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    Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal

    Pre-Move Dream Canon (The Lake)

    by , 03-24-2013 at 01:14 AM (323 Views)

    1. I go to the pond by my house and realize that there are seven mystical locations in the forest near it. The next day, my friends and I search the woods but cannot find the locations.

    2. I return to the Lake. I am older when I have this dream. I notice it, and become lucid. Unlike the swaying trees and sweet water of the Lake of my childhood, it is broken and gloomy, causing me to fear a broken psyche. I tell the DC next to me to stay away from the Lake. I try to run away into a new dream scene because I know something bad will happen if I stay dreaming here. I run to a house. While I am in it, the lights go out. I maintain lucidity, but I am overwhelmed with terror. An entity creeps in the shadows. I run out of the house, and as I do, a hand touches my ankle. I go back to the lake, but the DC isn't there. I become worried. I do not want to awaken, so I simply go into the forest. All of the trees are dead. I call for the missing DC. I become frightened and run out. I stumble over the twigs that dig into my shins. I find another DC. He appears delusional. It is night, but the DC wants to go swimming in the pond. For some reason, I feel more terrified than before of the water. I scream at him, but he twists a grin and drags me into the lake. The water becomes murky and I see blood and an unnatural smile as I wake up.

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