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    Watch out for the Mumakill

    by , 09-19-2011 at 12:17 AM (1763 Views)
    Watch out for the Mumakill (DILD)


    I was walking along a dusty road in an abandoned industrial estate. There were rusty wire fences on either side of the road and it looked like early evening. I walked with about four other people, all of whom were armed with weapons from Halo. I had it in my head that we were waiting for some Covenant aliens to arrive, much like the Firefight gametype in Halo. A big purple Covenant dropship flew over my head from right to left, and hovered over an empty patch of ground. Some grunts jumped out and grouped together to advance on us. I fired at them with my pistol, hoping to get a few headshots and hear the familiar "weeeeyyy" sound that usually accompanies the death of a grunt, but the headshots proved hard to get. It felt like I was firing with my finger, and it wasn't accurate at all.

    We took shelter from the dropship in a house on the other side of the road. It had two floors, but was very run-down and rickety. It was really little more than a big shack. However, some people did live in it. There was a woman in her fifties, and her daughter. While the rest of my group talked to them in the kitchen, I left to explore the house. Most of the rooms didn't have lights, and the windows were boarded up, so I had to use the torch on my gun. As I examined the study, I started to notice strange things about the house. The furniture looked like it was lifted straight out of the 1800's, and there was a Hufflepuff crest on the wall. After I had finished trying to read the titles of the books in the bookcase (I couldn't), I turned around to find the decomposing body of E.T.
    It shocked me into lucidity. I went back into the kitchen and spoke to the woman who owned the house.
    "That was a bit too weird," I told her. I thought of her as a dream character, and as a representative of my subconscious mind, so it felt only right to speak to her about the quality of the dream itself. She didn't reply however. I went out into the hall and looked through the front door. In the distance I could see a long dust cloud developing. It nearly encompassed the whole horizon. I stared, and suddenly I could make out the shape of an advancing mumakill, from Lord of the Rings. It was a giant elephant, armed with spiked tusks and a nest of Haradrim warriors on top.

    I ran back inside to warn the others. They scarpered out the back door, leaving me to fight the giant monster alone. While I waited for it to arrive, I practised punches on the metal fridge. I was disappointed to find that I only left a small dent with each blow- I would need much more to fight the mumakill. The ground began shaking, I knew it was close. Through a window by the front door I caught a glimpse of a swinging tusk. Next thing I knew, the house came down around me and everything went black.

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    1. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      Your dreams are at it again. Tiny punch vs. Giant beast = house collapse = humiliation
    2. J.D.'s Avatar
      Just can't catch a break!
    3. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      It dawns on me: this dream might count as dying in a dream...

      When I was a teenager I would die in dreams fairly often. Some would restart, but one I vividly recall... after getting nuked, everything went and stayed black. I was suspended in black worrying: I'm dead right now?
    4. J.D.'s Avatar
      This kind of black-out happens to me from time to time, normally because of some unsurvivable catastrophe, like your nuke. I don't normally have any memory of the following moments though.