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    Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal

    Pre-Move Dream Canon (Zombie Island)

    by , 03-27-2013 at 12:22 AM (351 Views)

    1. I am in a park bordered with wire fences. A lot of zombies are chasing me. I try to climb over the high fence but I cannot. Instead, I become lucid and fly over.

    2. I am running through Zombie Island and encounter a political dispute involving the Mayor and the ethics of "containing passive zombies" as a DC's picket sign read. Apparently there are two types. I come across a passive zombie who behaves like a vampire. I am lucid and we are chased by the Dream Police from my previous dreams. The passive zombie offers me a ride in his car. An active zombie flings the door open and bites me as we are driving. The Dream Police are attacked by zombies and killed. They never appeared in my dreams again. However, the zombies are still chasing the DC and I, and my leg has become bloated and swollen. I feel the disease race up my body. I crawl to a tunnel so that the dream scene changes. I try to force myself to wake up.

    3. I am in a store. I become lucid and fly so I can visit the zombies again.

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