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    Vampires vs zombies - 17th july to 18th july

    by , 07-18-2013 at 01:24 PM (357 Views)
    Today i dreamt i was in a world where vampires and zombies only existed
    and they were enemies, i was the only human there. I was alone in a village near a desert.
    That village was quite peaceful, but suddenly the scenario changes and i teleport to another place.
    This place was in war, the weather was very cloudy I couldn't see the sun and i was in the middle of the desert.
    There were a guy on front of me, it was tall and had a black hat, he was a vampire, behind him was a very cute girl
    with black long hair, brown eyes and a shy personality, she was dressed with a black dress. and i felt in love immediately when i saw her. For some reason i kissed her on mouth and after i did that i felt so happy. The girl didn't react just became shy and i found her so cute (Still happy that i kissed her lol)
    Suddenly i see a black tornado near the desert, the weather was becoming stormy and i was scared she was as well.
    I wanted to protect her, but who really was protecting us was the vampire that was killing zombies. He said that we had to get out of there
    as soon as possible before we could get caught by the tornado, suddenly a zombie bites girl's neck, and i stay in panic and sad at the same time.
    The vampire gets me and fly away from there, i scream for her and cry but she was now becoming a zombie and there was nothing i could do.
    The vampire leads me to his "base" where there was his partner, it was a girl as well.

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