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    Gran turismo 7 - 2nd to 3rd march 2014

    by , 03-03-2014 at 11:43 AM (838 Views)
    Today i dreamt i was in my brother's house, but in real it was my aunt's house
    i was on the bedroom where it is the tv and playstation. i brought gran turismo 7
    and i wanted to tested it on my brother's ps4. i told him "Let's see if it work on ps3"
    so i opened the GT7 cover on the bed, and i noticed there was 2 CDS, GT7 and next to it, league of legends for PS3 (WTF?)
    So i tested the GT7 cd, on that league of legends slot since it was for PS3, i saw the gt7 cd was a bit bigger and a
    there was a swollen part on the cd my brother said "I also bought another computer to play far cry so you'll need a ps4 too"
    and i said "But you bought far cry with your own money, parents bought me GT7, of course you can buy your own things with your money.
    GT7 costed like 70" he said "jeez, 70 for that game..."
    and i asked him "Can i test GT7 in your ps4 please? i really want to!" he said "Alright"
    i looked at the TV screen, and saw a desert background with a red car zoomed on it, it was the part of choosing the car.
    we could ride it while we choosing it, my brother brought the car near a desert tree, and here it comes the wtf moment
    the car climbed the tree with it's strained hands and his tires. and i said the exactly "WTF?" and started laughing.
    then i asked my brother if i could get the pad, i wanted to play a little. i saw i could drive around europe. i went to spain first
    then came back to lisbon, it was way too fast travelling, with such a car.

    Dream elements:

    -gran turismo
    -aunt's house
    -league of legends

    Technique used: WBTB

    hours slept: 4 hours

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