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    1. Person under my carpet and swimming under the road

      by , 11-28-2014 at 09:56 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")

      The first dream was pretty scary.
      I was back in Czech in my room. There was someone else there with me, I think it was Krzia. All of a sudden, in noticed that the carpet is rising at one point and it is taking shape of a person in a baby position (on his/her knees). Obviously I freak out and start punching the bump, start jumping on it etc. Somehow I know it is a demon. I managed to press it back to the floor. Then it happens again. I punch it back in again. Then, there is some kind of doll house. It starts moving or shaking. I know that it is another demon getting through. I lift the roof of the house and I see a face of a woman. I start jelling at it, punching it and jumping on it to push it back to the floor. This repeats several time. I call my parents to come and have a look. I cannot remember what happens after, but I have a feeling it stops and we find an explanation to it.

      The next dream.

      I am in Czech going home from Jablonec and I am at this particular rising road at the edge of my village by the skying slope. The road is in fact made of water and I am swimming home. I see myself. As I watch myself swimming as if I was filming it, I see a small boat in front of me and somewhere around is my sister and my mum. They spot a shark like fin. I go with my camera view under the water and I see it is a killer whale. It wants to play or communicate. Somehow I know that it can sense what I think, so I am calming my mind, and in fact I feel very friendly towards it. It swims around me, nudges me few times, sometimes a little bit rough which pushes me under the water. The killer whale is getting excited to play with me, but it is becoming a little violent. I decide it is better to continue swimming and ignore it.

      I then get out of the water and see Martin Janda, my old class mate. He must be living in my village too. He has some trash that he wants to throw away, but is complaining to himself that there are not trash bins around. Then we get to the bus stop near central pub, and there is a notice board with hundreds of flyers and notes arranged in a cascade like manner. I am not happy that he lives in my village as I never liked him.
    2. Bad Dentist

      by , 06-28-2012 at 08:30 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am sitting in some large auditorium of a university I suppose. There are maybe 300 students there at the moment. I am sitting towards the back on the right. Two girls sitting in the front are particularly pretty and I want to talk to them. So I come closer and start chatting. They are really friendly, standing close to me, touching me and all that flirty moves. "nice" I think to myself.
      Then I go to a dentist. It is a new one, have never been to this one before. Coincidently one of the girls is working for him as a nurse or assistant. He is a jung man in a white coat. I sit in the chair and open my mouth. I am not a big fan of dentists, but my last experiences with dentists were good. He comes colorer and starts running around in my mouth with the drill. It feels like he is drilling here and there...."shit" I think to myself. I pull back and shout "what are you doing?" He looks at me confused. Well his techniques seems to me rather chaotic. I tell him that I don't want him to drill anything as by now I am scared to let him do anything in my mouth.... as I have a feeling that he is not very experienced. He seems offended. HA! I ask him to check the dark spot on one of my teethes. He takes than kind of needle ended tool and digs right into it. KRACK!!!! I feel that something went wrong. I feel that part of something landed on my tongue. Instantly I know that it is part of my tooth that he was doffing in. I run my tongue over it and feel that maybe half of my tongue is broken off!!! I go mad!! I start shouting and swearing on the dentist. What an idiot!!
      Next I am in some social situation. It could easily be the auditorium again. I am still going on about the stupid dentist, talking to my friends and some other people. I see the two girls that I spoke to before and that were so flirty with me. To my shock I see these girls being all over the dentist who is there as well. It seems like they are together or something. These girls then act extra bitchy, as if they were doing all that just to upset me or make me jealous. "Whatever" I think to myself.
    3. Old lady dies

      by , 11-30-2011 at 06:04 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I feel that this one is situated somewhere "Jistebsko" or so.
      I am not sure how it all started, but there is an old lady living in a little house near a big one. She is a mother of the man living in the big house. I know her somehow. I think there is some money involved. Then once I go there with some friend and the window is open. I just get closer to the window and smell rotting meet. Then I spot her lying on the floor. She is dead. I am not sure what to do. For some reason I think that people might suspect me of murdering her. I even think that I did it. I think that I killed her with knife. So I leave. Then I come back few days later as someone calls me to check on her as they haven't seen her for some time. Well, surprise surprise!! I look inside the house again, just through the window. Now it smells really bad. I can just see her legs on the floor (the rest of the body is out of view). The meet of the legs is all bitten of my rats or perhaps other animals. I then go to the house to report that I found her dead. But the people walk towards me. They are shocked. Then they start asking me loads of questions. When they open the door to the house, the body is covered. There is a knife on the floor, all covered in blood. For some reason I think I had just the same knife. Then this man (from the house) reaches on a side... there is a little hole in the wall (near the stairs) and he pulls out a piece of paper. I take it off his hand.. I know that I wrote it. I crumble the paper instantly... than I think... "shit".. this is so suspicious. I look at the paper. Yes, I wrote it. But its about meeting some girl, some other one than I was seeing. I start explaining to the family, what the note means. I talk about Adriana (for some reason the note has something to do with her). They listen. I feel a lot of pressure on me. Then we talk about holidays... and I think "shit, I should just get out of here, somewhere far!"