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    Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal

    Pre-Move Dream Canon (The Marsh)

    by , 03-24-2013 at 08:47 PM (946 Views)
    1. The Lake of the previous dreams has become a huge wetland, and has now become dissociated from my house, but rather near Zombie Island. I am standing in the Marsh with a bunch of people, and swimming in a whirlpool the size of a football field.

    2. I am in a swamp that has taken over a neighborhood. I walk around, knowing that I have to get out before the rest of it floods. I lose my shoe, and I go back, delaying me. I then cannot make it in time before the next tidal change.

    3. I am back in the location of the first dream. I swim, but this time I discover a beautiful waterfall and cove in the Marsh.

    4. We have to jump from a mound of swamp to swim in the Marsh's tide pool.

    5. I am in a palace in Etcia (a location in my dream world), overviewing the Marsh in its beautiful entirety. When I awaken, I am happy that the terrifying place of the Lake is now replaced by this intricate swamp that I can visit in my dreams anytime I become lucid.

    6. I am playing tag with other small children in the Marsh.

    7. I am in the Marsh with others. As the wave of water rushes in, I meet a man or an animal. I cannot remember which. He told me that I was dreaming, and that he was my Dream Guide; an alternate consciousness living within my brain that only appeared in my dreams. He told me that while I was awake he slept and that dreams where his reality. I have not seen him since.

    8. EDIT: 4/30/13 The Marsh has recently transformed into the Woodland. Dreams that take place in the classic Marsh will be still be tagged as such. The Marsh was also originally the Lake, but that has since been eradicated. Only one dream from the present has gone back to the original Lake.

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    1. Matte87's Avatar
      Keep up the DJ'ing like this and you'll have amazing recall in no time A few tips from an old timer if you don't mind.

      Colour your DJ! You'll distinguish lucid parts from non-lucid ones with different colours and it's much more fun to read. I myself have a few comments before and usually after the dreams, aswell as different sized words and some bold ones.

      I also noticed a year or so into my DJ'ing that the tag system was getting waaaay too overcrowded. Now I only write down major tags like food, sex-related, super powers, lucid, false awakening, nightmare or nightly adventure. I'm not saying your way of doing it is wrong, but be prepared to have a hundred or so tags where you only have one or two dreams per tag.

      Keep on dreaming!
    2. Jabre's Avatar
      Great ideas, thanks! I agree about the tags :/