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    76th Shared Dream Attempt whiterain

    by , 03-12-2012 at 03:12 PM (854 Views)
    whiterains dream

    pretty epic one last night where i was getting together with this girl who used to live on my road until we were about 18. it was pretty serious for a dream though, i remember her parents concerns and eventual blessings. funny thing is she once told me i was going to marry her younger sister, but i always liked her more.

    later on i was in an underground swimming pool where there used to be an open air pool down the road. this puzzled me but didn't get properly lucid. i saw an old school friend and asked her how married life was. she kind of shrugged a bit and asked me why i hadn't spoke to her when i saw her irl. i gave her some lame excuse then apologized. dont recall much else apart from winning some weird version of the fa cup with my old football mates

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    1. Dreamer4127's Avatar
      I was wondering how do you do a shared dream? Is it hard?