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    1. Castle show weird and twisted, leading to DILD

      by , 12-13-2015 at 04:57 PM
      This night wasn't bad at all, as I had one lucid from DILD, and it felt great, as a learning experience, even if the lucid was short.

      I don't remember where I was exactly, but I was watching Castle TV show. There was the redhead mother, with some sexy underwear, really short, and which showed her pussy.

      Castle entered the room and said "Mother! you're almost naked!". And she replied something about preparing for some show. Then Alexis showed up. She was sitting on the bed, her father (Castle) next to her. Then the mother went up and standed on their legs (even with these high hills, that gotta hurt!), and started doing some dances...

      I was typing a message on Whatsapp, to send it to a friend. Something like "the redhead mother is naked on Castle, wtf??".

      Now, if this wasn't weird enough, I noticed that Castle wasn't wearing any pants either, and the tip of his dick started dancing up and down, as he was getting a hard on. Alexis giggled, and there it was the little man, in full glory

      At this point I just coulnd't believe what I was seeing.... "I must be dreaming" I told to myself, a bit joking of course, because I knew it wasn't a dream... how could it? But wait.... Just in case I pinched my nose, looked as I could breath. Pinched again.... I CAN definitely breath!

      I find myself in some kind of modern offices, at floor level. I think on just finding Alexis somewhere. I knock a door and a businessman appears. We shake hands, and I ask for her. He gives a weird look, like, "don't know what you're talking about", and I just walk on the hallway, and enter some kind of big livingroom.

      In a couch I see two girls, and I walk to them. One of them says "what's your quest?", and as I look at them still thinking on what to do, or say, I start to realize how good this feels, to be completely relaxed in this dream scene, without fears, even if I didn't look around on the place and looked kinda sinister. But it was my dream, and nothing should happen.

      Suddenly I felt this urge to "play" a bit, and try a bit of Dream Control... I looked away and thought that maybe a monsters comes from behind me. I just hear a big noise, and see this 3D, pixelated, huge monster coming to me. The girls giggle, and I stand there, without fear, as I see how it tries to hit me, but simply goes through me. I smile to myself. I say "ok ok, enough, away", and it goes, but another one appears. Then another one... they don't scare me, but the noise they make when appearing, and the fact they run really fast towards me, ends up shocking me and waking me up.
    2. Flying around a bit...

      by , 05-05-2014 at 04:02 PM
      So, after some things happening here and there (I'm skipping them as this is an entry for the small LD), I suddenly realize I'm dreaming.

      I'm in a room, either on a rented mountain house, or a rural hotel, but I was looking at a wonderful mountain view, with people walking around. It's a huge window with a big glass. Everything is crystal clear (or that's how it looks like), full of colours, and I'm once again amazed to how nice and perfect does the brain create this dream-world.

      I don't know why but I didn't do any RC. I think that even if I was lucid, I was somehow trapped on the dream, like "drugged". I decided to jump out and fly. When I stepped outside, I saw one of those alarm-control boxes on the wall, with a disconnected orange light. I turned it on with my mind, as some kind of RC.

      i have my shoes on but laces are not tied. I decide to tie them, but as I'm doing it I think I'm just losing precious time, and look away trying to remove the feeling of loose shoes, and pretend they are tied up. I can't remember if I did it or not.

      Next thing is a nose-pinch RC before jumping, once again I think "it's really amazing how I can feel I'm holding my nose, but I can breath!". I jump and start flying in horizontal. I scream in joy. I move over some small paths with people walking around.

      I reach an area with a couple small buildings. There's a shop, and on the reflection I see myself, but I'm walking, not flying. I think "it must be because my brain is used to see me walking...", and then I see another guy flying around. This is really stupid, but on the dream I though that maybe it was some other like me having an LD.

      I wonder how many time more I have left because last time I looked at the clock it was 6.30, and alarm hits at 7.00am.

      Then I "wake up", but I'm on the street. I notice nothing weird and fall for the false awakening. I drink from a bottle of water (as I alwas do with the one I got next to my bed), but I think that maybe it wasn't a good idea keeping in mind someone else could have used it "while I was away".

      Then I wake up for real.
    3. Lost my phone

      by , 06-18-2013 at 09:17 AM
      Non-lucid dream, 14th June 2013. It was kinda long, and I remember most of it except a couple links that lead to location or situation changes.

      I'm at a pub located in my hometown, alone, with some game cards on my hand, I'm not sure if just ordering them, or preparing to play a solitaire or something. It's an irish style pub / beerhouse (as in real life), and there is people around having drinks. I'm aware that I'm waiting for two friends, because we agreed to have dinner together. I think I recall planing the thing with them, but I'm not sure if it happened in the dream too.

      The waiter comes to say hello to me (as in real life, we know each other well), and says: "Hey man, you gotta order something if you'll stay sitting there!". A bit disapointed and not being able to believe he was serious, I was thinking if leave, or just ignore him.

      At this point I order a drink. I notice its a cheap brand of cider what he serves me. The two friends arrive and when asking where are we going to have dinner, they say that the idea was to do it right here, at the pub. I though "ok, so we are having cheap cider then...".

      Now I find myself in some kind of room, which I understand is the home of one of my friends, and I think I'm awakening after having some fun and drinking. My friend is around but we are on our own things. The room looks like if it's some kind of occupy house or commune, as I get the feeling there are more people around, going in and out.

      I get up and prepare to go outside to the street, and suddenly I realize I'm not carrying my phone, wallet or home keys. Just the keys of my office. "Damn, I must have lost them...". I decide to go check the pub, walk around and ask, but nothing. I go back to my friend's room, and now it's floor if full of dust, a lot of dust, and I see there are lots of pieces around.

      I think if maybe my phone just fall from my pants while sleeping, so I start looking in the floor. I see fragments of phone, similar to when it falls and breaks apart, but there are from other brands or models. I find a couple of batteries buried in the dust, some covers, buttons... but none from my phone.

      I find my wallet and my keys. I ask my friend to call me and see if we hear the phone... nothing happens. I go to the street and in the way I find my cousin: "hey, I lost my phone". As I walk with him in the street he tries to call me and we pay attention to see if we hear it somewhere, but nothing.

      One time finally someone picks the phone on the other side: "hey, you're not getting it back".
      I was a bit shocked and frustrated, asked again for it, and the voice said: "you can get the phone for the price of one year domain registration" (I'm a web developer, guess it has to do with it). I was like... OK. And we agreed to meet somewheren.

      Again I find myself with my friend, in a car, driving to the place where this guy told me to meet, following my friend's instructions as I didn't know the city. Turn left here, right here, etc... We finally park and enter what seems to be a normal shop.

      Now suddenly it isn't a shop, but an airport entrance. There is a security guy there, and the small room (that looks like a bank) is where people waits for the plane. There I find a girl, who looks a bit pimp, with my phone in her hand. She tells me that I'm not getting it back.

      Now I don't know how or why but I ask her: "err.. did you just find it somewhere around the street, or was it in my room?". She answers: "I just went to the room, saw it on the floor and took it". So then I said: "Ok, then you stole it", while at the same time I pick it from her hands.

      Now I find myself walking on the street with her and my friend, and I see some whatsapp messages from someone I don't know. Kindly the girls says: "oh, yeah.. you can remove my SIM card. Here, this is yours, just keep mind I'm not using it.

      Can't remember right now if something else happened. I think it did, but probably not much related to all this experience.

      The thing is that I woke up and I had the full story in my head and could remember all details without much effort.
      non-lucid , memorable