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    1. WILD Straight to Bed

      by , 09-10-2012 at 05:48 PM
      WILD Straight to Bed (WILD)


      I've always assumed attempting to WILD at the point of going bed at night was a waste of time. This assumption was based on the evidence that REM cycles don't start until much later in the sleep cycle. REM sleep is, of course, typically when we dream. Yesterday I was dropping off on the settee at about 11pm after an early start and long day of physical exertion. I decided to call it a night.

      I fell asleep very quickly and remained aware during the whole
      transition into a dream. I had a false awakening, which I immediately recognised as a dream. I got out of bed and saw that my bedroom and house were pretty much exactly as I had last seen them. All the upstairs lights were off, but I could distantly hear the TV, which my brothers had been watching. I walked out of my room confidently, but was all too aware of the oppressive darkness in the house. Rather than dwell on the potential for a nightmare to develop, I went balls to the wall and ran down the stairs yelling with my hands balled into fists, ready to take on any monsters which might dare to appear. Unfortunately, the excitement kicked me out of the dream and I think I woke up.
    2. Nuke myself... and as many bastard zombies as possible.

      by , 02-29-2012 at 01:03 AM
      Nuke myself... and as many bastard zombies as possible. (DEILD)


      I haven't been remembering my dreams as much recently. It could be due to focusing more on university and taking less naps. However, today I was exhausted after class, and hit my bed like free willy not clearing the wall. I was asleep in under five minutes.

      I had a short, strange dream about walking the queen of England through a busy city centre and helping her onto a submarine which was docked in a canal. I woke up after the dream, but didn't move or open my eyes. Instead I "looked around" with my eyes, just to see what would pop up. A table solidified in front of me. I was sitting at it. A few seconds more and it became clear that I was in a booth at an american-style diner. I drummed my knuckles on the table and looked around. I was sitting beside the window, and it was pitch black outside. The only light came from small oil lamps scattered around the diner. The diner itself was bare and run-down. I remembered that part of the task of the year was to survive the Trinity Test of the first nuclear bomb, and it struck me that the diner could be part of a purpose-built "nuke town"- built cheap and designed to be blown up. In thinking this, I made it so.

      A man approached my table from the right. He appeared to be a sheriff, and looked almost exactly like the sheriff from the start of Kill Bill. He said something to me in his southern-american drawl, adjusted his belt, and walked out of the diner into the dark. I can't remember what he said, but I inferred from it that a nuclear test was about to take place, and I should make myself scarce. Standing up from the booth, I noticed a huge, bright red metal cylinder in front of the till. It was about a metre and a half in diameter, and went from the floor all the way up through the ceiling. I assumed the first nuclear bomb must be inside at the top, waiting to be dropped.

      With this in mind, I went behind the counter and into the kitchen, where I found a ladder and trapdoor leading to the roof. The wind on the roof was incredible. It roared past me, and I could see the changing course of the streams of air all around the building. It was very dark in the streets below, but the occasional light was on outside buildings. In the gloom I noticed strange dark figures running back and forth. They were jagged-looking, like they were crudely-cast shadows. A little curious, I turned to the top of the bomb container. There were still two army grunts working frantically on a complicated control panel. Their sense of urgency was compounded by the howling of the wind, and every so often they would make reference to "zombies". I wondered then, whether this nuclear test could have an alterior motive- the eradication of a population of zombies. As most people know, I am a firm supporter of zombie rights. Namely, the right to a swift and comically violent death. To attract as many of these shadowy zombies into the kill zone as possible, I ran to all four sides of the roof, shouting like a maniac. Dark shapes in the street below darted through patches of light towards the diner. They were quick and waif-like. Some even started hopping up the side of the buildings nearby. I looked over my shoulder at the army guys and motioned for them to hurry it along. I turned my back on them and saw a dark figure peering up over the edge of the roof. He jumped up, and everything froze.

      The wind stopped howling and everything fell silent at once. Within a split second, a white-hot, orange light expanded from behind me. It was hot, and covered everything in my field of view in an instant. All I could hear was a high-pitched whine, and I could feel the blast burning. I roared as loud and long as I could -which I noted felt a lot longer than I could have done on a normal lungful of air- and the roar became part of the noise of the explosion. By the time the roar was finished, I had lost touch with any kind of physical body. My point-of-view had zoomed out beyond the town, which I could now see was on a narrow penninsula. The explosion obliterated it entirely.

      In what seemed like only a few seconds later, I zoomed back in and found myself in a body again. I was deep underground, beneath where the town had been. I had a pickaxe in my hand, and was listlessly tapping on some loose rock.
      From there, the dream became a bit like Minecraft, -which I have tragically never played- and I lost lucidity.
    3. Headless

      by , 11-19-2011 at 02:31 AM
      Headless (Non-lucid)


      A vivid segment from last night which I had to share. My recall has evaporated recently, probably due to early mornings and late nights, but I still get the occasional gem.

      I was looking in the bathroom mirror in my old house, examining my mousatche which I was growing for Movember. It was a big handlebar bastard and I was very pleased with it. I had a moment where I blacked out, and when I came around I saw that my face had a slit in it. There were two red lines going out horizontally from the corners of my mouth. I followed them with my hand round the back of my head. They met at the other side. It was then that I realised it was a clean cut through my skull. I don't really know what came over me, but I then lifted the upper segment of my head off my jaw. It came away with a squelch. There was a bit of oozing, but not much blood.

      I "looked" at my head. My sense of sight still came from where my head should have been, but when I reached up to feel around, there was nothing there. It occured to me, in the strange state of mind that I was in, that I was running a very serious risk of death here. I reasoned that having disconnected my brain from the rest of my body, it was not getting any blood, and hence, oxygen. I was running the risk of a bad ischemic stroke at the very least. Whilst thinking about oxygen in the blood, I felt my breathing become a bit laboured. "No wonder," I thought. "I don't even have a proper mouth to breathe through. I wondered just how well I would be able to think without a brain. Small multiplication proved difficult, and even counting by tapping on the windowsill was a chore. I suspected that lack of brain was impacting on my motor skills as well. With that, I planted my skull back on top of my neck and jaw. I looked back in the mirror to see that it had attached itself well to the flesh of my jaw and lower cheeks. In fact, it looked like it was healing already. My brother came into the room and said something to me. I mumbled something in reply, not wanting to move my mouth in such a way that would disrupt the healing.

      Never once did I think of reality-checking during this episode.
    4. Watch out for the Mumakill

      by , 09-19-2011 at 12:17 AM
      Watch out for the Mumakill (DILD)


      I was walking along a dusty road in an abandoned industrial estate. There were rusty wire fences on either side of the road and it looked like early evening. I walked with about four other people, all of whom were armed with weapons from Halo. I had it in my head that we were waiting for some Covenant aliens to arrive, much like the Firefight gametype in Halo. A big purple Covenant dropship flew over my head from right to left, and hovered over an empty patch of ground. Some grunts jumped out and grouped together to advance on us. I fired at them with my pistol, hoping to get a few headshots and hear the familiar "weeeeyyy" sound that usually accompanies the death of a grunt, but the headshots proved hard to get. It felt like I was firing with my finger, and it wasn't accurate at all.

      We took shelter from the dropship in a house on the other side of the road. It had two floors, but was very run-down and rickety. It was really little more than a big shack. However, some people did live in it. There was a woman in her fifties, and her daughter. While the rest of my group talked to them in the kitchen, I left to explore the house. Most of the rooms didn't have lights, and the windows were boarded up, so I had to use the torch on my gun. As I examined the study, I started to notice strange things about the house. The furniture looked like it was lifted straight out of the 1800's, and there was a Hufflepuff crest on the wall. After I had finished trying to read the titles of the books in the bookcase (I couldn't), I turned around to find the decomposing body of E.T.
      It shocked me into lucidity. I went back into the kitchen and spoke to the woman who owned the house.
      "That was a bit too weird," I told her. I thought of her as a dream character, and as a representative of my subconscious mind, so it felt only right to speak to her about the quality of the dream itself. She didn't reply however. I went out into the hall and looked through the front door. In the distance I could see a long dust cloud developing. It nearly encompassed the whole horizon. I stared, and suddenly I could make out the shape of an advancing mumakill, from Lord of the Rings. It was a giant elephant, armed with spiked tusks and a nest of Haradrim warriors on top.

      I ran back inside to warn the others. They scarpered out the back door, leaving me to fight the giant monster alone. While I waited for it to arrive, I practised punches on the metal fridge. I was disappointed to find that I only left a small dent with each blow- I would need much more to fight the mumakill. The ground began shaking, I knew it was close. Through a window by the front door I caught a glimpse of a swinging tusk. Next thing I knew, the house came down around me and everything went black.
    5. Face the Witch

      by , 08-17-2011 at 12:08 AM
      Face the Witch (DEILD)


      I had a few short DEILD-lucids this morning, but initially had no intention of typing them up so my memory has degraded a bit.

      In one, I was engaged in some kind of wrestling match in the call centre where I work. I was fighting a guy who looked a lot like Pauly D from Jersey Shore. His hair was frozen in the same style. Literally frozen, I rammed him into a wall and it shattered. I looked at the judges, and somehow inferred that I had earned some serious points.

      Later, I wandered into one of the training rooms at the side of the huge main floor. It had become somthing like a haunted house. It was dark, and decorated with very worn red fabric all over the place. Something caught my eye in the corner. It was a hideous witch with glowing blue eyes. She was wearing the same red fabric the room was decorated with, and seemed to eminate a sinister red glow from her entire body. Her skin was pale and almost see-through. Now normally, witches are not something I would consider scary, but this one was terrifying. I remember thinking that this was a test devised by my vindictive dreaming brain, to see how much I could take. I ran at her screaming and went to grab her around the neck-
      at which point I woke up.
    6. Superpowers

      by , 04-26-2011 at 01:28 AM
      Superpowers (DILD)


      This was an interesting kind of dream- one in which I don't really remember a beginning, or a point at which I became lucid. As it progressed I became more and more aware that it wasn't real and I could do anything.

      I was hanging out in some kind of ranch in the countryside. It was surrounded by green fields, and there were mountains in the distance. There were quite a lot of people there with me. They were all around my age, and all had some kind of superpower. I walked through the main garden, sampling all the different powers that people were displaying. There was pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, telekinesis, pretty much all the kineses. One I particularly liked was the ability to turn into animals. I'd never been able to do that before in a dream. I decided it would be great to try a pterodactyl, and before I even tried to begin a transformation, I was one.

      I flapped my wings and took off. It surprised me how quickly I could fly. It took almost no effort to get from one end of the ranch to the other. To test out the pterodactyl's full potential I headed for the mountains in the distance. I flew over forests and a river, and reached the mountains in seconds. I banked left and swung around, back to the ranch. The feeling of effortless speed was incredible. I landed beside one of the smaller outbuildings and was myself again. I looked in the window of the building to see what was going on. There were three dudes in what looked like Viking armour sitting on a long couch around the edge of the room. I heard a brief part of their conversation, namely their introductions. They said they were the gods of wind, sea and earth. From what I understood, they were waiting for the god of thunder.

      How could I pass up an opportunity to become this badass-sounding motherfucker? I looked up at the sky with an arm outstretched and roared. The sky instantly turned black and a huge bolt of lightning exploded out of the heavens, into my arm. My right arm was then wrapped in rotating lightning, which I tested out discharging into the distance. It felt incredibly powerful, and I thought at the time it could be very handy for the next zombie apocalypse I come across.
    7. Relearning

      by , 04-15-2011 at 06:50 PM
      Relearning (WILD)


      It has been a long time since I WILDed, and I felt like a nap today so why not.

      As I relaxed I listened to some easy-going music, and turned it off when I realised I couldn't remember the last three songs that played. I must have zoned it out. As I lay there, I tried to stimulate some simple visualisations, but none were coming easily. After a while, I seemed to read a newspaper. The print was very small, and the articles made absolutely no sense. I was reading very intently, and felt quite alert. Soon after, my hand touched something cold. I assumed it was the wall. But, not having moved myself, I knew it was sleep paralysis.

      I ran my hand along the wall and opened my eyes a crack. I could see the same thing I had before I went to sleep earlier, and wasn't sure whether it was part of a dream or I was really opening my eyes. So I closed them again and slowly stood up in bed, feeling the cold wall the whole time. When I jumped sideways out of bed I opened my eyes again, knowing there could be no question this time. I saw my room in halls, crossed with the room of the house I lived in five years ago.

      I stumbled to the top of the stairs. Everything around me had a psychadellic, vibrating quality to it. It slowly stabilised. I was very conscious of being in a dream, and even moving around in virtual reality felt strange. In hindsight, what I should have done next was rub my hands together and attempt part of the task of the year. Instead, I caved to my base instinct and went off on a shagging spree.

      A false awakening followed, and I kept my eyes closed. It felt like someone got into bed beside me, so I asked if they wouldn't mind helping me up. This they did. When I stood up and looked around, there was no-one to be seen.

      I'm going to have to get back into WILDing, I'm out of practice.
      lucid , false awakening
    8. On the run from the Law

      by , 04-11-2011 at 01:33 PM
      On the run from the Law (DILD)


      I want to get back into the habit of recording my dreams again to boost my recall. I plan to leave a notepad on my bedside table I can jot stuff down onto before I forget. I had a sequence of long, high-quality lucid dreams last night, but due to shit recall, I can only remember pieces.

      In the earliest fragment, I was rollerblading round the suburbs of Belfast. I say rollerblading, but I wasn't wearing any. It was more like high-speed hover-gliding with the same mechanics as rollerblading. It was early morning and there had been a huge storm the night before, judging by the blown down trees and telegraph poles. The streets were strewn with rubble. Lucky I could glide over the top. I heard sirens wail in the distance, and a couple of people ran past me. There were two men and a woman. I stopped gliding and watched them run down an alley and get into a busted up mini at the bottom. They seemed to be running from the police.

      Just then, I spied a police car pull up at the opposite end of the alley, right beside the mini they were inside. Feeling bad for these people (I got it in my head they were acquaintances of mine), I zeroed in on their mini, and yanked it up the alley with telekenisis. As it flew past me out onto the street, I slipped inside it. I'm not sure how, it was going really fast. What followed was a car chase, during which I effectively became a heavy weapons turret. I stuck my head out the sunroof and stopped any police cars that got too close. Some I flicked off the road telekinetically, some I exploded, and one I tried to take apart like Dr. Manhattan, but failed.

      Later, our car broke down and we ran through the inner city on foot. Now I could hear dogs chasing us. Looking back, they were in the distance. They looked like "Scud", the dog from Toy Story 1, except pure black. I found myself trapped in a basketball court with no exit. A dog caught up with me and chomped down on my right hand. I could feel the teeth going in, but there was no pain. I shook it off and flung it out of the court.

      That's the last I remember. There was another dream where I distinctly remember blowing someone's head off with a shotgun at close range, but there's not a lot else I recall.
    9. Power Trip

      by , 04-03-2011 at 02:59 AM
      Power Trip (DILD)


      I became lucid quite a few times during the night, but it's now nearly time for bed again, so my memory has seriously deteriorated.

      I was taking part in a giant street battle. I think it was inspired by watching recent news reports of Egypt/Libya uprisings. I was part of the rebellious horde, leading an army of thousands up a hill to a monument. It was surrounded by a roundabout- it reminded me slightly of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. All my army were wearing red, apparently it was our colour. The top of the street filled with government troops, and they started to advance on us. I began to charge, and the army followed. I screamed out a war cry as I pulled back my fist, which burst into flames. The government army had stopped in their tracks by the time we reached them, and I swung my flaming fist with all the force I could muster. It was like a small explosion. Several troops were blasted into the air, and more followed. I felt like Sauron (If you've ever seen that part in LoTR when he joins in the battle). Pure badassery was being dished out.

      A while later, I noticed that a large coach had been inconveniently parked at the top of the street leading to the monument where all the government troops were. It had the unfortunate effect of funnelling all my red brothers-in-arms into their firing line. They were getting mown down, and had nowhere to go upon reaching the top of the hill. I pushed my way through the scrambling crowd, over to the coach. I lifted it up over my head. As I did so, the fighting around me stopped as people on both sides stared. After a quick psych-up, I launched it vertically. I assume it went into space, because it disappeared into the sky and never came back down. The reds cheered, as they were now able to run and find cover at the top of the hill.
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    10. Shark Hunt

      by , 02-28-2011 at 01:09 AM
      Shark Hunt (DEILD)


      I was waking up from an unstable dream. I was almost completely awake, but didn't move. I ignored all input from my body (which was too warm) and concentrated on whatever I could visualise. I found a beach came easily. It was a beach I used to spend a lot of time at as a kid. It occurred to me that this could be a good opportunity to do the Jaws part of the task of the year- kill the shark. But first I had to struggle back into a dream. I imagined that I was barefoot. That way I could feel the sand on my feet, and could dig in with each step- giving great sensory input with which to fool my brain into a dream.

      I got to the huge concrete pier at the end of the shore and climbed onto it. I paid close attention to how hard the concrete felt, and jumped around on it for a few seconds to anchor myself. The dream wasn't quite solidified yet, so I was able to force a boat to appear in the water beside the pier. More anchoring techniques. The boat was roughly the same size as the Orca, but was in slightly better condition. As I got close to it, I saw that it was captained by none other than Samuel L. Jackson. His first mate was one of my lecturers, Prof. O'Hare. I put the presence of SLJ down to having seen a particular .GIF which I'll link here if possible, but I couldn't figure out why O'Hare was here.

      I stepped on board and the boat rocked dangerously. I sat down in a small tin bathtub which I judged to be near the centre of the deck and waited. Samuel L. Jackson unhitched the boat from the pier and started the engine. O'Hare offered me a dry cracker from a packet he had been munching from, which I accepted. We sailed out to sea, and the sky quickly got dark. It started to rain, then became cold. Next thing I knew, SLJ was shouting something (containing "motherfucker") and backing away from the side of the boat. O'Hare shouted for me to get "on the gun", and indicated a large harpoon-turret on top of the cabin, which I was sure hadn't been there earlier. I climbed up on the roof and looked down the sight of the turret just as an enormous shark reared its ugly head above the water. It was gargantuan. The mouth alone was about three metres across, and it wasted no time in chomping down on the front of the boat. I lined up a shot and pulled the trigger. There was a whoosh noise, the sound of something being hit and a shout of "Aaaaaarrghh!" I looked up from the turret and saw that the harpoon had gone disastrously off course, and was now stuck halfway through O'Hare's upper arm!

      The boat turned violently, and I was thrown off the roof of the cabin into the water. As I fell, I saw Samuel L. Jackson at the wheel, dripping with sweat, trying to get the boat to speed up. It sped off, and the shark began to follow. I grabbed its fin as it passed. Strangely, the shark was oblivious to me, an easy meal, clinging on quite close to the side of its mouth.

      Some frantic music started to play as the shark persued the boat at high speed. I looked around under the water and was amazed. We were in an area I knew. It was a coastal town, but it was now completely submerged. We were swimming around shops and houses I knew well. I tried to mess with the shark, and tugged its fin. This sent it off-course dramatically, and several times I was able to steer it directly into buildings and archways. This chase (with me as shark-saboteur) went on for a while, then the music stopped. I worried, thinking this might signal the end of the dream, and I hadn't yet killed the shark! I let go of its fin and rose quickly to the surface. I held out my arms and telekinetically brought the shark with me- pulling on the dorsal fin. When we rose above the water into the air, I threw my arms wide apart and the shark exploded into a thick red mist. I looked around and heard a buzzer. It was my alarm, waking me up in time for a driving lesson.

      Or so I thought. I woke up, but my body barely worked. It was like all energy had been drained from my muscles. The feeling was familiar from older dreams, so I checked my hand. But my vision was so blurry in general that I could barely see it!

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      lucid , false awakening , task of the year
    11. Try Jaws

      by , 02-03-2011 at 05:16 PM
      Try Jaws (WILD)


      I was exhausted and had the oportunity for a WILD, so I went for it. I lay on my back, head to one side, with my hands on my front. Before I drifted off I reminded myself of the task of the year. The part I wanted to try was to kill the shark from Jaws.

      There were a few strange noises as I lay there. Bangs and whispers that were far too close to have been real. Sleep paralysis came on from my legs. It spread out in a wave over my whole body and receeded a few times before it stuck. My head felt like it leant back an inch or so, my right leg lifted of its own accord. I feared I might wake up because my left arm slid off my body. However I suspected it was just a very real hallucination. It was. The hand was still on my stomach when I woke up again later.

      I "woke up" at the top of a street near my house. It was night, but the roads were busy. Looking downhill, I could see Belfast Lough. The first thing to do, I reasoned, would be to find a boat with which to go shark hunting. I jumped into the air and flew down the street hoping to find one. I did. It was attached to the towbar of a big 4x4. Unsure how to get the boat to the water (about a mile away), I got on board to look around. I tried to levitate it, or push it in the right direction, but nothing was working. Looking back now, I think I know what went wrong. I was too lucid, and being too ambitious. I knew too well that nothing around me was real, which caused it to take on a blurred quality. From there, my stability and control went down the shitter. I should've taken it more slowly and done some stabilising techniques.

      The dream went on for much longer, punctuated by several false awakenings. I tried to get to water or find a boat many times, but always ended up having the same problem.

      When I was exasperated for the last time, I very deliberately looked right and left a few times to try and replicate LaBerge's signalling from within the dream experiment. Although, I had to way to measure to see if it worked.
    12. Taxi Driver

      by , 01-30-2011 at 02:33 PM
      Taxi Driver (DILD)


      I was having a lucid dream during which I went to a party in a hotel, hosted by some mob boss. I gradually lost lucidity as I downed shots at the bar, and soon found myself face down in a urinal in the men's toilet. I tried to get up but couldn't. I was far too drunk. A huge, suited, mafia bodyguard-type was standing in the doorway of the toilet looking at me with disgust. I was afraid he was going to beat me up or something, so I said,
      "Dude, can you help me up here, I fell." This instantly reminded me of many previous WILD attemps. Usually there's some kind of threatening figure standing over me as I'm paralysed in bed. To make the most of the situation, I nod at my arm and ask the apparition to help me out of bed. This has the dual benefit of getting me moving and reducing my percieved fear of the thing through identification. The mafia guy helped me up with one tug of his foot-thick arm. I was still swaying dangerously. Before he let me go, he pulled me close to whisper in my ear.
      "Remember you're dreaming, kid," he said.
      Immediately I stood still and looked down at my right hand. It had six definable fingers, and was blurry. I threw my arms in the air and whooped. It reverberated around the inside of the tiled bathroom.

      I knew it was late morning in the real world, and I doubted that I had much dreaming time left. I opened a window in the bathroom and climbed out into the car park. A limosine pulled up, and out stepped Ricky Gervais. I wondered why he would be doing such a small gig, but remembered it was for the mob- they probably paid handsomely. As I ran towards the wall at the edge of the parking lot (with a few people running with my of whose identities I am no longer sure), I tried to remember one of the easier parts of the task of the year. I knew it was all to do with famous movies, and a lot of them would require a serious scene change. I was nowhere near water (Jaws), or space (Star wars), or Greece (300). I jumped the wall and found myself on a busy road.
      "Aha!," I thought. "There's one part to get myself hit by the taxi from Taxi Driver!"
      Turns out there isn't, and I don't know where on earth I got that from! So I ran out onto the road and jumped in front of the first yellow taxi I saw. I shut my eyes for the impact, which wasn't painful. However I was thrown through the air, and bounced off several other cars moving at high speed. When I opened my eyes again, I was on the roof of the original taxi, somehow. It was still driving along merrily. I swung through the driver-side window, and booted the driver out the passenger side. Then I put my boot down and took off. After a few minutes, it became clear that I wasn't the only one driving the car. I looked to my right, and there was DeNiro at a steering wheel and pedals on the other side! I put this down to living in the UK, where the driver's seat is on the right side of the car, not the left, where I was sitting now.
      lucid , task of the year
    13. Beach Race

      by , 01-23-2011 at 12:13 AM
      Beach Race (DILD)


      I was at a beach I used to go to years ago. It was wide, flat and open. Nearly always cold and wet though. There were about ten people with me- some were from my old class at school, others were people I work with now. The perpetual drizzle suddenly stopped and I looked up at the sky. There wasn't a single cloud except... The sun was going down, and around it was a strange arrangement of clouds, and lines created by aeroplanes, which appeared to all branch out from the sun, forming a giant star-shape. It was all lit up red and orange by the sun. I had a flash of recollection then, from the day before- in real life. I had seen this formation before on my way back into work after a break. My friend had commented then how his mind was blown by it. This was a much more intense, exotic version. I already knew it was a dream and a glance at my hand confirmed it.

      I levitated slightly, just to show off to my friends. They thought it was awesome. My buddy Kay however, challenged me to a race. Him, on his bike against me, under my own power. I thought this was a fantastic idea and accepted. We would race to the ramp leading off the beach to the town in the distance, just below the sunset. It was a good half-mile. Someone shouted "Go!" and we were off. I lay back on the air with my hands behind my head and was propelled forward. Kay revved his engine and took off at the same speed. We were neck-and-neck for ages, and I tried to go a bit faster by imagining a force pushing me from behind, but it wasn't working. Kay got a slight lead which he kept until the finish line. I laughed and gave him a high five as I passed. Next thing I knew, I had overshot my landing and was on someone's balcony.
    14. A Whole Day Wasted!

      by , 01-22-2011 at 11:59 PM
      A Whole Day Wasted! (DILD)


      Once again, I had lived out an entire day in a dream. Actually, it might have been a weekend. I went to the beach with a few friends, weather was terrible, and came home again. I came home back to my old house, but it didn't strike me as strange. Me and my friend Hugh sat and talked for a while, then he went home. After he left, I flopped down on a beanbag and noticed that he'd left his phone on the floor beside it. I picked it up and went to the window, but he was long gone. It was cloudy, grey and raining a little bit outside. I sighed and headed out of my bedroom and along the landing. On the way I lazily reality-checked.

      It didn't look quite right. I laughed to myself. Imagine if this was a dream, and I'd just spent all this time going about acting normal! Because I hadn't been paying full attention before, I looked at my hand again.
      Thirteen fingers on my right hand. I counted meticulously. My mum approached and asked what I was doing.
      "Turns out this whole thing isn't real," I murmured. I wasn't sure what the point would be of telling a dream character I was dreaming, they never seemed to acknowledge strangeness. "Well, bye!" I said, and opened the window to climb out onto the roof. Heavy, cold rain had started now, and people outside were running for cover.

      That's the last I remember.
    15. Re-Entry

      by , 01-18-2011 at 02:00 PM
      Re-Entry (WBTB)


      My friend rang me this morning to remind me to get up and study for today's exam. I said ok and promptly lay back down.

      A few minutes later I heard someone rustling about beside my bed. It was definitely a person- I could hear footsteps. I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating or if someone had indeed invaded my room- in which case, what the hell was I doing??

      Then this person got into bed beside me. It was a woman. I moved one of my hands over and found one of hers. Then she
      flung me out of bed.

      I stood up. My bed was empty, and the covers strewn everywhere. I knew it had to be a dream due to the fact that my room was red. It's mainly blue in real life.
      I can't remember what happened next at all.
      lucid , false awakening
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