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    A Face from 2011

    by , 01-21-2012 at 03:42 PM (487 Views)
    [b].1[/b] Either I was visiting an old friend's country or he mine, and we were playing American football in the street outside the place I was staying at. Quite rare seeing his face in a dream. The sun was setting and it was dark out, but we were able to see the ball anyway. A huge family lived at this house and much of it's extended family was over for a large dinner party.

    At one point, all the individuals in the home were split by age to better clean up the house after festivities. I was roaming the house looking for something particular, and on each floor, I'd see the different groups of family members. I remember checking an outdoor cabin in the backyard for whatever, and finding the grandparents sleeping on a bench. The side, screened porch was loaded with toddlers half playing with toys and half cleaning up after themselves. A children's playroom possibly in the basement held the older children, as well as my Literature teacher from the High School dream. He was busting it out on the piano while a girl played the saxophone.

    [b]2.[/b] Before [b]1.[/b] commenced, however, I was driving down the freeway to go another old acquaintance's birthday party. I had called to let him know around 8pm what the delay was, and let him know I'd arrive around 9pm. After leaving, however, I drove the wrong direction and back to my own home. Upon arriving, I realized I didn't have enough gas to make it back downtown. Then, I was woken.

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