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    I'm lucid, but i'm not - 16th july to 17th july

    by , 07-17-2013 at 01:03 PM (262 Views)
    Somehow i don't remember how it all started, i just know i was lucid already and was hanging out
    around my home, when i go to the kitchen i see my brother and my mom seated on those black chairs.
    My brother is doing something on his laptop although i didn't look at it, I plugged his nose and told him "try to breathe now"
    I felt his nose on my fingers and felt he could breathe, well he was dreaming now. Next, i get near my mom and plug her nose
    and i tell her "You said lucid dreams weren't real, try to breathe now" I could feel her nose and felt her breathing as well and i told her.
    See? You are dreaming, i was kinda happy and excited to bring them on my dream and because i was lucid of course (i wasn't )
    then i go to the sitting room, but i have to stop on the middle of the kitchen because my mom asks me "Okay, what am i supposed to do now?"
    I told her "Well, you can see your mother that died" she says "I don't want to see her dead" I say... "You can just resurrect her, just try to imagine her
    when she was alive." and i made my way to the sitting room. **RANDOM PART** I lay down on the sofa and saw a transparent sack, guess what was in there?
    Pokémons, there was a charizard a charmeleon and a charmander, i took out charizard from the sack and started to caress it like...
    caress him on the belly on the head, like it was a dog i was extremely happy. Now some girl wants to fight against my charizard with her
    snubbull, i was like "lol, snubbull vs charizard" she gave me a time to think on the battle, so i went to the kitchen again and i lay down on the kitchen floor
    it was kinda fresh and it felt good, this time i took charmeleon from the sack and careless him.

    Technique used for this dream: WBTB
    Sleep time: 4 hours

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