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    Cathedral and a shit on my shoe

    by , 01-26-2011 at 09:45 PM (316 Views)
    I am inside of a huge cathedral. It seems its just being renovated. I walk upstairs and walk out to the balcony. Its a huge balcony. There I see some paintings of large doses filled with food. I am admiring it greatly. Suddenly, I realize I still have long hair. I ask if they could heat some food for me, as I got hungry. There is some dark dude...

    There is some cooking competition taking place. They are all cooking soups.
    I couldn't find matches. Then I see a beautiful black girl, but there is also some black guy, just showing off, wearing some red see-through t-shirt. They go together.

    I run to my grandma for some food. On my way, I see the black guy again. I know that he is well known trouble maker. He drives a yellow truck with a front crane. He drives quickly by and flies off the road into someone's garden. He jumps out of the car and starts swearing. I laugh at it and hide in a shadow. When I came to my grandma's house, I see a small shit in front of the house. And then I notice I have stepped into it. Its all over my shoe! Grandma says that its nothing, and not to worry about it.

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