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    78th shared dream attempt - whiterain

    by , 03-31-2012 at 03:24 PM (579 Views)
    whiterains dream

    a few memorable moments. was walking through a 'local' town except the street was lined with all these amazing thatched mansion style places. reminded me of american houses nothing like our local tiny boxes. got into the town and had a chat with andy carroll, building his confidence up for the newcastle game 2mo. then i tried to go back down the road with the massive houses, but despite feeling like i had gone the right way, i couldnt find them. this got me lucid and i said to some lad in front of me that it can be so hard sometimes to find the same places again in a dream.

    i was in a pretty dull white corridor and tried to get down the end of it to look for this place. there was a woman at the end of it though and i got chatting and pretty much gave up my task. she seemed kind of afraid though so i left her to it. the whole thing reminded me of a dream i had years ago. that is two dreams this week that have reminded me that sometimes it can be so much eadier to remember past dreams while in a dream. there are 2 ancient ones that i dont think i would have remembered had another dream not sparked the memory.

    was another bit i cant quite remember where someone was trying to stick my dream map to the wall by my bed, except they had stuck it landscape ways. this turned out to work though as i could look at it while lying down

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