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    Holiday Party and Cat Saving

    by , 01-17-2012 at 06:43 PM (377 Views)
    [I]Relatively normal dreaming, I'd say.[/I]

    [B]1.[/B]It's another Christmas/holiday party dream. Initially beginning in an old family room, the festivities gradually found themselves to be in more of a large hotel ballroom.

    The main detail I recall is approaching a little cousin on "her level" and confronting her about why she feels she can get away with hitting and speaking hatefully to others. Our back-and-forth logical dispute quickly became the main point of attention within the party. It ended with her pinky promising not to pinch people again, "forever," and everyone in the room went nuts like it's midnight on New Years.

    That's when I tried to make my way outside the french doors and to the restrooms. The hallway felt a bit like that of a high school.

    [B]2.[/B] And as I was writing "her level," I remembered an earlier dream. I was at a friend's place and as I opened her front door, a cat came inside and ran through her living room and out her porch door. Her cat proceeded to follow and also escape outside. The scene consisted basically of me trying to recover her kitty. And then I was giving it a bath in an invented, very tiny space between her living room and porch. It ended with me in the bath myself.

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