet ground was there for me to step on. I took about 4 steps on the wet part of the ground and then I noticed a huge dry spot to the right so I jumped for it but an apparent dream friend (A girl from when I was in elementary school, forgot her name) intentionaly got in the way so in mid jump, I had to push back and hover above ground to avoid the dry spots. I made 3 loopsabove ground and then I found a dry spot which was across the street horizontal to the one on the right. it was to the south west of the dry spot on the right of the pathway I walked out on. The thing about the hovering was that it was like I was using the wind to help glide above ground. It's kinda hard to explain exactly what it was but it was like I was flowing on a current of water only here I was in the air. After landing on the dry spot I jokingly yeiled something to the dream friend (girl from my elemetary school days) and shen then ran and I chased her. While doing this I was hoping dad saw that apparently I had friends and did not experience much social anxiety while with them. I wanted dad to see that with the way I interacted with the dream friend. dream ends and I wake up wondering why I'm still having dreams about highschool.
    13. Mac Miller uses a Double to escape paparazzi [Fragment]

      by , 11-15-2012 at 11:31 PM
      First dream Entry,

      this is a Fragment because it was awhile when I had this dream. It's not old or anything, just a few days old but I haven't written dreams down in months but I'm starting again and I want to get this one recorded because I found it kinda humorous. When it comes to recording dreams, I'm just going to type em because I can't stand writting em out in a notebook. Ok so here is my first dream entry for this site.

      Dream - Mac miller uses a double to escape paparazzi

      I'm in what looks like the yard of a mansion, the place kinda looks like the back area in CoD black ops where the gate and steps are but smaller. I find myself having a conversation with mac miller about random crap I can't remember. Mac miller is wearing a suit which looked like the suit he wears in the videos "Knock Knock" and "Smile back" only grey. then the subject of a body double comes up and I mention something about mac miller's body double. What I found kinda humorous about the double is that while he wore the same outfit mac miller was wearing but he was chubby and looked like a poor doppleganger of mac miller. He also had this stupid look on his face like he was on a mission which sorta reminded me of how sometimes in cartoons, this random guy tries to pose as someones double and they have this real serious look on their face and they have the stereotypical doppleganger look to them which no one in real life would mistake for the real person. thats kinda the vibe I got from mac miller's body double while in the dream. Also while in the dream, I also got a feeling like mac miller was trying to keep a low profile among all the people and letting the double do everything, only thing about this is that the dream is very fuzzy and I'm not sure what I said or felt in the dream but I kinda remember getting that feeling. I'm not even sure if my dreamself misunderstood the situation since mac miller seemed to be totaly casual with the conversation and he was dressed regular not trying to hide anything but for some reason I remember thinking that in the dream. This shows I really need to start writting my dreams down again.
      non-lucid , dream fragment