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    Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal

    Crystals and Badges

    by , 04-06-2013 at 12:29 AM (484 Views)

    1. My school orders us all to make beautiful and elaborate designs for the new architecture of each classroom.

    2. I am either an FBI agent or a friend of one. Me or my friend is talking to a convict who broke his parole. A birthday party is going on in the park. I un-cuff him and say something that angers him. He takes a knife and slices the large, elaborate bouncy house. The exit zipped up. Instead of going after the criminal, I jump, unzip the bouncy house, and enter to save the kids. I get all of them, and forensics checks it. They deflate it totally to ensure the absence of bodies. But then, when it is used again in its inflated form, the bloated body of a pregnant woman slides out.

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