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    Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal

    The Bombing

    by , 05-01-2013 at 12:43 AM (516 Views)

    1. I am at a party. I see people I know there. The next day, I see a strange and threatening looking overweight man in the school halls as I walk inside. He looked joyous and happy, but I suspected him of something. I close and lock the classroom door. No one notices, and everybody is gathered in the front. They are talking to a woman who looks almost identical to the unwanted visitor in the halls. I realize it is a dream, but I deny it soon after. Upon seeing the man attempt to get in, I warn my classmates not to let the woman whom I believe to be his accomplice to leave the classroom. I don't make any action, because I have no real reason to believe this. The lady walks towards the door, and I realize that she must be attempting to let the man in, because the doors unlock from the inside. She walks out, and the man smiles and walks inside. He does not twitch his face from its beamish position. He sets down his bag. A bomb explodes.

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