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    Lucid Dreams

    1. Finding 1 euro and becoming lucid - 21st to 22nd february 2014

      by , 02-22-2014 at 02:25 PM
      Today i dreamt i was in my appartment hall, i was climbing up stairs trying to find money
      i crouched on the stairs and i found 1 euro, my mom was on stairs above me i showed her the coin
      and she said "So it finally was there" i was happy to find it, and i was looking for further more.
      i found 1 more coin. then i decided to go to the last floor, i climbed the stairs and stopped on the middle
      of the stairs and where it was the 2 doors, i looked above. then i did a reality check. it was the thumb-handed one.
      i saw my thumb and my other hand, slowly my thumb collapsed with my other hand, and i clearly saw it got through.
      and i said "I'm dreaming" Although i had no control, and my body wasn't on the dream environment either :/

      Dream elements:

      -in my appartment hall
      -1 euro

      Technique used: WBTB

      hours slept: 4 hours

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    2. Lucid without control - 7th to 8th february 2014

      by , 02-08-2014 at 02:20 PM
      Today i dreamt i was on the between of my bedroom.
      I did hands reality check, and i saw my fingers were weird.
      i had 6 fingers and they were crooked.I wanted to control the dream but i couldn't.
      i started to walk around my home. i went to the living room, and then i did another
      reality check, the nose one, and it worked. i said to myself "I am dreaming "
      I was happy, but i still wasn't controlling. then i moved to the kitchen, then i looked through
      the kitchen's window. I saw a cloudy day, I wanted it to be sunny. I closed my eyes and started to think
      about sunny days and saying "sunny day, sunny day" i had a thought about having a sun beam going through
      kitchen's window and illuminate the wall, then i opened my eyes with that expectative, i looked to the sky
      and it was still cloudy, and i asked myself "Does my subconscious still want a cloudy day?" after a few seconds
      i saw the sun appearing and those clouds getting away.

      Dream elements:

      -living room
      -my home

      Technique used: WBTB

      hours slept: 5 hours