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    family vacation to some strange place/Lots of different fragments

    by , 02-09-2013 at 08:49 PM (267 Views)
    [fragment 1]I only remember fragments, don't remember much in cronological order. Anyways I remember telling my mom that I forgot to take my meds. Someone farted, some girl in front of me didn't know who it was and then I pointed out it was some fat kid sitting on the bed. the fat kid just smiled and another girl said she didn't think it was him because he didn't react right or something.

    [fragment 2]Next thing I remember I am in some room doing whatever it is I do, I remember my cousin joking with some other boy about something, I couldn't really make out exactly what it was they said

    [fragment 3] a little later, after toying around in some room by myself, I see a strange order of blankets in the corner. the blanket looked like something was under it, I pulled it over and saw my cousin hiding under it trying to spy on me.

    This made me think this was what he was joking about with the other boy. This made me feel slightly embaressed because previously I would play with penciles by my self, clean my nose and some other crap. But surprisingly I easily handled it and didn't even seem as if I cared. He said something but I don't remember and then I replied, What? you mean the fact I play with penciles".

    [Fragment 4]Next thing I remember I am in some place, It was either some other persons room or living room, but I am under the impression that we had traveled to this place and was staying there for a few days for some family vacation or something. I looked around and was dissapointed that there wasn't any games for me to play. I was thinking back to some past memory which I believe was another dream about being in a similar room and there being a nintendo with mario kart and some other games.

    [fragment 5] I remember coming out of some area naked infront of a group of people and one of the guys said, dude your naked, and I replied, SHE'S naked pointing at some brown skinned gir sitting on the floor. Before this I remember nakedness being quite common and normal before this part but I don't remember much, I just remember the one girl sitting on the floor walking around naked for awhile. I only have a feeling of us changing a lot infront of eachother.

    [fragment 6] we're on some strange planet with a smaller version of the planet sitting right on top of it. You could a bunch of crackes underneath it on the parent planet as if the smaller moon sized planet crashed into it. the parent planet almost looked like those bouncy balls you would find in the store that kinda looked like a planet, not earth but a planet. I was flying around a bit looking at the place, I got low to the ground and put my hands up against the light orangish surface. after that I find myself on the smaller moonsized planet where some treehouse type cabin was on it I think and I with the rest of the family. I look oput the window and a tornado is forming, I told everyone and we all got scared and then the wind got louder and more ferocious. Dont remember much after that, I think the dream scenery changed here.

    [fragment 7] where outside some mall area I think and for some reason we are changing infront of everyone and even walking around naked like nothing, I don't remember much though.

    [fragment 8] we both are using a kart and where on the road for some reason, I pointed out that the druck which has two fuel tanks is driving sideways on both lanes of the road and I asked one of the girls who I think was my cousin something about it which I dont remember exactly. The truck was driving on the main right lane but the part it was pulling was sideways covering the entire lengh of the street. the bars were red and the two fuel tanks were grey but cargo bars were high enough for someone to drive under. after that I'm trying to line up the karts directly underneath the passage area between the 4 wheels but we screwed up and got caught between the truck and this cargo infront of us carrying metal bars. we crashed inbetween it and was riding on the edge of the bridge which had no side beams to stop a car from driving off of it. the whole ride became frantic and chaotic as we try not to fall off the edge and metal bars are falling on us. after that I remember someone telling me that the experience really effected my cousin.

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