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    2 dreams in 10th july to 11th july

    by , 07-11-2013 at 12:32 PM (349 Views)
    Dream title: On a doctor cleaning my ears

    Today i dreamt that i was hearing so bad and i went to the doctor.
    The doctor was a female, and it was my family doctor.
    She asked me "So what brings you here today bruno?" <- (my real name)
    i told her "I am hearing very bad recently, i might have my ear dirty" (What i did to dream with this? lol)
    she says "Alright, let me see your ear" She is cutting half of my ear with a knife and i stay like this ""
    i don't know why but it didn't hurt while she was cutting it. After that she shows my ear to me and tells me
    "do you see how dirty your ear is?" me: "yes i do" She starts cleaning it up with a swab and i felt so comfortable
    because i like the people who clean my ear (lol).

    Technique used for this dream: Mild
    Sleep time: 9/10 hours

    Dream title: Going to a train station with an asian guy

    Today i dreamt i was following some asian guy, he was going to the train station
    After a while i just stopped seeing him he was on the left side of the road but he wasn't there this time.
    so i decided to look back and he was there, i passed a bit through the train station. So i went back again
    and going to him. so we climbed a ramp to go to the train station, we stopped there and he teached me how
    to take a train ticket. *Scenario changes*
    Now we are in a car with some guy and i am in back of the car with an ice box on my feet, i decided to take a look
    inside and there was food, but suddenly a human hand comes up and starts to moving, i stay like "WTF?" i get the arm and
    throw it through my window, it hitted the car that was following us, i took all the food from there and on the deep there was a zombie head.
    i was really scared.

    Technique used: Mild
    Sleep time: 9/10 hours

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