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    Pokemon emerald: Duodio islands

    by , 02-08-2014 at 08:31 AM (399 Views)
    Today i dreamt i was playing pokemon emerald, i just could see the screen but it was a bit clearer
    than the other times playing. I hadn't anything left to do in the game because i finished it.
    But i heard some guy talking about some islands. I was pointing to the map and asking
    if it was around there circling with my indicator finger. the voice said it was. so i went there
    it was a town with some rocks, and red floor. i went a big up and digged the floor, i went underground
    then after walking some time, i found the island. A sailorman was there waiting for me. i tried to go to the
    water but some white text appeared in the middle of the screen. they were telling me something
    that prevented me to go to the water, so i explored that place, i went up a little then i found some big rocks
    there was a guy discussing which attack was better strength or rollout, the guy at my right was saying
    "strength is quite useless and stupid, it makes you move around and attack the enemy."
    the other guy who was supporting strength said
    "Yes, but rollout copied strength, so it is obvious strength is stronger."
    and then the strength guy, destroyed the rock in front of me.

    Dream elements:

    -pokemon emerald

    Technique used: ----------

    hours slept: 5 hours

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