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    Alcohol Induced Dreams

    by , 12-19-2010 at 06:23 PM (788 Views)
    My I had some crazy dreams last night

    [COLOR="red"]So in my first dream I remember being in this strange game like world and I was trying to go up this giant building, I remember there being a password for one room and I couldn't get it then I found a secret way up from behind and then there I was at this other weird place where my sister some douchebag and two of her friends were. I got angry when I saw him and started making fun of the guy. This guy was a complete moron. I remember him saying something and I went "herp derp" hahaha. He was getting angry so I was like you wanna fight mother fucker, come on pussy! And then we started fighting but I had no strength for some reason :(. So he kept fucking hitting me in the balls like a douchebag and at some point he had my balls in a vice grip with his elbow and all I wanted to do is for him to stop. I apologized thoroughly and then I woke up for real.[/COLOR]

    I then proceeded to DEILD for my first time.

    [COLOR="blue"]Success, I was in a dream. Only I kept being sucked out of it. I distinctly remember a man aiding me each time I tried this. He was black I think and initially was a normal DC. He said he was my DG and then I was in a very vivid dream. I was walking and looked at my hands to make sure I was dreaming. They were weird It was like my hands were moving on their own and growing and shrinking. However I couldn't control this dream and kept waking up. I figured my problem was I couldn't stabilize it and eventually I gave up and decided to just go to sleep normally.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="seagreen"]In this dream I was like a up and coming rock star and my ex girlfriend who is kinda ugly appeared to me. In my dream my lil bro was sleeping in my bed so I was outside my room with her and we started making out. I asked her to suck my dick and she did. I came very soon though. Lol. I got frustrated and took her into my room and kicked my bro out. She gave me head again and my siblings get bursting in and shit I was getting pissed. So after a bit something warned me that she had STDs. So I said "How many guys have you slept with." "Like 48" I thought I heard 4 so I was a bit relieved and said "4?" She said "No" very meekly and I was like "Umm... three?" She said no again so I asked her how many and she said "48" I was like wtf? And then asked if she had any STDs she said no but had a very awkward smile and I said "Ok now I know you do what do you have?" She said she had cannons. Hahaha. I was like "Oh my god that disease is transferred orally." This is where the dream stops pretty much.[/COLOR]

    I had a fragment where I was searching the web about STDs and how they are transferred.

    [COLOR="darkorange"]I'm not sure how this dream started off but I was in a fight for my life for some reason. This crazy girl fucking killed some dude and I was in like a free for all or something last one standing. So all I had was a fork so I attacked her when she killed the dude so she couldn't free her fucking spear type thing. She then began fucking stabbing me with the fork and at some point I woke up and instantly got on DV to write these dreams. Enjoy[/COLOR]

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Interesting dreams Irkme. It would help if you quit fighting people until you become lucid.

      Nice job on the blow.