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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Person under my carpet and swimming under the road

      by , 11-28-2014 at 09:56 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")

      The first dream was pretty scary.
      I was back in Czech in my room. There was someone else there with me, I think it was Krzia. All of a sudden, in noticed that the carpet is rising at one point and it is taking shape of a person in a baby position (on his/her knees). Obviously I freak out and start punching the bump, start jumping on it etc. Somehow I know it is a demon. I managed to press it back to the floor. Then it happens again. I punch it back in again. Then, there is some kind of doll house. It starts moving or shaking. I know that it is another demon getting through. I lift the roof of the house and I see a face of a woman. I start jelling at it, punching it and jumping on it to push it back to the floor. This repeats several time. I call my parents to come and have a look. I cannot remember what happens after, but I have a feeling it stops and we find an explanation to it.

      The next dream.

      I am in Czech going home from Jablonec and I am at this particular rising road at the edge of my village by the skying slope. The road is in fact made of water and I am swimming home. I see myself. As I watch myself swimming as if I was filming it, I see a small boat in front of me and somewhere around is my sister and my mum. They spot a shark like fin. I go with my camera view under the water and I see it is a killer whale. It wants to play or communicate. Somehow I know that it can sense what I think, so I am calming my mind, and in fact I feel very friendly towards it. It swims around me, nudges me few times, sometimes a little bit rough which pushes me under the water. The killer whale is getting excited to play with me, but it is becoming a little violent. I decide it is better to continue swimming and ignore it.

      I then get out of the water and see Martin Janda, my old class mate. He must be living in my village too. He has some trash that he wants to throw away, but is complaining to himself that there are not trash bins around. Then we get to the bus stop near central pub, and there is a notice board with hundreds of flyers and notes arranged in a cascade like manner. I am not happy that he lives in my village as I never liked him.
    2. Cross motorbike and someone in the attic.

      by , 11-24-2014 at 09:20 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      This is a reoccurring dream.

      One of the first things I remember was that I was somewhere near PEPE and there was a rally going on. I had a feeling that I was parking a car, but in fact I parked a knife... the old grey knife that we used to have in the kitchen. Strange. I parked it near some bushes.

      Then I went up where the cars were racing. I cannot remember whether I saw any, but I think I did.

      Next thing I know, I am on a cross motorbike riding across the fields behind Drzkov. There are two girls on horses. I think I knew them at the time, but cannot remember now. I am sure one of the horses is the old, nasty Magda - Popelnice s artrozou. They start racing me and I am somewhat slower than them. I now that this is not my bike and that my bike is stronger. With mine I could have outrace them.


      I am at home with my sister. There is no one else. Suddenly I hear some noises from the attic. Steps in fact. I look at my sister, and we exchange looks such that we know we have to go and look what it was. I take a knife... again the old grey knife. I walk in to the lobby and the door upstairs slam closed! We both jump and are little frightened. My sister a lot. I start walking up the stars and I can feel my sister shaking violently.

      Then I think to myself, how am I going to walk in without the person attacking me, or kicking the knife off my hand? (at this moment I wake up a little bit... but I go back to sleep as I want to finish this).
      I call some friend that I know has a pack of wolfs or dogs or so. He then walks up the stairs, the wolfs are all excited and ready to attack pulling the leeds.

      I wake up....
    3. Running in czech through building area

      by , 01-23-2013 at 08:51 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      Ocitnul jsem se na nejakym kopci u lesa. Bezim dolu a vidim jak tam jdou nejaky dva kluci. Neco jak ofanda a lada. A hned na me zacnou neco pokrikovat. Chvili jsem si myslel ze je to krysk s Juseppem, ale myslim ze to nebyli oni. Zacli na me neco sakrasrticky, neco o cervenejch a bilech krvinkach. Mel jsem pocit, ze jsme se predtim potkali a ja jsem je neco poucoval. RIkal jsem si ze priste budu drzet hubu.

      Rekl jsem jim at si jsou po svym a ze ja pujdu taky a rozbehl jsem se doprava do kopce. Za chvilicku kolem me zase probhli a smali se. Dobehli na kopec a otocili se a bezeli zpatky. Delal jsem ze si jich nevsimam.

      Potom dobehnu na takovou paseku a tma je vliekej strom prasklej a ohnutej. Je to tma nejak povykaceny a na tom prasklym strome je nejaka kabinka. Ja posloucham nejakou hudbu ve sluchatkach a hraje tam dost dobra pisnicka, snazim se to pistit spatky, ale porad mi tam skace dream theater koncert.

      Potom dobehnu na nejake nove postavene sidliste. Jsou to krasny novy baraky, panelaky, ale jsou tam i takovy bloky se skrinkama. Je to hodne barevny a vsechny jsou otevreny. Divim se ze to neni poniceny nejakym vandalismem. Je to ale vsechno opusteny, jako by sem nemohli dostat lidi. Podom tam probehnu nahoru do vyzsiho patra. Koukam nalevo jak je tam dreveny schodiste nebo balkonek a rikam si, ze by to bylo super pro ty street runnery. Najednou sem na horenim patre a tam je proskleny balkon, a tam vidim sprchu a sporak. Koukam na to a je to studio byt. Hodne peknej, trochu vsechno namackany, ale pekny a novy. Rima si, ze se budu muset zeptat kolik to je.

      Sebehnu dolu schodama a vidim jak za rohem zabehne nejaka sekuritacka s telefonem.

      Pak tam vidim nejaku holku s klukem, tak probehnu kolem nich a slysim, ze mluvi cesky. Skrabu se tam na takovo zidku a ta holka to komentuje jako ze WOW ten je fit a tak. Tak si sundam sluchatka a dam se do reci. Ptam se odkud je, jestli z moravi a ona ze ze severu. Tak se ptam kolik ji je a ona ze je stara, ale nerekla. Potom vytahne nejakou masticku a sunda si triko a podprsenku a zacne si mazat hrudnik, kterej je celej poleptanej, jako ma Zbysek.

      Pak se probudim.
    4. Hitting ball with apple..... Robin Hood style

      by , 12-04-2012 at 07:47 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am in some bar, and there was Helena Havlova working as a bar tender along with some other girls. What is interesting that they are working without their top on. And she has really nice breasts and tanned skin. I wanted to talk to her, but then I end up talking to her friend that is also pretty.
      Later I am sitting by a table with George H, his father and younger sister. We set out to play some card came, probably poker. Old H says something that I play against three Havels, and so that I am going to win so or so as they or come from one family and I will be taking money from them. So I say that they are playing for different teams so it is impossible.
      Then we actually playing something like a baseball. Its set on the side of our house in CZ. My brother, Pavel and Dan are playing too. Actually it seems its only us playing now.
      I do play well, but at one point when someone shoot the ball in a way that we would loose the point, I throw an apple and shoot the tennis ball (that we play with) down with that apple. My brother is looking at it in disbelief and Pavels is cracking up with his typical laugh. I am laughing too, saying that it was just a coincidence.
      In fact I am laughing so badly that I wake up!
    5. Long hair, accident, and other stuff

      by , 11-08-2012 at 10:11 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I find myself standing in front of the mirror. I am looking at my hair and it is surprisingly long. I wonder how long has it been since I went to a hairdresser and I know it hasnt been so long. I think to myself "god, I must go soon, its going to be such a change. How did this happen??" (At this point I should have realised I was dreaming, but for some reasons I didn't)
      Next, I finished some kind of running race and I know I made it in 1:48. Others were telling me that it was marathon race, but I know that it could not be, as I would never run it in that time. It must have been half marathon. (surprising event, where I should have done reality check!!!)
      Then, to our house comes a group of my brothers old class mates or maybe their friends or family as I am not too familiar with what they look like. They come to tell us that there was an accident of the school bus of my brothers school trip and many people are injured, so they coming around to take something to the hospital for them, if we want to send it. I sure am going to send something, but when I ask what, they say fruits of vegetables. So I run to the green house. For some reason I am trying to get in through the side by pulling out one of the glasses. But the it cracks!! And I think to myself SHIT!!! My mom is going to go crazy, because it is sure very expensive. But luckily it was just the thin glass and not the big, thick glass block. I take some vegetable (I think) and I am also pushing the glass in front of me (WHY??). But then as I push it over the stone steps, it breaks into many pieces including the thick glass. (Mom is going to go metal for sure). I panic a bit as the people are still waiting for theirs stuff. There is a lots of trash hanging on the glass. Some cables and other crap. I give them some knotted wires and an old valet and they take it. (I have no idea, it is strange and I should have done reality check at this point!!)
      And I am still wondering about my long hair!!!

      Next, I am still in Zasada, going to our shopping centre (which is closed and I should have realised that!!!) There is a girl going on a scooter, so I stop her and ask her if she would give me a lift to the shop. She agrees and is quite keen. When we get there, I get off and she wants to kiss me. So I kiss her on her cheek and and she tries on the lips. I think I do it, but not too keen. (she reminds me of the german girl from the bar!). When I get to the shop I am looking for something. Then I notice that the singer from EdGuy is coming there. I am not sure if I talk to him, but I know that they have concert.

      Next, I am in a bus and it seems like its mostly people from my class or school mates. (This is screaming for reality check!!) I am sitting at the back, and there is a big guy, dressed in sport clothes, showing off that he could beat anyone from us. I kind of believe he could. Then the buss stops and most of the people get off. I look through the back glass and see them whirling around for some reason. I dont know why. There is another really sporty guy, who looks like hes into martial arts so I tell she show off if he could fight him. Then I tell him that I show him really good hand massage techniques, but my intention is to break his arms or fingers. But I dont remember if it happened or not at the end.

      I certainly missed many clues for the reality check, especially the long hair and the location.
    6. Christopher is talking

      by , 08-31-2012 at 11:36 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am working with Christopher and we are on the first floor of some house that I do not recognise. There are two or three of his friends with him. They are normal guys. The Christopher and I go downstairs to the ground floor and I am talking to Chris. At one point he just leans back, relaxes and says few words. I am shocked!! I cannot believe my ears. I look at him and ask him, "you can talk?" He says that he always has. I am trying to understand that he has been normal the whole time, and faking all his disability! I ask him why? (cannot remember what he replied, but something along the lines that it is better for him like this. I feel it has to do with his mother).
      I tell him that he could have such a good life if he came out, since they have so much money. He could travel, go out etc. Rather than having his ass wiped every day! Then there are his friends as well, they all know Chris is normal! How could they keep it in secret??
      I am becoming little suspicious, because this is unbelievable! I start thinking it is a dream!! I look at one of the guys sitting in the sofa and close my eyes, wishing he changes. When I open my eyes, he is in a different position, and in fact I am not even sure if it is the same person. I then take his head and look into his eyes. They are blue and green, with some colouring at the right bottom part. I close my eyes again and wish they change colour. When I look at them again they are orange!!!! I think SHIT!!! I then look at my hands and see that my middle finger looks like one thick triangle like finger with a little one on the top! I AM DREAMING!! ..... and that is all I remember!!!
    7. Village house and dinner with my family

      by , 03-11-2012 at 10:44 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I had 5-HTP before sleep 0:15..... then woke up at 3:30 (too early) then at 4:30 and somehow I fell asleep again..... and woke up at 6am... then I took 8mg of Galantamine and 500mg of choline... and went to be right away...

      It took me a long time to fall asleep.... probably as I slept too much....... I was getting frustrated... I was on my back first... then on my right side and then on my back again..... I am repeating my intentions and lucid goals at one point as I am on my back.... I see sky with some ornament made up of clouds... and I feel intense sensation of falling.... and I am thinking to myself Wohoooo this is it....!! but I feel my waking body again...

      Then I am in the sky more like levitating rather then fling of falling...
      I instantly know I am lucid (I attribute this to the high level of wakefulness when attempting lucidity).
      I start experimenting with different types of flying, or better to say arm positions. First I spread my arms and imagine jet our of my palms.... I achieve pretty decent speed... then I stretch one arm forward (it seems unusually long) and it speeds up a bit.... and a little more with both arms forward.
      At this point I am pretty high approximately 3km... and the speed of flying seems like 60km/h.
      I fly closet to the ground and it seems like some Czech village that I don't know. I am flying around a bit and then I spot a girl (27-30, with dark hair, not necessarily hot but charming, a little chubby)... I remember one of my LG is to have lucid sex and see how it feels. I fly around the girl a bit, she notices me but pays very little attention to me. I say something like "hey, where you going? You wanna lift?".... to my surprise she says yes. I land and pick her up and I take of. Its easy..... I am not sure where to go, at one point it goes through my mind, whether I will be able to fly with her and at that time, my flying power weakens. I stumble through some tree branches and electricity cables hanging in between the buildings. She complains a bit. Now I hold her face to face in front of me.... and pull het towards me a bit, why still in the air.It is pretty obvious what is going on and she points down to a big house and tells me to land there. So I do so. We start to mess around a bit. I pull up her skirt, and see her pussy. I look closely, as I am interested how realistically it looks. PRETTY REALISTICALLY I have to say. Just her clitoris is a little big and sticking out and the whole pussy is bright red. I do not worry about it. I am lying on my back now with my penis ready for action... and she is about to sit on me... to my disappointment she turns around facing away from me... then she sits on me. I pay close attention to how it feels. I can see myself going in... vary real life like! I am impressed! But there is a road some 30 meters behind us and there are some kids playing. I am not really worry about it, but she seems to be. So we stop. Thats ok with me, I have a long list of things I want to test. She then walks around the house, here, as I understand, she lives. There are some men there, looks like her brothers and father. I take off again, she looks at me and I say something like.... I come back in a minute. (what am I concerned about????).
      Then I land in front of different house, although it seems like its the same one just the front of the house. I think that the girl is there again. I get intrigued by the front door of the house as I want to try to change environment by walking through the door with an intention. I tell explain to the girl that if I intend so that there is different scene when I walk through the door, it is likely to happen. She looks at me blindly. I come to the door (that has a glass strip in the middle) and I think of a beach to be there when I walk through.... I open the door and walk through..... and there is just a corridor in old fashion. I think "damn". There is another door, so I try the same... and again when I am walking back outside. Nothing. I think to myself, maybe it is because there was the glass strip and I could actually see what is behind... so it was even harder to imagine!....In from of the house is a slope towards the road... with some cascade like gardens and right on the level of the house, there is a door that must lead to some storage room in that slope. I see it as another opportunity for my experiments. I come closely to the door, but as I look at it, the paint is all pealing off and there are spider webs everywhere, thinking none opened it for ages. Then a thought of a huge spider jumping out when I open it crosses my mind...we I know how the dream world works... so I chose not to open the door LOL.
      I then climb up the cascade garden. There are some cats playing around. When I am almost on the top, there is a green-liver cat that starts attacking me. The father shouts something from the main door. The cat is like crazy, I dunno why, I am not scared, I find it quite funny. I grab it in my hands and keep it in distance. I am amazed how green its eyes are. I turn back to the father and shout "it has amazing green eyes! unbelievable"... to my shock the cat stops attacking me points at its neck, as it likes to be stroked there. I stroke it a few times and let go. I climb to the road, and see another big house with wooden parts in front of me. It looks abandoned. I see another door, come to it and open them, there is just dusty, sun lit corridor. I leave the door thing for now... and fly away.

      Next I am in a room that I have not seen before. I am sure it is still the same village though. It is a living room from which you can walk right out. There is my auntie, and this is her house as I understand. Also there is my mum, Michael, and Alpasan and some other man, maybe even my brother but I am not sure. I think that my auntie is celebrating something, because there is quite a lot of healthy snacks on the low table... like celery stick, cream cheese, tomatoes, some crackers, etc. My auntie is eating and Misa is standing in the corner by a counter and she has baguette cut in half and filling it up with loads of cream cheese and bits of vegetable. My mum says, don't put so much in there (as my auntie is damn stingy)... michael says that its not just for her... and at that point in notice, under her white dress I can see her belly forming... as she is few months pregnant. I think to myself, well, now I can talk to dream figures and perhaps ask them about the dream guide..... considering its my family, so they should be helpful.
      I ask them collectively, "where can I find a dream guide". They look at me bluntly, asking what it is. I think "damn". So I tell them, you know this is a dream right??? They don't pay much attention. I say, what if this was just a dream. No response. I come to the glass door outside and first try to put my fingers through the concrete pillar between the doors and the window. It feels solid. I look at the glass door, there is a curtain with flower motive hanging in front of that. I reach my arm towards it and close my eyes and walk though....... I shout, did you see that???? Could I do this if this was real??? They do not pay attention. I just straight back..... and see Apl sitting by the corner of the table. I kneel to him, telling him...I notice tattoos on his forearm, it look like little flags in black and white..... I tell him.... alps you are an intelligent man, you must understand what I am saying..... he looks at me.... I feel dry mouth so I just swallow and open and close my mouth to moist it a bit...... and I feel my waking body again... and my dry mouth........
    8. Highly lucid trying different things - flying to the stars

      by , 03-09-2012 at 05:03 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      (I wake up after some 4 hours of sleep, stay up for almost an hour and pop in Galantamine and Choline.... then just lay down in bed, not moving a hair... waiting while listening to binaural tones... I am pretty pumped up from the "wake up in your dream" seminar....)

      Suddenly, I feel vibration wave going from my head to my chest.... and another one... somehow I understand what is going on.. and I just continue being still....

      I wake up in bed in my grandmother's house, still attempting to fall asleep, not realising that it is a dream already. Then I do the "pull my finger" reality check that I was shown at the seminar. And at one point my finger stretches!! However, I am struggling to get up.

      Then Karim enters the room, and he keep interrupting me. Next a small Colombian girl comes in, and I start to mess around with her a bit, taking off her top. Then I realise it is a dream, looking at my hands and finding my index fingers having a funny branch mini finger!!

      It is a very high level of lucidity (4) as I remember so many things I want to do that I read about or heard of at the seminar. I am at the garden behind our house in Czech now. I want to fly different methods of flying. I want to try everything. I star waving my arms and it takes me up a little bit. Then I start kicking my legs, and I can feel much better acceleration, but its still very tough, and I think to myself "this is stupid, there must be a better way." So I just spread my arms and intend to fly, lean forward as I learned at the seminar... ... and to my surprise it works.... Then I just glide around over the top of the roofs and trees. At one point, I can see the roofs and antennas around our house.... gliding on them black and white trees. As I fly over the trees I can see a storm at the distance, I want to fly through, but I avoid it at the end. then I try to fly to the stars, but it is little boring as it seems like I am being still, since there are no objects around..... suddenly I notice red dots crossing the sky in different directions. I think to myself it must be satellites. I decide to fly back landing at our garden again.

      I want to try door teleportation too. There is a family of 3-4 having a barbecue at our garden. I don't wonder about it, and sneak around them to the garage. It has nice white door. I walk through, but it is just dark in there (as I did not intend anything behind). I think, damn this doesn't work, so I walk back outside. Now there is a bench a bunch of teenagers, some of them girls. I have dirty thoughts again, but then I remember to try press ups. So I walk away a bit and start doing press ups. I goes tough, but i am not getting tired. Suddenly some of them teenagers start pressing on my back... so I stop.

      Then I feel my hand is hurting. I know it is in reality as I remember falling asleep and having duvet held in that hand. I am thinking how to move my arm without waking up. Strangely I manage to merge these realities and a fix my arm to a better position.

      Now, I am worried that it is too late and that I will not hear my alarm! I am running around trying to find working clock and my phone.... then I force myself up as I don't want to be late... waking up at 6:12 when my alarm is set to 6:15!!!

      This was by far the most advanced and vivid lucid dream.

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    9. Truly lucid with Derren Brown

      by , 02-07-2012 at 12:13 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am some back yard of a big house with a uphill drive way to the main road. It must be winter time as there are patches of wet snow around and the ground and especially the drive way is all muddy and messy. I am standing next to some garages and right next second I am on the top watching a guy with a strangely familiar face doing some magic trick. He has few bronze cylinders like bowls... and with a magic stick he makes them jump, flip several times and land one on top of another about a meter away from him. I look at it and think that it is not that much of magic, rather a well trained skill. Then I notice a string running from his chest to the hand in which he holds the cylinders. I think to myself that he must be using it to flip them like that. Then I am sitting in a car, with a girl and I am trying to go up the muddy drive way. It gets stuck. There is another big, range rover like car passing by and driving easily through the snow, on the grass, towards the left of the drive way. I try to go in its trails, but i get stuck again. The girl gets out of the car and says that she is going to get a bus. I run to the bus stop to do the same.

      Next I am in the bus and there is some black woman, going to the drive to buy a ticket... I notice 2 ticket collectors sitting in the bus so I rush to the driver to buy ticket too. Its pretty expensive some £3 and I am going only 2 stops or so.

      Now, I am walking with Derren Brown on a pavement next to a long turn. We come to a big old house. He said that his lives there with his grandmother. Then I am with him in a small room with a bed window to a garden. Derren is sitting on the floor and he is doing something, like sorting out some old thinks or so. I go towards the winding and I run my fingers through my hair. Suddenly I realise that my hair is long. I run my fingers through several more times... and thinking how long has it been since I had a haircut. Then it strikes me!! I am dreaming!!!! I turn to Derren and all excited telling him... "I am dreaming, this is a dream!!!". Derren says something that it is not etc. I tell him, well would I be able to do this?? And I spread my arms, and under my palms and feet sparks and light comes out... and I start rising towards the ceiling. Derren is just looking at me. I am going through the ceiling and I am loosing Derren from my sight. I put my hands back together and fall down... landing easily. I start rubbing my hands ( I am surprised that I remembered that)... and it all becomes clear again. But Derren is not there any more. There is my friends sister on the bed and she is naked. We start messing around... and having sex... she is pretty young. On top of the bed there are two metal balls as some kind of decoration.... I am thinking that I could change one of the to a flacon lubricant or oil... so I think I want it to be a pink substance of that kind... I think to myself... It is my dream, I can do it... and it changes very quickly.... I can see some bubbles in it, its bring pink and clear jelly like substance.... with a little pump on the top.. so I use some....

      Then I hear door downstairs. I think that its her father. So I quickly get up, put my trousers on and come to window. I jump out of the window, making a few spins in the air, landing in the garden. As soon as I land and turn around, the father is in the window looking at me. I look at him, waiting what is going to happen. He turns very friendly, saying hi, why don't I come for a chat some day, that it would be good to see me. Its George's dad.

      Then I wake up.......
    10. Too many dreams

      by , 12-18-2011 at 11:23 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      Frist... I am in some supermarket, that sells mixture of stuff.. I am surprised how its organised. It reminds me of B&Q or LIDL. I walk around and then I realise that I want to buy mac-book pro. They seem to have just last piece. I talk to the shop assistant and he kindly shows me everything. But as we play with the laptop, we find that there is some problem with it. I am there with my friend. It seems that they are not able to repair the problem and I am very hesitant to by it... despite that they try their best to sell it to me. I ask for some discount, but they oppose that it is impossible for apple products. I think that the price was £749. I try my best to negotiate the price, but apple policy is too strict. I am really annoyed as I was looking forward to it. My friend says we should take something from the shop.... by that he means steal something. I am laughing at him and he starts filling up paper bag with some stuff..... he expects me to do that... hahah no way.... his plan is that I carry the paper bag with stuff through the till and give them only one thing to scan.... I am laughing that it is crazy.... then I see some police officers there.... and tell him not to do that, that it is stupid. Then one of the shop assistants or supervisor of the supermarket comes to me. He says that he really liked the way I was negotiation and that there are his bosses and perhaps he could intro due me to them. I looked down the shop and saw two asian guys with strange haircut... like a hawk (long hair in the middle and almost shaved on the sides). They were pushing trolleys around the shop and discussing something. I don't remember talking to them.
      But then I go somewhere on top of some hill, where is a big house. When I get there, I realise that that is the house of those two guys. I walk in and see them chatting in the lobby.... some person comes to me and starts talking to me.... They welcome me in the house. I go to the top floor as I am looking for a toilet... and discover attic room. There is some guy or a monk meditating... he is talking to me about some things and maze and some kind of life philosophies, but I don't remember.

      Next thing I am in czech, in front of my aunties house. There is my brother and his wife. I am excited about seeing them and I start talking to my brother about the dream I had (above)not realising i am still in a dream. Misa tells me something about some maze game. I realise that it is the second time some on did tell me about it.... and i start thinking about it. Next I see a maze in a box.... just imagining... it is full of soil and there are worms trying to find a way through... to the middle.....

      Suddenly, I am in the bottom garden and I have a box looking like that maze, with soil in it and some kind of small worms... I watch it as they trying to get through... there are some other smaller pinky worms. They look like they are trying to hunt them, but when they meet, the bigger eat them. I put some more dark soil in the maze and the I go for some more worms. I put them in to the box... and soon I see long (zizaly) ground worms really quickly digging through the dark soil... they getting through it faster and faster... they look like small snakes... I admire their body... its shiny, made of segments and dark brown reddish... Itell my mum to look at them...she doesn't want to... but at the end I convince them.... and when I look again in the box... most of the soil is eaten now... only the worms are swirling at the bottom... I am amazed... how quickly they ate it.
    11. My sister paintings, My fathers race and Vikings

      by , 07-03-2011 at 10:15 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      *I am at some construction place. It seems like there is some supermarket being build or so. At one point I can see thick metal wires going up from the ground and it could be some 30 meters high. Around each of them are spined two plastic, orange pipes with holes as if some DNA model. I return to the place later and those pipes are already drowned in concrete. The construction must have progressed greatly. I am there with someone else. I am not sure who it is, feels as an old friend. I am on the top of the concrete block and I can see the pairs of holes to the concrete where the pipes were. I think it must be some kind of ventilation system. We are thinking of throwing something in, but because we don’t know what is it for we don’t do it.
      **I walk down a long street, and there are many small houses along the street. I don’t think I live in the house where I am going, but I go there because of some pictures or painting. I remember that I have been there once or twice before. There are two girls waiting for me there. It’s a nice modern house but for some reason it feels like it has been build really quickly. I walk up the stairs made of light wood which are turning 180 degrees. There is a huge sliding glass door leading to a kitchen. The kitchen is nice and bright with a wooden floor. I look right and see a small room at the end, some 15m away... so I walk towards it, I fell thats where I need to go. I enter the room, its small room looking like an atelier or so. There are the two girls. I always bring a few canvases and these two girls paint some painting on it for my flat. One of the girls is my sister. There is also some Brazilian girl living next door and she is making eyes on me, but my sister and the other girl say that she is pretty easy. She asks me to go for a coffee with her. She also says that she lives somewhere near Sheffield, which is near German borders. She says she will call me.
      Then **I walk down a long street, and there are many small houses around the street. I don’t think I live in the house where I am going, but I go there because of some pictures or painting. I remember I have been there once or twice before. There are two girls waiting for me there. It’s a nice modern house. I walk up the stairs made of light wood which are turning 180 degrees. There is a huge sliding glass door leading to a kitchen. Then I turn right, which leads to a small room. The kitchen is nicely bright with wooden floor. Then I entre the small room and I always bring few canvases and these two girls paint some painting for my flat. One of the girls is my sister. There is some Brazilian girl living next door and she is making eyes on me, but my sister and the other girl say that she is pretty easy. She asks me to go for a coffee with her. She also says that she lives somewhere near Sheffield, which is near German borders. She says she will call me.
      Then I am in my sister’s room in Zasada, but it is mine now. I think I am ill and my sister offers that she paints a picture for me. Then I go to sleep and when I wake up I see that she painted on the wall. I admire those paintings because it looks really well. On the left of the Window that faces our green house, there is a really good painting of a stylistic giraffe. It is partially like robot; with its head down as if through the window and its head is in between the window and radiator. I really admire how good it is. On the opposite wall there is some abstract painting. It is very colourful, yellow, orange, blue, and green. But then I think I go to sleep again or walk out of the room. When I wake up or come back to the room it’s all different and it surprises me greatly. So I do reality check, just in case, I look at my hands and both thumbs are to the right. So I realise it is a dream!!! And my mom walks in the room. And I am so excited that I tell my mum “Mom I am dreaming, I am dreaming!” ( I am very excited about it). I tell me sister to continue painting....and I wake up.

      ***I am at some area that reminds me of Berany. It’s a hill with a road running in serpentines up the hill and a running and cycling race is taking place there. There is my brother and my father with me. We tease each other about the race and my father suggests that one of us will race. We have to let the bike tune up and it takes approximately 30 min. When I come back, it looks like my dad is going to race as he already has a number on him. I say that I want to go too, so he says I need to go to register in the office. I walk there but the lady says that it’s too late now even for the run.
      Next I am running up the hill so I can see the race, but there I see two men in some Viking suit running up and down the hill in a kind of fight. The one that is at the bottom of the slope throws his wide, undecorated sword at the other one but misses. Then the one high on the slope throws his sword at the bottom one and hits him in his ankle. I don’t think they notice me. As I run I pick up one of the swords but drop it a few meters later. The two warriors notice and run after me. I keep running and because I know the place I lose them. I am running very fast. As I run I also pick up a green blanket (???) but also drop it. When I return to the bottom of the hill, there is my dad without the number and he tells me that he raced already. He says that it was very difficult. We are going home, we live in a little house nearby and there are two huge stones in front of the house. I still have a feeling that those warriors are hunting me. I slide between the stones. I am wearing jeans and jacket and as I slide through there is something that looks like pea & ham and it messes my trousers. But I think its ok and it washes away easily.

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    12. Lights and fake Birthday

      by , 06-25-2011 at 01:31 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      *I am somewhere around highway or motorway. There are several train lines and I can see many trains staying as if there was some train traffic jam. I can recognize one of the trains, it is Pendolino with its typical white, blue and yellow colours.

      **I am walking down a long street at night (dream sign). It looks like a motorway with two lines in each direction. I notice green lane for cyclists. As the cars pass in both directions it creates the lines as when one takes picture with long exposure. I notice that the lights reflect on the street, it must have been raining recently. Then I notice that along the road, cyclist lane and pedestrian lane are light slopes everywhere, with colourful rings as the light sources. I am amazed (not realizing itís a dream). !!!I think to myself, that they should turn down the intensity of the lightning because it burns too much energy (as it hurts my eyes), but then I think to myself, ďThis is just the way it is these days.Ē
      By my right hand side is a large garden surrounded by forest. It has precise rectangular shape and there is a large mason like house at the far end. Then I get this (as if) message from my mom and my brother to go home, to that house, where I apparently live. (I am not sure I can see them though). I realize that itís the 12th of March. Itís my birthday!!
      Next I am in one of the room of the house. There are two large sofas, one of which is facing away from me and the other facing along...on which my mom and my brother sits. I look at them and then I notice that behind the of the sofas are some presents. I can recognize foldable green bike and a big box of LEGO and some other things. I feel touched. I feel like crying out of happiness or being loved. My mom asks me whatís up. I only shake my head to give her a sign that I am fine, because I feel that if I start speaking I would cry.
    13. Reshika going away, chameleons, paper plane, chunk of meat and green cables at work.

      by , 05-12-2011 at 01:43 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      *I am at a station; it looks like Liverpool street station. There is a girl (probably Reshika) running in front of me trying to catch a train. I am supposed to go with her. But as she runs through the tourniquet and I follow her, it doesnít let me through. So I want to run around, but the attendant shows me that I cannot go around. So I show her my oyster pass, but she says no. I distract her attention and get through, but I cannot get in to the train. I knock on the window on her that I cannot go. She looks upset. Later I decide that I will go after her on my bike and start preparing all necessary things. Though, I feel that I havenít cycled for a while. We exchange few texts as I am preparing my stuff, and I can see that she is very upset about the fact that I didnít go with her.
      **A reappearing sign in this dream were two chameleons. Every time as I am coming back home I can see two chameleons sitting on a branch. One of them is greenish colour and the other brown. I seem to have a friendly relationship with them. But one of them changes in to a ferret or such, and goes hunting. I could see it running around on my GPS. Then I see one of them on GPS being still for long. Itís in the middle of a motorway. It never returned back. It must have got killed by a car or so. Thatís what I feel.
      ***I sit in our living room in Czech with Martin. There is a little plane. Martin says that he needs to cook and went shopping for vegetable and other stuff. He is probably going to the Turkish shop, he says that he needs onions. He has the paper plane. I think there is Salaba too and he plays with the airplane. But he tries to move the wings and they break. He gets upset and repeats that he has to buy a new one. At this time I am leaving on my bike, going to see R. She messages me that she has been crying for the last two days.
      ****Then I am at work. There is Laura some other guy and I. The lights are very dim (!!!!!!!!!). So I turn on the lights. Then I realise that there is the inspection coming soon. So I say we have to clean and polish everything. Laura starts saying that itís all clean. The lights come up. Suddenly some man enters the deli. I donít like the way he looks and donít feel any sympathy towards him. He says ďlook what I have got for youĒ and shows us large plasma screen. He says that he comes to install it and asks where we want it. He suggests putting it right by the entrance near the fridges. I have a feeling that there used to be a TV. He drills the holes and starts pulling the cables through. But he needs something heavy and takes large chunk of meat from the fridge. So I look at him what he is doing and ask him. He tells me that he needs something heavy. I tell him off that no way this is possible because of health and safety. He starts pulling some green cable trough but needs some help so he asks me. I come to help him and when I start pulling the green cable out he gives me another one to tie them together. I asked him whether to connect them ends the same way or opposite each other.
    14. Fight with Emil in Pavel's grandma hose

      by , 05-05-2011 at 02:04 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am at Pavelís or Barbaraís house. The whole setting is about me having some arguments with Emil, Barbaraís uncle. At one point I want to go to the toilet (number 2). The bathroom is where the bedroom on the first floor is in Pavelís grandmother house. I go there and lock the door, but I canít. I can hear Emil coming downstairs so I pretend that I am not going toilet and start having a go at him. So as we argue, I try to sort it out psychologically, to find a common way. But he is stubborn and aggressive so I punch him several times in the face. I can feel how nicely the fist landed on his face. (This is different from most of the dream fights, as I normally feel as if I missed or so). Even though he is aggressive, I can sense good deal of respect from him. (What I like about my dream self that I have no fear at all and react fairly masculine to situations like this.)
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    15. Wind, jumping from a pontoon, pavel fighting, flight problem

      by , 04-19-2011 at 07:15 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      *Itís all dark (!!!). There is my mum and my dad and we all go to some party.

      **I am by a sea with some other people. We are jumping different stiles to the water form a high pontoon made of sand. We always search for a good spot to jump from and we also have to wait for a good weather. I have some chicken bones and throw them to the water, but there is some girl swimming and she starts shouting at me. I tell her that at leas the fish can eat it. Every time when I jump to water, it creates some ornaments and creative splashes. Melissa is there too and we talk about sex and swimming naked.

      ***I am at my mouse in Czech with Pavel and some other people. We wait for a good weather so we can go jumping as well. Then suddenly a wind starts picking up and I watch as it blows stronger and stronger, picking leaves form the garden. Next, the wind turns towards the windows and I can see how the glass is bending inwards and I am worried itís going to break.

      **** Then we stand at some bar, with Pavel and this slim tall skin head ďNovotnyĒ or what his name is. Pavel is drunk as usual and they argue who is going to go jumping first. Then Pavel punch him over his head and the guy punches him back and a rectangular piece of skin peals off Pavelís head and starts to bleed badly. We try to put it back but as the wind blows still, a lot of dirt gets in the wound. I try to clean it but itís still dirty. Pavel is playing hard and doesnít want to have anything done with it. His eyes glow blue. Then Dan and I decide to take the skin off totally so it can heals better.

      *****I am in some kind of space ship. Its all dark again there. There is some college of mine shooting with a gun in to some tunnel. I look at him closely and it is Dolph Lungren. Some other college looks at what she shoots at. So he turns on the lights in the tunnel and there is a large plasma screen and Lungren himself on it. When he sees that he has been shooting at himself, he is all devastated and upset.

      ****We are at the airport and some lady wants to fly but there is some problem. She goes to the information desk where she is told that the flight has been cancelled. She starts to scream and complain that she is going to complain higher. She is told that the plane is going to be at platform 2 but it has to be transported there.
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