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    2023 Spring Comp Night 4: Robot Fight and Almost-Lucid

    by , 03-05-2023 at 10:11 PM (202 Views)
    Two robots are fighting in an open grassy field surrounded by trees. One is a sort of spider-like design and the other is a big box on a unicycle with arms (like Claptrap from borderlands). Both bots are smaller than a human, maybe laborador sized. Both appear to be new and have white paint jobs with blue stripes and detailing. They are flailing around very fast trying to shove these chips/flash drives into each others access ports to change the programming of the opposing bot.

    The dream shows a slow motion of the spider-like robot being successful. It has more arms and in this fight it is given an unfair advantage The slow motion is from the robot's point of view showing that its winning move happens in a matter of miliseconds when it manages to swat away the other robot's arms and then shove the microchip into the other robots slot. A compartment on the claptrap robot opens up and a large spherical sort of energy core falls out. It is glowing with an intense bluish light.

    I am drawn into the light and emerge on the far side.
    While I am not lucid, or operating at a very low/unclear layer of lucidity. I am told by the dream narrator that this is the dream wonderland that I have been trying to create. They explain that it exists now in the quantum realm inside the power core of the robot now. (This is somehow like the quantum realm in the new Ant-Man movie) The narrator also explains that changes have been made to nuclear physics and that larger atomic nuclei are now able stable on this universal plane and the number of stable elements possible is roughly double what it is in the real world.

    I remember standing on the surface of the water which is mirror still. I am with Manei and when we walk around we create small ripples. I see several small islands around us and the foliage appears to be dark purple or black (a feature of the wonderland that I have been working on). Manei points out that the sky doesn't change colors when the sun sets. It is presently a sort of twilight with the sun on the horizon. (Only one sun, ofc the other could have been below the horizon). But the sky doesn't turn orange and yellow, it just becomes darker blue when the sun sets. To that I respond.

    "Oh thats a glitch because I haven't added that feature yet. Can you please do it, I am sure you will make the sunsets beautiful."

    Lost the dream there.

    Not giving myself points for lucid. While it had lucid dream elements, I wouldn't honestly say I was properly aware of the dream state.

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