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    Horses, slide and rain

    by , 10-24-2014 at 05:35 PM (292 Views)
    We were in a kind of park and we played the sparrowhawk game(?). I was running really fast to win, but my parents called me and asked me to take care of the horses. After that, i was in a playground. In the center of the playground, there was a huge wood castle, you know, the ones with slides. There also were a boy (I don't know who it was, he was blond and tall). So, we slide and I woke up. It was not really easy for me to fall asleep again, but when I did, I was coming back from the bakery that is next to my school, and I was going in science class, like I do every tuesday. Everything seemed to be normal : I met my crush and said "hi" and the bell rang. I was late, so I ran and, when I get into class, it started to rain in the whole school and I put on a swimming cap. I can't remember what happened after that...

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      sparrowhawk game?


      Do you recall what happened on the game/how it was played?
    2. ItsMin's Avatar
      You don't know this game ? Maybe the translation is bad xD
      The rules are simple : There must be at least 5 players. One (the "Sparrowhawk") stand in the center of the area, the others are on one side of the area. When the Sparrowhawk give the signal to other players, they must run to reach the other side of the area. While they're running, the Sparrowhawk tries to touch/catch them. If the Sparrowhawk touch or catch a person, this person become Sparrowhawk. The last person that hasn't been caught win the game.