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    Mac Miller uses a Double to escape paparazzi [Fragment]

    by , 11-15-2012 at 11:31 PM (487 Views)
    First dream Entry,

    this is a Fragment because it was awhile when I had this dream. It's not old or anything, just a few days old but I haven't written dreams down in months but I'm starting again and I want to get this one recorded because I found it kinda humorous. When it comes to recording dreams, I'm just going to type em because I can't stand writting em out in a notebook. Ok so here is my first dream entry for this site.

    Dream - Mac miller uses a double to escape paparazzi

    I'm in what looks like the yard of a mansion, the place kinda looks like the back area in CoD black ops where the gate and steps are but smaller. I find myself having a conversation with mac miller about random crap I can't remember. Mac miller is wearing a suit which looked like the suit he wears in the videos "Knock Knock" and "Smile back" only grey. then the subject of a body double comes up and I mention something about mac miller's body double. What I found kinda humorous about the double is that while he wore the same outfit mac miller was wearing but he was chubby and looked like a poor doppleganger of mac miller. He also had this stupid look on his face like he was on a mission which sorta reminded me of how sometimes in cartoons, this random guy tries to pose as someones double and they have this real serious look on their face and they have the stereotypical doppleganger look to them which no one in real life would mistake for the real person. thats kinda the vibe I got from mac miller's body double while in the dream. Also while in the dream, I also got a feeling like mac miller was trying to keep a low profile among all the people and letting the double do everything, only thing about this is that the dream is very fuzzy and I'm not sure what I said or felt in the dream but I kinda remember getting that feeling. I'm not even sure if my dreamself misunderstood the situation since mac miller seemed to be totaly casual with the conversation and he was dressed regular not trying to hide anything but for some reason I remember thinking that in the dream. This shows I really need to start writting my dreams down again.

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      is there anyway to edit this? should I have posted this as a draft first?