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    zombie apocalypse movie - 17th to 18th january 2014

    by , 01-19-2014 at 02:21 PM (194 Views)
    today i dreamt i was running from a flock of zombies, it looked like i was playing a game
    but at the same time looked like i was there too, there was a sunset at my front, and the sky was like orange, then i noticed
    i was grabbing something on my right hand. when i pointed with it to the sunset, i noticed it was a crucifix.
    then the game had an option, i could pray than i would run from zombies and survive.
    then i saw a abyss and the other side, i jumped for the other side, but zombies jumped as well.
    then the scene became different, i was near my aunt house, still in the apocalypse
    for some reason i was suspended on a window apartment, i saw some survivors.
    i decided to drop my hands off the window and descend the apartment, i asked those people
    if they wanted to form a group, so it should be easier. they didn't had time to answer because
    zombies started to appear from nothing. i was the strongest there so i tried to protect them all
    i grabbed my pistol and shooted all the zombies, for some reason i was lying on the floor
    and shooting them, suddenly a zombie tries to bite me on my face, i was struggling but blocking him
    with my arm, then i shooted him with my left arm. then the movie scenario changed again.
    this time i was on a mountain i tried to take down 2 crystal pyramids that were on some peak of the mountain. i had to do it
    with a car, i went full throttle front, and 1 pyramid was taken down, then i went full throttle back so i could climb that peak with the car
    then the 2nd pyramid went down as well. there was a 3rd pyramid, that 3rd pyramid was causing the zombie acopalypse

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    hours slept: 7 hours

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