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    Fantastical Adventures

    January 2013, June 2013

    by , 05-01-2017 at 05:53 PM (200 Views)
    1/28/13 (L)x2 Value: 0 | Generic Lucid 1
    -I went outside during the night, and looked into the sky. I wanted to fly, so I ran onto the street. Some boys came out of the bushes and it suddenly became daytime. Still trying to fly. Went down the street to try to fly, then woke up.
    -I was in my room and became lucid, tried to shapeshift, and woke up.

    Lucid Triggers: 10*, field*, c, digital clock

    6/29/13 | Disaster Dream
    Carter and Andy (Eureka) were in a strange, small town. Once random things started happening, such as the Majora’s Mask moon appearing over the town, everybody, including me, fled towards the barriers. They opened once we got there. Also, people were swimming in the lake that the barriers were placed over. |1st barrier: 69 mph wind; 2nd: 73 mph wind| Things started exploding.

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