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    21/06-14 Twisted psycho ex friends

    by , 06-21-2014 at 11:44 PM (315 Views)
    Known Dreamcharacters: Nikolaj, Anders, etc..

    Dream 1:
    1st scene:
    There was a big person, Nikolaj and I lifted the big guy and my back was injured and I could not lift him anymore. Then the big guy came to me while I was on the ground in pains BC of my back.. Then he kicked me again and again and again... ...

    2nd scene:
    We were 2 teams and it was like hide and seek. I was on the seeking team. We went to a pile and I looked at it and it looked like a good place to hide, I walked around it and I saw someone inside of it, I couldt get in but hey I found them

    3th scene:
    Anders is very angry, or mentally twisted. I fled from him by running up some stairs that led to a blind spot. It looked like there was a pool of water but , there was a great distance. I had nothing else to do, I had to jump.. Thankfully I got into the water, but the others were also down there. So we just fled. And I think that Anders attacked Nikolaj.

    Bad English.. : )

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