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    1. Battlestar Veronica :voyage: (the most epic dream I've ever had)

      by , 04-29-2013 at 12:15 PM
      ok before I start off with this DJ, I'm going to tell you that I'm taking an anti-depressant called Remeron, but apparently it's more of an anti-histamine than an anti depressant but one thing I realized while on it (and I'm not the only one) is that my dreams seem much more vivid and they are not like regular dreams where it's full of incoherent images, no these dreams are like full on movies at times. anyways

      in this dream I'm partly watching a movie and I'm partly taking part in what's happening. ok basically while the dream is going on, my dream self is believed to be watching battle star galactica (no episode of BSG was this intense I must say) apparently in this dream, the backround story was that 33 years ago aliens from a far away galaxy invading earth for some reason, humans won the fight and now are on a voyage to collect information on the aliens to help prevent and get prepared for any future conflicts with the aliens. Now the humans are using the aliens technology who were far more advanced than the humans at the time of the first war and are now fighting smaller units of aliens along the way collecting as much information they can find about the origin of the aliens and the technology they possess. the battle has now taken place far away from earth. ok to be honest I'm not exactly sure how relatable it is with the details I'm about to explain but I remember making that detail in my head during the dream well anyways

      A fleet of galactic ships have surrounded this (I forgot the name that was used in the dream so I'm just going to call it) artificial power cell star that is absorbing energy from a near by wormhole that we are apparently going to go through. We landed on the base of the star and one of the character explained that whatever energy the star held was energy that could not be contained artificially, so they had to use natural means of containing it then he exclaimed the power cell they contained charged right away as soon as it got there. The collection of ships we were on looked like giant versions of the ship in the video game called descent, only their were 4 giant rings at the top end of the ship which I suppose were jump engines. many of the characters in this dream reminded me of the characters from A secret life of an American teenager but I'm not exactly sure.

      anyways A black hole had appeared on the out skirts of where the fleet were, and one of the guys were telling us to move to the extraction point. People soldiers and civilians alike were panicking and trying to get off the ship. the female who I think were the Christian mother and daughter from a secret life of an American teenager were trying to get to where the rest of the guys were but they were blocked from all the civilians trying to get onto this one pod. They had some object I think they needed in order to jump or go through the wormhole, (not exactly sure what was going on since I only remember a portion of it). at first the woman tried telling them what they needed to do to get out but they wouldn't listen and just kept panicking trying to get on this one pod. the woman said alright and then pointed a gun at the civilians so she could get through, I'm not exactly sure if this happened or not because my recollection of this dream is a bit foggy, but I think she shot the gun at the ceiling in order to scare away the people covering the passage way. anyways time was cutting close and one of the ships found itself lost in the black hole and then our ship was next. after the woman cleared the path to the pod which the civilians were covering and trying to get in, her and another girl got in and transported to another part of the ship. when they got their more civilians were trying to get on the exit pod but the soldiers already on only allowed the woman and the girl on for some reason I forgot. after that they transported off the ship before it drifted in the black hole.

      Now the woman and the girl reunite with the other characters and they are about to take their ship through a wormhole. at this part I think this is where they enter the artificial power cell star where the one guy mentions how whatever energy the star was holding was unable to be contained through artificial means or whatever technology they had at the time, I don't know but anyways the action pretty much ends around here, I don't remember everything but after that I remember rewinding the part where the 2 woman were cutting g things close trying to get of the spaceship before drifting in the black whole. I remember thinking this is the most epic episode of battlestar galactica ever and I just reminded this part over and over. anything that happening after my constant rewinding is lost tho.