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    Face the Witch

    by , 08-17-2011 at 12:08 AM (770 Views)
    Face the Witch (DEILD)


    I had a few short DEILD-lucids this morning, but initially had no intention of typing them up so my memory has degraded a bit.

    In one, I was engaged in some kind of wrestling match in the call centre where I work. I was fighting a guy who looked a lot like Pauly D from Jersey Shore. His hair was frozen in the same style. Literally frozen, I rammed him into a wall and it shattered. I looked at the judges, and somehow inferred that I had earned some serious points.

    Later, I wandered into one of the training rooms at the side of the huge main floor. It had become somthing like a haunted house. It was dark, and decorated with very worn red fabric all over the place. Something caught my eye in the corner. It was a hideous witch with glowing blue eyes. She was wearing the same red fabric the room was decorated with, and seemed to eminate a sinister red glow from her entire body. Her skin was pale and almost see-through. Now normally, witches are not something I would consider scary, but this one was terrifying. I remember thinking that this was a test devised by my vindictive dreaming brain, to see how much I could take. I ran at her screaming and went to grab her around the neck-
    at which point I woke up.

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