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    High School

    by , 01-18-2012 at 04:47 PM (365 Views)
    1. Mehm and I enter a high school under false identities to try and retrieve someone/something. Eventually make it out and to vehicle. Cannot remember purpose.

    2. I help lit teacher's wife carry a cooler along a bridge stylized much like the Great Wall. She doesn't want me to struggle, but I assure her this is about the only skill I have because of "all the moves." My teacher asks me about them, but I avoid the subject with, "It's a long story."

    I play with his daughter, but forgot the details upon waking.

    Suddenly, he's in a wheel chair and his family has gone on ahead. We're under a peach-coloured chiffon tent and a lunch is being had. He can't maneuver around anyone, and I exclaim he must to proceed to the other side. I guess I raised my voice, because the woman behind him who was getting in the way intentionally is startled, as well as the men beside her. After a bit of a commotion, they shift out of the way.

    I make my way out and around to the back of a huge van and slide the cooler in. Kyle is there (first time in dream). He pulls the cooler forward and greets. Demeanor is quite pleasant, as if the sun was shining out his ass. I see the teacher's wife going another route through a literal dark hole in a dirty, city brick wall and I'm woken up.

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