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    Monkey's new dreams (just some, i'm very lazy)
    the old journal is here http://www.dreamviews.com/f107/one-m...der-sun-22322/

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    1. good old times

      by , 05-23-2011 at 07:49 PM (Return to monkey island)
      I'm dreaming something boring about stuff to do and timetables to match. At some point i'm bored, and i even know it's a dream, but "something" keeps telling me i must continue the dream as it is.
      I'm really bored so i let the story down and take control of the dream. I find myself in a different landscape. i'm standing on a country road with a luxuriant hedge on the side. Now the "something" that was keeping me from taking the dream, has become a solid voice, trying to persuade me that with this dream i'm supposed to do something else - materialize a story about a class and a lesson.
      I reject the interference, because i feel that what i really need now is to stay there, watch the leaves, perceive this place, which concreteness has nothing to do with the poor visualization i would create following the voice's instructions.
      So I do my best to ignore the disturber and to just be there.

      now, i've the vaguest memory of me actually facing someone, even pulling out the little finger (memory of reading "art of dreaming") - but i'm not really sure it's from this one dream or from a previous one which i forgot. be it this dream or another, the target was most likely the same anyway - felt like the sticky kind.

      kinda brings back memories