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    1. 76th Shared Dreaming Attempt - juroara's dream

      by , 03-12-2012 at 06:11 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      juroara's dream

      Note: I set my intention before falling asleep that I would be lucid and dream share

      False Awakening Nightmare
      I'm just trying to sleep, but I can't. My room is haunted. It feels like there's someone there, standing at the end of my bed. I try to sleep but the entity tugs at my sheets and startles me. I look but I don't see anyone. Again I go back to sleep, but now they grab my feet. I sit up, there's no one there.

      It feels like this goes on for hours. I finally I get frustrated at the entity harassing me and I scream "FUCK OFF! LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

      That's when I realize everything was wrong. My bed is facing the closet, which I hate. The window is behind my head, which feels weird. I have five cats running around my bedroom instead of one. And my sister is awake, its what 3am, and shes cooking? There are strangers in the living room. And its dark, and everything feels foggy.

      Forget this, I can't sleep. I go for a drive. Even though it was dark and a bit creepy driving around town, it was nice. Fresh air, outside. Not like my bedroom, which just felt wrong. There are kids playing outside too, at this hour! They chase me home until their parents scold them.

      I go back home and I walk into the living room with all the strange people, like hobos, sleeping in the dark corners. This makes no sense. This whole night makes no sense! Why is my sis cooking?

      I'm dreaming! I levitate just to make sure. But being lucid didn't get rid of this foggy-ness. I fly outside into the dark. I didn't get very far.

      Suddenly I was slammed back into my bed. I can't move. There's a dark entity standing over my bed, but I can't make out his face. He grabs my ankles, I can feel his grip. He pulls me towards him and all I sense from him is hate. I scream "HELP! HELP!" But my voice is muffled. Why can't I scream? I'm still dreaming!

      I break free from his grip and fly out the window. The dream becomes a desperate chase dream.

      Sunlight Saves Me
      Now there are several dark entities after me. This dream is foggy, abstract and its so hard to move, its like trying to run in a pool. I do whatever I can to get away from them. They're right behind me. I thought about summoning lightning, but I was afraid my dream skill wouldn't work. Instead I ended up screaming "I summon the power - of everything!"

      I finally run into a building that has lights on. But this place!! No windows. Rooms with no doors. There is something wrong with this place. I run into an office and I find my co-workers, blue as zombies. They were just staring off into space.

      I run up to them "Help me!"

      "Oh hi J"

      "They're after me!"

      "Who's harassing you?"


      My zombie co-workers were happy to help and they hold back the entities buying me time. I run down a hallway which morphs into a tunnel sliding down to the next level below. The walls, the ceiling, everything was bleach white. A nurse was holding a baby pig and she tries to eat it live.

      I run past her thinking this dream can't get anymore messed up "Really lady? What the fuck!"

      Finally I see a door! And on the other side was sunlight. I run faster, they're right behind me. A lady is in my way so I leap out the doors window instead and crash land into a sunny spot.

      "Im safe!"

      The entities catch up and surround me. I can't move, I'm stuck, as though it was sleep paralysis.

      "Oh, what's this?" said one of the entities

      "She's escaping!"

      "Then why isn't she moving?"

      They're trying to intimidate me. But I know I'm safe. I ignore them and focus on the rising sun creating the most beautiful glow over the puffiest clouds. Fly. Fly. Fly!

      Bam! In an instant I was up in the sunlit glowing clouds flying as fast as a jet, the nightmare was miles behind, I'm so happy! I wasn't really flying though. Some force was pulling me towards the sun at an incredible speed! It was amazing! The sun was so gorgeous!

      And then just like that, I wake up. I'm tucked under my sheets, but I just know everything is right now. I can feel that my bed is facing the right direction, its facing the eastern window. I can feel a lump by my feet, my cat softly purring. Everything felt right. I remembered a similar nightmare I had a year ago when I tried to dreamshare. It had all the same elements. A dark entity grasping at my ankles. The dark-foggy dreamscape, and eventually, sunlight.

      I knew I was safe, and that if I go back to sleep, I'm gonna be lucid and I'll have a good chance at dreamsharing.

      Its Windy
      I don't remember the beginning of this dream, I only remember that I just became lucid. The dream is bright, vivid, and colorful. There were so many DCs. It looks like I'm in the middle of a classroom, somewhere in the countryside.

      I go outside and choose my target, Windy. "I now dreamshare with Windy!" My dream seems to shake, like its trying to morph into another dream. Then everything stabalizes again. Did it work? I look around me but I seem to be in exactly the same spot.

      I thought that maybe I had to find Windy. So I try to tell the dream to take me to Windy. Instead the dream responds by making my dream literally windy. This isn't working!

      I go back inside and harass the students. "Do you know that this is my dream?"

      They look at me with blank faces. "I'm looking for another dreamer. Have you seen one?"

      They're still confused. So I try to explain to them the difference between a dreamer and the DC.

      One student replies "So this means, when you wake up, I'm going to die? That my entire life is only this moment?" Some students seemed disturbed, others seemed annoyed at my suggestion that they were just DCs.

      "I dunno! You just go back into my head I think! But seriously, answer my question. Are you or are you not my DC? When I walk into the room, do you or do you not recognize me as the dreamer?"

      They just look at me again.

      "Well what's another dreamer like?" another student asks

      "If there was another dreamer here, that person would be alien to you"

      Then they draw my attention to their student work, a video project. I'm admiring the amazing details of the dream. I remember the glass pane of the computer screen. But watching the video made my dream unstable and I thought I was going to wake up. As soon as I stopped watching the dream stabilized and I continued my search for Windy, or any unusual DC.

      I go outside and fly to a lake. There's a DC walking on water! How is he doing that? I try to walk on water too, something I've always wanted to do in a dream! But its not working. The water feels too real to walk on. I'm kinda jealous a DC can do something I can't.

      "How are you doing that?"

      But this DC teacher was the silent type, he just smiles and continues to walk on water.

      I continue my search through a theater with rows of costumes, a lodge and restaurant. At some point I get a bottle of water and at some point I accidentally dropped into a river. A group of kids hanging out by the bridge scold at me for littering. I thought about flying down and picking it up, but then I think, its just a dream. I wake up shortly after.
    2. 70th Shared Dreaming Attempt- Cay's Dreams

      , 02-18-2012 at 08:33 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Cay's Dreams

      Dream 1
      The lower end of my county, the more "rural" of the two, was now filled with lavish mansions. My cousin, a teacher and his wife, a bank teller had somehow moved into one of these. They only had enough furniture to fill the front few rooms. I slipped out at one point to explore a dilapidated turn-of-the-century hotel which exists nearby in real life. I ended up accidentally causing a cave-in somehow.

      Dream 2 was a nightmare and rather personal.

      Dream 3 gets +5 awesome points for cohesiveness and clarity, but I didn't get lucid.

      It started with a limousine depositing myself, my two sisters and Azra outside of what seemed like a hotel, with black glass and a gilded awning. It was nasty out, and a flash of lightning and sudden downpour hurried us inside. The lobby was warm and well-lit, with a bubbling fountain and a black marble-topped desk from behind which a pretty young receptionist called out this greeting: "Reo! So glad to see you back!" Reo is a name a lot of dream characters have taken to calling me. I didn't recognize it, though, and I definitely hadn't been here before, so I was quite perplexed as I was ushered to a podium bearing a sign-in sheet and instructed to sigh for "Reo, party of four". An elevator door opened to the right of the podium and we filed in next to a bearded young operator in a stiff beige uniform. "Going up," he murmered in a thick accent as he pulled the lever.
      The doors opened on a damp concrete hallway with a few flickering lights, one of which illuminated a metallic door at the end. A girl stood up out of a folding chair to guide us further. She wore a tight charcoal-colored jumpsuit with red accents. She had a round face, soft features and lots of curly flaxen hair. Her name was Crystal. Soon, we were all outfitted in similar jumpsuits and given what seemed to be Star Trek TOS phasers in black.
      Behind the door we met the sixth member of our party, an android with a long, segmented tail and catlike face which spoke in an annoying series of "nya" sounds that Crystal could somehow understand.
      It turned out to be a similar concept as my "Sacred Games" dream, where each stage is either a combat situation or a puzzle. The Sacred Games was fantasy-oriented, and this was futuristic, but that was about the only difference. We'd only gone through two stages, one a confrontation with those creepy soldier bots from Portal ("...Are you still there?") and the other a maze within which was a key to the exit, when I woke up.
    3. 65th Shared Dreaming Attempt- BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 02-05-2012 at 08:37 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      I was V, from V for Vendetta. I vaguely remember asking somebody who was sitting in my room if I had their permission to break through my window. They approved, and when I opened my window I saw that is was pitch black night, and the neighbors were walking around with flashlights.

      This was unfortunate, because me being V, I had to pass unnoticed. My window made a lot of noise when opening, and the ground was littered with dry leaves, so I decided to hide in my house for the night. I went to sleep nowhere in particular, but woke up on the floor. There were three men in my room, looking anywhere from 13-20. One was perched on a chair next to the wall.

      He said something, but was interrupted by a loud banging on the wall coming from outside. He began knocking on the wall, as if trying to input Morse code. He knocked a very complex pattern on the wall, and the bangs outside echoed it flawlessly.

      At this moment, everyone was helplessly terrified, and scrambled throughout the house. I made it to the dining room, were I met my father, who seemed totally relaxed and knew what was going on.

      "What is going on?" I asked.
      "It's just an ant eater," He replied.

      I looked on the floor next to me, and there was an anteater scanning the wooden ground, and the house cat was giving it a strange look.

      "Will we keep it?" I wondered.
      "Sure," Answered my dad, nonchalantly.
      "What will we name it?"

      Unfortunately, the dream ended before I could find an answer to this question.
    4. 49th Shared Dream Attempt - Windhover

      by , 12-31-2011 at 03:35 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Windhover's Dream

      My family and neighbor from upstairs are at some kind of building/ school. I'm inside the building, running down the stairs. then suddenly my dead grandpa in IRL attacks me with a fruit knife. (IRL it's not that I hate him, but he was kind of a psycho. I didnt like him) He's holding the knife in his right hand. I grab his two arms to block. (omg...I just remembered that this attack is from my comic?) The pointy knife comes closer to me. but due to his senile(?) he loses his energy bit by bit, then I could push him forward. I snatch his knife and stab into his stomach. He thumps on the floor, not moving, but I have to make sure he's completely dead; I stab again in his heart. the feeling of stabs are really vivid. then my dad and brother appear; I think that killing my grandpa is part of the plan. my dad says that I should hide the knife. there are several people outside who are close to me, so I hide it in my back, holding it. We get out and I stand in front of my neighbor. I drop the knife on the ground behind me, and cover it with some soil. the blood that was all over knife taints the soil; it was noticeable... my mom and neighbor say: what's that behind you? so I say, it's just a stick.. -.- and I lie to them that there's a dead old man in the building.
      I really regret that I murdered a person. I'm very scared of outcomes: detectives are gonna find out my fingerprints...getting arrested, spending years in jail..
      later the police arrived and search the scene. We have to wait a the building for some sort of big event (I think there was other murder in the building), but I want to leave so bad.
      my mom and neighbor get in the car to leave early, maybe just for resting in our home, so I ran to the car, taking the seat that I want to leave early too. We arrive at our home.

      when I woke up I was so relieved that it was a dream. another nightmare...
    5. 35th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Kaomea

      by , 09-24-2011 at 07:36 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Kaomea's Dreams

      Goals: None. I have other things I need to focus on but if I happen to end up at Itza temple, awesome, but I'm not making that the focus.

      10 pm - 12 am

      I'm with a guy on a mountain. There's some sort of attack which ensues and me and the guy race back to our vehicle. I see it and immediately feel bad. It's covered in mud, not just stuck in it either, it's about 1/3 burried in it. That was our only means of escape. The guy climbs in anyway, literally sitting in mud now he tries to turn it on. I feel like it's hopeless. He's still hopeful. He manages to get it running, I climb in still doubtful. We somehow manage to leave. Awesome.

      Side note: HA! FINALLY I can recall what happened in the initial sleep period. IT DOES EXIST! WOOT!

      2 am - 2:30

      Seriously WTF?!
      I FA in my bed. Look around, I feel a very distinct energy, ghost/spirit/demon like presence. It's that thing that's been lingering in my closet for years that's been picking on my family, just not me. (Waking life too). I acknowledge it, thinking it's always been friendly towards me except now there's something different. I can see it clearer. It... frightens me a tad... and I'm not easily frightened. I decide I can't ignore it, which is what I typically do in waking life and dream life. I get up to go get Nae in the living room. I get to him and start jabbing him, trying to wake him up.

      As I poke and prod him to wake up, I feel the 'thing' try to subdue me...? It feels like there's a heaviness to my motions and each time I try to interact with Nae, my physical dream body is declined. I keep fighting it, angry at this point at not being able to exert my own self-control and I eventually end up on my knees on the floor. I stop fighting it and expand my awareness, focusing on seeing whatever the hell this thing is. I feel 'it' become defensive... it doesn't like me focusing on it. It releases me a little and once that opportunity opens I snap my awareness back into myself and I become lucid.

      I realize I'm dreaming, but not that I'm dreaming, that I'm out of my body. It doesn't have the feel of a dream. Since I can't touch Nae, I decide to speak to him. I employ the powerful tactic of love and acceptance (hahaha, funny right). I shout at him, "I LOVE YOU! WAKE UP!" He still sleeps. Finally, I get so pissed at being restrained and controlled that I silently command myself, 'WAKE UP!'

      At which point, I lie awake in my bed, I RC, it's real. Write my notes for this dream thing. I recap wtf just happened, still pissed, and plan to get up to actually go get Nae and tell him what just happened. Then.... I get sucked back into a dream which I had absolutely no intention of doing.

      I FA AGAIN and don't realize it's a FA. I'm back in my bed, get up, with the intent to go get Nae to tell him wtf unfolded. I stand up, look in my closet, tell the thing in there how pissed I am, and walk out. On my way to the living room I see Koa (4 year old). He stops me and wants attention. I stop and give it to him. I notice as I'm putting him back to bed there's something different about him. Great. It merged with a kid...

      Nonetheless, the creep value of this 'dream' which is yet again, more of an OBE than a dream, I still offer love to Koa. It's not his fault he has some idiot thing merged with him.

      I hug him.

      His face transforms very demon like, black maws and energy which is extending past the physical body as it's trying to reach out to my face. Before it reaches me, I get a good look at whatever it is. I can tell it thinks it's winning. Winning what, I don't know. An outside voice pops into my thoughts, "You're dreaming." I'm dreaming? ... FUCKER! I stop any interaction with a swift internal, WAKE UP!

      At which point... I wake up in my REAL bed. R/C, I'm awake and BEYOND livid. I stalk into the living room and retrieve Nae. Simply because it's the principle of it. PFFT.

      3 am - 6:30 am

      Goals: Find the dark energy thing that was giving me a difficult time.

      I'm with my family and I'm protecting them. Exploring safe houses, trying to find a place for them. One of which is a town that has no cars, cars are forbidden. It's a beautiful town and we're walking through very natural settings. Fields. I wonder why noone is outside their houses and they were instructed to remain inside for today. I think it was because we were visiting or passing through?

      I walk through a set of doors, found a somewhat suitable place for them. We relax in a pool. Well they do. My mind is still in detective/protection mode.

      Heavy stuff
      I'm out and about alone. I'm working on something, flipping through towns and finding all the pieces to the puzzle. Nothing exciting or 'aha' worthy. Boring from an external point of view but it had an overall very heavy feeling to it.
    6. 23rd Shared Dreaming Attempt - Animus' Dream

      by , 08-28-2011 at 07:33 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      AnimusMessor179's Dream

      1) Dungeon like setting. I was chasing after a medium sized fairy, through the stone hallways of the complex. I used telekinesis to stop her then shocked her with electricity.

      2) LUCID. I decide to go ask for general advice from my dreams about my waking life. I am in a bookstore, which I recall is a relatively common place for my dreams. I head into a room, expecting to see a representation of my subconscious inside. If anyone has seen Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, the scene looked like the steam house scene at the start. A tattooed, bald, and bearded asian man rose from a hot bath in the middle of the room, and started to speak to me. "What you need is time." is the only thing I can remember from what he said.

      3) SEMI-LUCID (In my definitions, this means I am aware that is a dream on some level. Normally, this means I play along with the dream and take on whatever character I am as real and true, but without realizing I am. So I am the character, not the player behind him in my words.) I am a dangerous and powerful man. Telekinesis, magic. And enemies seek to prevent me from causing destruction. Earlier in this period, I had avoided killing, even the soldiers trying to capture me. But something changes... A friend of mine (who was a talking dauschaund...) was injured and dying from one of the fights. Despairing, I absorbed him into myself, to prevent any possible suffering from him. The absorption only works in stages though, and in the end I use fire to put him out of his misery.

      I am now on a road, furious and looking for blood. Troops of enemies (I do not recall seeing them actually armed, so troops in the minions sense of the word) are around. Using my mind, I pick up a big rig truck and "hold" it next to me. My hands are in a position like I'm holding a minigun, both clenched into fists about a foot apart in front of me. I fling it off down the road, exploding it as it approaches the men (pulling my hands quickly apart to cause it).

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    7. This is a test

      by , 08-17-2011 at 01:03 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Atras, can you see this?
    8. 13th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Evolventity's Dream

      by , 08-07-2011 at 01:47 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Evolventity's Dream
      August 05, 2011

      (Regular Dream) | Fell asleep by 10:30PM, woke up around 2PM.
      I'm in someones house, I suppose my Aunt's, but the set-up is different. My cousin L* and friend K* are chilling. I'm observing, not interacting in this section of the dream. K* is laying on a couch, at the left, watching a movie: Ice Age. I suppose it's a new sequel. My POV changes to a scene inside of the movie in which a giant beast is chasing sheep through the ice and snow. K* asks L* for a drink and checks the refrigerator. She pours some alcohol, adds a little ginseng, and then a bit of beef flavoring. -I'm peeing in a bathroom which seems to be Nancy's house, but is set up like my cousins M*&S*'s bathroom. I'm peeing into a tub filled with tissue paper, which shrinks when being wet. L* appears briefly in the tub as if she were taking a bath in tissue paper, instead of water. -I'm laying in bed with L* and one of her friends comes into the room. She sets her dog down, like a chihuahua, with black and white spots and a red collar. The woman is skinny, with short red hair. She's stopping by to say hi. I've never met her before. The dog comes up to me and gives me kisses as I pet him, we all giggle. The visitor is named aRevolver, like a gun. She exits the room and is about to leave though I'd like to say bye. I put on my shirt and sweater to head out. I give her a hug outside in my Aunts backyard, and Google gives me a +1. I sit down in a chair in front of the futon swing. My sister S* is near me too, sitting at a wooden school desk. I take a good look around me and notice that mostly everyone here is gay and with a partner. Even the two guys on the futon. A gothic guy walks past me and triggers my memory of a movie that I've watched recently. I look to S* and she knows what I'm talking about but we can't remember the name of he movie. (It was Adam & Steve.) Anyway. I see a lady at a bar further away. She was recording me with her camera on her phone. I walk up to her and ask her to delete the video. She complains saying that I knew she was recording me because I was looking at her phone. I tell her no, I wasn't. She accuses me for another reason and then asks how I knew. I tell her that I know based on her reactions. I keep asking her to delete the video and she doesn't. Then she becomes a little frisky and tries to hit me. I grab her at the side of the arm before she does. She keeps trying to hit me, even kicking. She yells that I'm hurting/abusing her. Another black lady comes to help her and tries attacking me too. I comment on their suck-y fighting, considering I'm right in front of them, face to face.

      (Regular Dream)
      I'm in the passenger seat of my cousin Su*'s SUV, which is silver in the dream. She is driving on the highway and it is sunny, daytime. I have a sense that other family members are with me, and my boyfriend M* being behind my seat. He asks my cousin N*, to his left, for a cigarette. I give him the stink eye and point at him. I jokingly raise my hand like intent to slap. I turned forward for a moment and when I turn back around as he's lighting the cigarette, I snatch it from him and throw it immediately out my window. A silver car was behind us and dodged the cigarette which dropped a few yards away onto the ground. I realized I've littered, without thinking. I had a bad feeling from the car behind us. The car turned into the next lane to our left and sped ahead of us. I could see the passenger and driver in the front of the car writing down our license plate number. My feeling was right. It didn't seem that Su* knew this had happened. I wasn't sure what was going to happen; she'll be fined for something of my fault or I'll be taken to jail?

      (Regular Dream, Fragmented)
      I'm walking towards my friend K* whom is in the three foot shallow end of the peanut shaped pool within the middle of my apartment complex. The border has a dark green color, as usual, and the water is a light blue, It is day time and there are other people around our age swimming. I however, am fully clothed. K* is near a white strap cot which has her towels and newly purchased phone. -I'm near the cot and am wiping off water from her phone, probably from her handling. -K* changes into an old neighbor and friend, Z*. -I remember Z* about to hop out of the pool from the side. -I'm holding back some sort of branches at the cyclone fence. -I'm inside of a bounce house outside the fence. I need to cross from the bounce house to another location across from where I am. The scene has changed into a dimmer blue tone. I think I need to jump to save someone. I remember standing, being unsure of whether I will make it. I decide to take the risk anyway, and make a verbal comment like "fuck it" or something of-the-like. I run and jump. Strips of the bounce house comes with me and I am gliding towards the construction underneath a bridge. I glide between the sideways poles. Whatever material I'm attached to, behind me, is caught on the bridge structure. I'm twirling around the structure that I'm caught on, coming closer to the pole in a centripetal fashion. I quickly hit the center and die, everything turns to blackness, as usual. I wake up and go back to sleep.

      (Regular Dream, Fragment)
      M* and I had recently had sex. I'm in my Aunts backyard with other people. I'm playing an entertainment video on my laptop. A sex scene of M* and I from earlier is about to play. I cover the screen with a book so no one else can see, except my twin sister and I.

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