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    Attempt to Nightspy and Desert Claw

    by , 04-11-2012 at 03:16 PM (1386 Views)
    dream 1 - my mom brought our new sister (not in IRL). She was half blooded from Caucasian, wtf?! her hair was blond and her eyes were green. She had similar features from my mom. I tried to hug her. She went to my school building, and she spoke in broken English. I told my mom not to teach her wrong English (I was kinda frustrated)...

    dream 2 - I was at the school...the atmosphere was gloomy. There were my friends from hometown and some from american high school. suddenly bunch of my friends and I were at some kind of castle-like balcony or the top of a tower. My brother said 'look!' pointing to the background. There was beautiful sunny golden cloud covering the Washington bridge of Manhattan. Everything was shiny. There were people on the bridge waving their hands to the sky. We started to shout and waved hands, but suddenly the tower started to tremble - the balcony shifted and it felt like it was gonna crash down to the ground. I thought 'uh-oh' and the balcony started to fall!!! my brother said 'this is not happening!!' and this was really vivid. I felt adrenaline going inside my stomach when it was falling. the feeling of balcony falling per se was sooooo vivid. and then it crashed down - it was so painful. Blacked out. Then I woke up again on the balcony. I thanked god that I was still alive. Some of my friends were awake too. We tried to lift the rocks that crashed on to us by counting 3. We did.

    The scene changed and I walking to school again with my 2 friends. I had some business at my house with my family so I thought I was gonna take only first period in the school. I handed the note to the staff at the main entrance, and I waited for my mom. There she came and we went to home.
    The next day, I only took the first period and went home.
    And the next day, again, I took first period and I was waiting for my mom at the entrance to pick me up. Suddenly my old friend in New Jersey came to pick me up. It was very strange that she had 13 toes.....wtf?

    I don't know when I dreamed this but I was in the hall way and asked a boy out lol. I said "hey you wanna go out with me?" and he hesitated. "umm...I don't know. I don't think I want to." and I was like ugh...I asked him too early and he's gonna talk about me to his friends, I felt embarrassed :/

    Scene jump. I was doing computer and there was no Park voted on the top 5 list for pre-presidential election.

    Dream 3- I was in the living room watching DVD cases I burrowed from library. The cover contained sexuality and I was like wtf -.-

    Shared Dream attempt
    Dream 4 - I did WILD and went out to the veranda. The sky was dark. I could feel the grass under my bare feet. I flew a little. I shouted "clarity!" and the dream scene got more vivid. The sky turned into blue. I shouted "to Desert Claw!" and the dream scene slowly changed, felt a little weird. I was in a room with bunch of middle school kids. There was one kid I remember - his hair was black and long. I wanted to find Desert Claw but it seemed he wasn't there. anyway, I said
    "Hey guys!!! you guys are dreaming! Do RC!!"
    and the kids jumped on their feet, getting excited.
    "Hey are you from Dreamviews? Are you a Dreamviews member?" I said, and this one kid said yes.
    There was a laptop in the corner of the room, and the kid tried to go to Dreamviews. But he typed 'dreapview' in the address bar.
    "No, it's Dreamviews." I said.
    "What? dreambiews?"
    "Jeez, I said D-R-E-A-M-V-I-E-W-S." I tried to type it up myself but I gave up.
    "You guys don't even know about dreamviews....you guys are just DCs!"
    and I shouted "to Nightspy!" then the scene changed.
    I was in the hall way of a house. The floor was covered with soft greyish white carpet. There were 2 room doors closely together down the stairs. I went down and opened the right one. The walls were white. There was a bed on the right side and someone was sleeping. I immediately recognized him as Nightspy. I shook him to wake him up.
    "Hey!! wake up you're dreaming!!! let's have shared dream! "
    But he just moaned as if it was really troublesome. He wouldn't wake up. I saw his blue t-shirt. Couldnt see his face though...
    "You wanna sleep 'in dream'? Oh come on....." I said, looking in the mirror. I was wearing a white cap and a red sweater-jacket.
    I found a sketchbook on a cabinet near the bed. The drawings were mine.

    Woke up.
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    1. Windhover@'s Avatar
      EDIT: at the end of dream 4 I also tried to go to Lmrhone's dream but it didn't work...
    2. Lmrhone's Avatar
      I always have to wake up earlier than usual when you attempt with me, lol I know it won't happen this morning, I'm gonna be able to wake up whenever I want, and now i'm a LOT better at re-entering dreams