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    January 10, 2015 (L)x2 | Freeway, Hyrule Warriors

    by , 12-29-2017 at 04:16 PM (163 Views)
    -1(L)-On the freeway on a sunny day, when suddenly, my family was driving under it at highway speed. Approaching the edge of the flat pavement, we slowed down kinda, and flipped around, so that we faced the freeway in the distance. What happened was the car bounced on the bump, and fell onto the button parking lot, two levels down, and right next to the woods. I got out of the car lucidly.
    [New (L) Scene]
    I spawned at home during twilight, wanted the sun to return to its apparent location in the sky at noon. I noticed a short train at the south end of the lake. I stuck my head through the window and confirmed it was raining. A moment later, I could only see the moon where the sun used to be. Then, it was totally right outside. Suddenly, a friend showed up, and asked me if I had beaten A Link Between Worlds yet. (no)
    -2-So my grandparents were living in a gigantic, 3-story house. The houseís height was like that of an apartment building. The ceilings were ridiculously high, like 30ft high for the 2nd floor and 20ft for the ground floor. I didnít check how high the ceiling for the 3rd floor was. Also, I had apparently been there before at least once.
    [New Scene]
    I was in/playing Hyrule Warriors with a portal gun. I opened a portal in front of a long rectangular bottom, and another on somewhere along the far wall. I think I was using a blue laser to hit the button. Once I did, an army of bad guys stormed to the exit, and the aperture walls disappeared, leaving HW-textured, open landscape. I was suddenly playing as Link, and repeatedly used his OP strong attack. Apparently, the army didnít care or notice me trying to attack them. Also, they were running slightly slower than meójust slow enough for me to launch another strong attack. It did pretty much nothing to them. Next the army turned the corner to the left and ran much faster than before. It was fast enough for me to be forced to call a horse-like animal to keep up with them. I snapped my fingers, and it spawned in a place where I could jump onto it and travel a little faster than the sprinting army.
    Lucid Time: 30-60 seconds

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