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    1. An evil rule

      by , 01-26-2012 at 08:30 PM
      I am young, escaping the wrath of my father and king.

      He has taken the thrown and his first great wish is to rebuild the kingdom's gates. The men gather around his lectern-like block of power. I cringe, knowing what path he will take.

      So casually does he slit a volunteer's throat; blood quickly pouring out his throat and down his dark skin. I am livid.

      I shuffle toward the new, intricate limestone gate the city has magically cast up over night. A string hangs from sloping cornice. Two of my mates knew what had happened and my intention to defy this... evil. They have the string in hand, and regret washes over me. As I lunge to stop them, they tug hard [I]for me[/I] and the honourable gate crumbles down.

      I run.

      The rest of the dream involves me sneaking back into the kingdom to retrieve some belongings to survive outside the walls on my own. Fortunately, my much younger sister has claimed my room and protected my things. And after a few times of sneaking successfully in the open, I wonder if I'm dead and a ghost--not everyone can see me, particularly my father.

      When I set out again within the same hour, I'm now nearly 20 and trying to avoid patrolling guards as I take the path of the woods. I encounter peers who are having lessons on hunting with dire wolves as well as morphing into them--which they were riding. Massive things. One of them knows my dilemma and spots me. Assists me.

      We're at a pub and I'm receiving mixed signals from the group. Do they want to help or turn me in? It ends with me making for the bathroom and needing four or five tries to close it's door (finally slamming it to the happiness of some customers around the bathroom).
    2. Giant diabolical woman and maroon kitten

      by , 01-22-2012 at 06:39 PM
      Woke up to tears, which is a first.
      [B]1.[/B] Earliest location I remember is another public restroom. I was within a small American fastfood joint, and when I entered the bathroom, which had it's door in an odd location between tables and a step off the floor, I was surprised at how small it was. There were actually multiple bathroom inside the space, but it was all very cramped. I struck up conversation with one or two people.

      (And I'm quite certain I had a memorable dream before this, but cannot remember it at all.)

      [B]2.[/B]The details are already foggy. A giant demonic woman with massive gargoyle wings and a diabolic tail was threatening the area, somehow, although she was incredibly upset. She crawled into a hollow trunk interior from the top of a enormous Christmas tree. I believe I tossed a kitten with incredible metallic maroon/purple fur into it, which she was concerned with earlier. As a friend and I approached the tree, we spoke with her. I woke up petting the gorgeous kitten on my knees in green grass, weeping about the difficulty of something.
    3. A Face from 2011

      by , 01-21-2012 at 03:42 PM
      [b].1[/b] Either I was visiting an old friend's country or he mine, and we were playing American football in the street outside the place I was staying at. Quite rare seeing his face in a dream. The sun was setting and it was dark out, but we were able to see the ball anyway. A huge family lived at this house and much of it's extended family was over for a large dinner party.

      At one point, all the individuals in the home were split by age to better clean up the house after festivities. I was roaming the house looking for something particular, and on each floor, I'd see the different groups of family members. I remember checking an outdoor cabin in the backyard for whatever, and finding the grandparents sleeping on a bench. The side, screened porch was loaded with toddlers half playing with toys and half cleaning up after themselves. A children's playroom possibly in the basement held the older children, as well as my Literature teacher from the High School dream. He was busting it out on the piano while a girl played the saxophone.

      [b]2.[/b] Before [b]1.[/b] commenced, however, I was driving down the freeway to go another old acquaintance's birthday party. I had called to let him know around 8pm what the delay was, and let him know I'd arrive around 9pm. After leaving, however, I drove the wrong direction and back to my own home. Upon arriving, I realized I didn't have enough gas to make it back downtown. Then, I was woken.