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    68th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Cay's Dreams

    , 02-12-2012 at 08:42 PM (303 Views)
    Cay's Dreams
    Dream 1
    I was in a health club or spa or something. There were naked people everywhere...

    Dream 2
    A man broke into my house and knocked my dad out. He proceeded to force me to bring all of the analog clocks in the house to him. At some point my ceiling and walls started to look like the barnacled hull of an old ship.

    Dream 3
    A family seemed to have taken up residence inside Eldin Volcano ( from the Legend of Zelda series) and I was trying to convince them that wasn't the best idea. They'd uncovered a number of "Goddess bombs" made from the same purple material found throughout Skyward Sword. For some reason I resolved to steal them and use them to demolish their house.

    Dream 4
    I was in a huge cathedral of dark stone. There had been a war of some sort and mine and several other families had taken up residence there. Problem was that the original residents of the building didn't care for company. A clan of colossal vultures lived in the rafters and belltower. My sister had angered them by somehow killing one of their human-sized chicks when food was scarce. "You've killed us all!" the priest had cried. We took up arms and built a shield out of pews...Meh, when the dust cleared I was one of three left.

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