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    International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal

    78th Shared Dream Attempt - Windhover

    by , 03-31-2012 at 03:31 PM (623 Views)
    dream 1 - In L.A. of California, I was at some kind of store with Yellowcard band members. We had to buy foods before the store closes. I tried to buy a donut or muffin but the staffs were already cleaning the foods out. I got frustrated and just headed to a book store - bought 2 mangas. There was still a popcorn store so my friend and I tried to buy it, but the black man who looked like a manager of the store kept telling me that I can't buy popcorn because of my status. I said 'why why?' and the man came out of the counter, holding a square board that said reasonable sentence that I cannot buy...(don't remember what it said) I got really frustrated. The Yellowcard members started to get out of the store, and I followed them running like a rocket, heading back to the studio. It was sunny outside. We entered a white building. A private staff opened the door. We went in and I tried to explain the members what happened in the store.
    "Guys! Everyone should listen to me!"
    but Ryan Key, who was the main vocal of the band, gathered the members to do some kind of team activity along the sofa. He started to gave us notebooks(?).
    "Hey Ryan, I think everybody has to listen to me right now."
    "Get the notebook," Ryan said handing a orange notebook to me. "If you don't then I'll tear it apart in half."
    "Ryan!" I said. I grabbed the notebook but strangely Ryan wouldn't let go of it.
    "Ryan!!" I said again.
    "I'm getting pissed off right now." He said. Then he let go of the notebook.
    Ryan started to do the activity ignoring me. Suddenly my tears ran down my cheeks because I was really fan of Yellowcard, and Ryan brought me down. After I woke up I cried. maybe it should have been affected by my stomachache...

    dream 2 - I was at some kind of desert? Rocky Mountains? The ground was bright orange color and there were tall rocks everywhere. My family was there. I was watching Shin Chan. This dream is kinda foggy, but I remember encountering very muscular man and woman wearing military suits and holding weapons. I didn't feel threatened. I think I ran into some kind of airport.

    dream 3 - I was reading my own comic and I saw my drawing of landscape of destructed world, and my characters facing the sun. it was very beautiful. On the left there were huge mountains with snow covered and in the middle there were some destroyed buildings. Then I meditated this scene to do dream incubation. I was running on the buildings and did RC, became lucid! Everything was vivid. Then I remembered finding Lmrhone, so I chanted his name but nothing changed... soon I woke up.

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